Saturday, November 04, 2006

All Ye Single Men Out There..

Head out to Beirut for some serious action ;-)

At a Halloween party at the C-Lounge in Beirut, some danced on the bar and competed in a contest for the title of sexiest woman.(Kate Brooks/Polaris, for The New York Times )

Full story at this link
Ramadan over, women of Beirut prowl for mates

BEIRUT: This is a city of nightclubs, but the night life is something else these days, and not just because of the feverish edge sharpened by the war last summer.

By 8 p.m., women in their 20s and early 30s are prowling in packs of five and six, casting meaningful glances at any and all passing men. In the bars the women dance for hours - often on top of the bar - and legs, midriffs, bare shoulders and barely covered bosoms are offered for public admiration.

Samir Khalaf, a professor of sociology at the American University of Beirut, said the scene astonished his American colleagues. "They are just shocked," he said. "'This is Lebanon, the Middle East?' they say. They can't stop talking about all the belly buttons, about all these highly eroticized bodies. You see it everywhere here, this combination of consumerism and postmodernism and female competition."

For a few weeks twice a year, after Ramadan and before Christmas, thousands of Lebanon's young men return from jobs abroad - and run smack into one of the world's most aggressive cultures of female display. Young women of means have spent weeks primping and planning how to sift through as many men as possible in the short time available. The austere month of Ramadan ended a week ago.


"President Bush warned Democrats not to celebrate too early. This is from the guy who put up the 'Mission Accomplished' sign three years ago."
---Jay Leno

Bob Corker is gay. He may not know it yet, he may never know it, he may go to his sarcophagus wrapped in denial, but his fascination with [Harold] Ford's prowess and good looks gives him away, as does his political affiliation. All Republican political figures are gay, especially the men. When President Bush insists on kissing one bald head after another, the psychosexual symbolism speaks for itself. He's planting his lips on big uncircumcised Kojak peckers. When Rush Limbaugh packs his Viagra and jets off on a tropical jaunt with the guys, it's assumed there are saucy wenches awaiting him under the sultry palms, but I wonder---I wonder if it's cabana boys making the hammock sway under the moonlight.
---James Wolcott (More here)

 History of spitting on women
 Stuffed deer head in black family's mailbox
 Isn't afraid to use racial slurs in public
 Uses goons to beat up people
 Quote: "Let's enjoy knocking their soft teeth down their whining throats"

---The General's Tough Guys of the GOP trading card for George Allen

"So far almost 2,800 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq. I say "almost 2,800" because there is no exact number. It changes by six or eight every day. That's how many of our young men get killed. And for what? Just tell us, Mr. President. For what? It hasn't even been good for Iraq; it certainly hasn't been good for us. The whole world thinks less of us for what we're doing there. This little war is costing us $2 billion a what? I forget, a day, a week, a minute? It's the kind of money I can't even imagine. "
---Andy Rooney

"I think it's important to note that nobody hates the troops more than decorated war hero John Kerry. We're all very, very lucky that we have draft-dodgers like George Bush and Dick Cheney to point that out to us."
---Jimmy Kimmel

Mmmmmm Beer!

Election is in 3 days. I will spend whatever free time I have next few days in doing my bit to help elect democrats.


John said...

All roads lead to Beirut :D

Ohh yeh, the elections, all over CNN. You guys have 3 days off?

Aditi said...

3 days off.. yea right... but interesting stories all of them
the propoganda and the commercials are all over the place too

meno said...

There's always so much here upon which to comment.
But the ferret in the beer is the best.

Lucia said...

I agree with Meno, the ferret photo is great.

Yeah for you for working on getting the dems elected!

moegirl said...

Like the ferret photo! The gay thing and republican men...the Rev. Ted scandal seems to bear that out, except he says he only bought drugs from the gay male prostitute to throw them away...and he got a massage with his drug purchase! I had no idea dealers gave these extra perks...

Maggie said...

Ferret photo reminds me of my little two-year-old boy. He likes beer. We thought we'd give him a sip and then he'd hate it, well things just didn't really go that way. We make big jokes about how we have to keep him out of the bottles - hee hee.

Jimmy Kimmel rocks.

Sai said...

Wow Beirut defies all the stereotypes about the Middle East. Who knows it might be the next Spring break destination for frat boys! :-D

How cute is the ferret?