Friday, November 10, 2006

It's Friday!

I had an extra long day yest (why can't vendors coming to demo products keep time?).
*A* had along day too, but she got home before me and was getting ready to go to bed soon after I got home. Now she is a wonderful check on my sometimes errant ways and she did not haul my ass off to bed. So with those much needed check n balances temporarily gone and with me in that weird zone where I am tired but I can't sleep, I continue to do stuff. Stuff like getting songs from itunes so I can listen to something new. I was also typing up this post and reading blogs I am blogaddict sue me!
Heh! So I sleep later than usual have a strange but alluring dream (that's for another post) and now feel like I need gallons of coffee to get through my day. Well hopefully it won't be a long one.

Braindead Media (By way of think progress..)
The democrats may have won the election, and one of the key drivers of this victory was the unhappiness over Iraq. So this being the first weekend for Tim Russert's Meet The Press since the election, you would think they would have over a democrat who was opposed to the war. But no, pumpkin head is gonna have two war proponents over. One is John McCain a republican and the other is Joe Lieberman who ran as an independent. I mean WTF?
First Post-Election Meet the Press Features Exclusively Pro-War Politicians

The 2006 election was defined by a) a repudiation of the war in Iraq and the current Iraq strategy, and b) widespread national victories for Democratic House, Senate, and gubernatorial candidates.

Yet, according to a press aide, this Sunday’s edition of NBC’s Meet the Press will include two interviews: one with Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT), an Iraq war supporter who defeated Ned Lamont (D-CT), and one with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who recently called for 20,000 additional U.S. troops to be sent to Iraq, and who was not up for reelection in 2006.

In other words, the first post-election edition of Meet the Press will exclusively feature politicians who support the war in Iraq, neither of whom ran as a Democrat.
Like Atrios likes to call them.. "Wanka!" (that's in my faux British accent).

Steven Colbert's "The Word"

This is very funny, esp around the 1st minute...


"The GOP is concerned about Republican voter turnout. Right now instead they have a congressman and a preacher that are coming out instead of turning out." --Jay Leno

"Pastor Ted Haggard has stepped down from his position. He was thought to be a George Bush Republican. Instead it turned out he was a George Michael Republican." --Jay Leno

Kitty Stunt

Why oh why?

Synchronized Faces


Lucia said...

LOVE the synchronized faces. For some reason, I was just looking at pics of Esther Williams and synchronized swimming last night.

A few responses...yes, I've been to India, but it was a while ago, I think the same time I was last in Bangladesh. New Delhi, Mumbai, Sarahanpur, Agra, Firozabad. Maybe I'm missing something. I'll likely go back this year. Have some work to do in Chennai and not sure yet where else I'll go.

Sai said...

BTW it happens to me as well when I am very tired....I am just too tired to sleep. A lot of times I will just keep writing or sending emails and since the past month and a half....blogging!

As always interesting photos.

meno said...

I hate it when i stay up so late that i can't sleep. The body is willing, but the mind is buzzing.
Colbert was a riot. I watched the show (staying up too late to do so.)

Eli said...

My day wasn't long, but I had enough stress for two or three.

Actually, my whole week has been like that...

Aditi said...

crap that toilet inspired my imagination..
i remembered u when i saw on the news that lieberman won.. man oh man.. how could he win?
but the democrats did nearly manage to take back the house so that is good

chandni said...

I've been having those days too lately....when I am tired and I just cant sleep!!!

Phew...screws my next day royally :(

Gangadhar said...

yeah me too loved the synchronized funny..hehe..