Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Notes..

As Atrios says..

How pathetic are you when major magazines are running stories about how you're the president of the United States and your daddy has to come fix your mess.
More on that mess below..

Too many bodies for Iraqi morgues

Some Iraqi men, fearful of an anonymous burial, are tattooing their thighs with names and phone numbers to make it easy to identify their bodies. They do that because morgue employees have little time to spend on each body because so many show up every day. Sometimes all wailing wives and mothers are shown is a photograph of their loved one's corpse.

On a lighter note..

Some zingers from weekend update on SNL

"This week, on Tuesday night, in an ironic turnaround, Iraq brought regime change to the U.S."
- Amy Poehler

"Nancy Pelosi, the like Speaker of the House, had lunch at the White House with President Bush, though just to rub things in, she left early to have an abortion."
- Poehler

"Today's Veteran's Day, so that won't affect anyone in the White House."
- Seth Meyers

More Ads...

Is this one above a parody?

Papa John Pizza

So, how do you get your message across and get people talking about your product? You do what Papa John's Pizza did. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Peru, this clever, yet simple idea in promoting Papa John's Pizza won gold at the recent Cannes International advertising awards.

Philips: Darth Vader Philips lightsabre


Maggie said...

It took me a minute to realize the Papa John's add was afixed to a door over the peephole. That is the most clever thing I've seen in a long time.

Foodie's Hope said...

Hilarious post and pics!:D
What the heck is he looking at! He should be looking through the peephole for pizza!;D

Sanjay said...

@Maggie. Yep very clever indeed.

@Foodie.. thanks. He is looking at something some men and maybe women are obsessed with ;)

Mona Buonanotte said...

I really have to start watching SNL again!

Do you think that model has a sausage in there? Or maybe just a cocktail weiner?

Sai said...

Papa John's ad is so innovative. Now that is smart advertising!

Sanjay said...

@Mona.. I am not as curious as you are ;-)


Shitrint said...

those are awesome ads!
i wonder at the genius brains of those creative ads that come up with such ideas...exceptional!

Paresh said...

OK. That Darth Vader ad is freaking awesome!

Sanjay said...

@Shitrint.. more ads to follow. :)

@Paresh.. Thought you would like it. I remember you raving about a star wars game on your blog.

Aditi said...

yeah that calvin klein had to be a parody because there is an o at the end of klein.

Lucia said...

You're the master gatherer of a broad array of goodies! Progressive politics. Humor. Quirky ads. Always amazing in breadth.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog. It's great to have people leaving comments who know about what's going on in the world!

meno said...

Did you put tha Obsession ad up to balance the Mercedes ad from yesterday? :)

I am busy IMing the SNL quotes to my hubby.

Id it is said...

Baby boy Bush
does need a push
so papa comes bye
to aid him a nye
Fixes his house
but fails to douse
All the fires and sparks
ignited by the war in Iraq.

Keshi said...

**are tattooing their thighs with names and phone numbers to make it easy to identify their bodies

thats so sad!


Sanjay said...

@Aditi.. I did not see the "o" at the end. :-/

@Lucia.. you are way too kind. I am sort of a news junkie and have always been one, which explains my curiosity abt the world.

@Meno.. Sort of. I had both of them yesterday, but did not put them up. Also am an equal opportunity objectifier I guess. ;)

@Id.. I loved that poem.

@Keshi. Yes it is very sad.

Intern said...

you come up with most interesting collection of snippets. Great work!!!!

Interrobang said...

That "Obsession For Men" is a parody. I first saw it in Adbusters, although I don't know if they did it or got it from someone.