Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday Thoughts...

Some great insults
here. I agree that they don’t insult this good anymore. A few samples below…

"He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire."Winston Churchill

"His mother should have thrown him away and kept the stork."Mae West

"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go."Oscar Wilde

"He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts...for support rather than illumination."Andrew Lang (1844-1912)

"He inherited some good instincts from his Quaker forebears, but by diligent hard work, he overcame them."James Reston (about Richard Nixon)

"In order to avoid being called a flirt, she always yielded easily."Charles, Count Talleyrand

In some cool news, Toyota maybe coming up with a 2009 model of the Prius that would give 100mpg.
Sources say the next Prius will also be able to run longer and faster in pure electric mode, up to a sustained 30 mph, which will significantly extend its zero-emissions range. Neat!!!

Those Angry Anti-Republicans! ;-)

PITTSBURGH -- Protesters greeted Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on his way to a campaign event for a Pennsylvania senator, and he briefly took refuge in a subway station supply closet to avoid the anti-Republican demonstrators.

Welcome To An America …

Where if you are a woman it is possible that if you happen to have sex and you used a condom but it broke and you happened to be from a place in the heartland (could happen anywhere here really), you got denied emergency contraception by pharmacists and were refused prescriptions. And then you get pregnant and guess what? The foot soldiers of the hypocritical “culture of life” are now sending you death threats. This indeed happened.

I read this at Filkertom’s and Majikthese wrote about it here

Last month, feminist blogger Biting Beaver wrote about a nightmarish experience she'd had with a broken condom and a callous medical system that refused to give her emergency contraception over the counter or by prescription.

Instead of getting medical care during the critical 72-hour window of opportunity, BB was stalled, humiliated, scorned, quizzed, and deceived. A nurse tried to tell her that EC was "the abortion pill," and other health care providers grilled her about her sexual history and her marital status. Her pharmacy wouldn't sell it to her over the counter, her doctor wouldn't call in a prescription, and the local emergency rooms wouldn't give her a 'scrip because she wasn't raped or married.

Pat yourself on the back, culture of life, Biting Beaver is pregnant and she's getting death threats. The question on everyone's mind tonight is whether a woman could sue a doctor for denying her EC. BB never got to see a doctor because she got the hermetically sealed medical run-around: Her family doctor told her to go to the ER, but when she called the ERs the nurses discouraged her from coming in to see the doctor. No doubt the entire process was engineered so that no one would be held responsible if BB should end up with a serious medial problem (i.e., pregnacy). BB never got to see a doctor, so no doctor was ever in the position to say "I know you have no contraindications, but I won't give you the medicine."

Amanda at Pandagon says it best

“What strikes me as interesting about that line of thought is it’s exactly the excuses that apologists for torture are making about the people they “get” to torture. Hell, they must have done something wrong, even though we have no court of law to prove it. The excuses are thin as paper, but just enough to make someone feel justified in power tripping on another person.”
I am ashamed, mortified, angry and outraged. This is what we have become? Some of us watch reality shows rather than face the real world. They prefer to ignore their own leaders as they legalize torture, hold people indefinitely without charges, invade a country based on lies and don’t realize their own rights being stripped away slowly.

On A Lighter Note....

Brad And Angeline In Pune India?

In which I temporarily succumb to the pull of "flaky news".
I saw a bit of a teaser of a video clip of Brad and Angelina in an autoricksaw in what looked like India. I wondered if they were in India. Then this morning I saw this.
As I was speed reading, I realized they are shooting a movie in Aundh a suburb of Pune. My hook to Pune? *A* has family there, we have a place too and lots of other ties to the place. She also has an uncle in Aundh. Wonder what they think of this hoopla and I wonder why the press can't leave them (Brad n Angelina) alone?

PUNE, India (AP) -- Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt began shooting scenes for a movie about the life of slain journalist Daniel Pearl on Monday, said a crew member on the movie shoot in the western Indian city of Pune.

Security was tight around a spacious bungalow in the Pune suburb of Aundh, chosen because the area resembles Karachi, Pakistan, where Pearl and his wife Mariane spent time.


Television reporters, photographers and journalists have been camped outside the Pune hotel where the couple is staying and the bungalow since the stars arrived in India late last week. (Watch security guard choke paparazzi -- :53)

Pictures of Pitt and Jolie with their son Maddox in an autorickshaw made the front page of India's national newspapers on Monday.

Their 20-minute ride in the three-wheeler rickshaw took them past shops and department stores in downtown Pune.


Ash said...

Yes, Brad and Angelina are here!
( I live in Pune!)
The city is all buzzed up and the media is going completely overboard...

chandni said...

yes hey were here in Pune!

My net post is on reproductive rights

and I love those insults :)

How u doin?

John said...

Nice insults there.. I sure will use some. And yeh Jolie and Pitt were in Pune shooting a film and they taking a ride in a rick apparently makes it to the news.

Gangadhar said...

Great insults indeed! I always think insults in a derogative way.. :)
yeah we've seen the news about angelina and pitt..pics posted in newspapers!!

Sanjay said...

@Ash.. I remember now that you are in Pune. :) Media seems to be the same the world over when it comes to celebrities.

@Chandni. Dunno why I thought you were in Delhi. I am doing fine.

@John..lol Don't use them on your boss though ;)

@Ganga. I have to look at some of the Indian newspapers.

Aditi said...

while the insults were outrageously funny
what.. u cant get the morning after pill over the counter? I would hate to be in biting beaver's shoes, not to mention hopping mad about it.
That is crazy!!

Intern said...

# I loves the quotations ...

# Yes read the news that Pitt and Joley are in India ... for a movie in which Jolie is acting as Daniel Pearl's wife ... I can imagine the hoolaboo in Pune.

# And I sincerely Thank You for being so encouraging ... It means a lot to me.

Sai said...

Love the intelligent and humorous insults!!! I knew and have quoted the Oscar Wilde one previously....very effective....lol!!!!

Yay about the Toyota Prius. I am a total Hummer Hater!

About BB....OMG....unbelievable! As a believer of pro-choice....Arghhh!!!!!!!!

priya said...

I did see them in youtube. India will be the buzz at entertainement channel till the couple gets out of India.

starry nights said...

I cant believe what BB had to go through.this is ridiculous. A woman should have the right to take the morning after pill if she chooses too.

Shitrint said...

those were some really good insults. had fun reading 'em!

read BB's blog! thats bad ...i cant beleive a nation like America has such funny laws...which are not in the benefit of its own ppl!!

Keshi said...

Some really funny quotes there...I will use em to insult few of my buddies here LOL! tnxxx!

yes 'Brangelina' is in Pune shooting 'A Mighty Heart'.


Viewer said...

Wow Like th new look ... Been a long time since I came here :)

How are u ???

Yeah Anjelina and Brad are the hot buzz right now

chandni said...

sorry..my bad! I am in delhi..the "here" was meant to denote India!!


Perspective Inc. said...

Awesome insults there!