Thursday, November 09, 2006

Post Election Thoughts & A Racy Ad..

This was a clear signal for change. A lot of fellow Americans were tired, fed up of the administration policies and voted their disapproval. The win is also a combination of efforts by the democrats, the candidates who ran a good campaign and also the netroots.

Folks like you and me have been active on various progressive blogs like Eschaton, Dailykos, Firedoglake, MyDD and many others too numerous to mention but worthy nonetheless.
While the blogs were often places for like minded progressive democratic folks to vent, complain and bitch. They were also places that helped us organize. They were forums for people who cared about our nation to come together and help change the direction of the nation.

The actblue pages of the various blogs helped introduce us to some great candidates, not just local but around the country. Via Eschaton I was able to meet and listen to candidates like Patrick Murphy an Iraq war vet who won in PA. Via Kos I was able to read about Jon Tester who won in Montana.

Organizations like via their GOTV effort helped ordinary folks like me pitch in the effort to take the country back (other than just voting). Via the DNC’s grassroots efforts I was able to get out and meet local candidates and was able to help out on their campaigns.

This progressive felt he could make a difference in some way via his time and dollars. It is a great feeling and today is a day to savor. I know we will do our best to keep the dems accountable.

Yes the country has moved to the middle and we will make sure it stays there for that is where most of America resides. I know that we must continue to be vigilant and to work hard. The fight to make this country a better place for us and for those who will inherit it is truly a worthy one.
That is my 2 cents fwiw.

On to lighter stuff..

Jon Stewart's funnies about Cnn's Blog party..hehe (Via Atrios)

Controversial Jeans Ad?

I found these interesting, cool and naughty (maybe you might differ). The remaining ones are here. Anyone seen these in the US? Maybe it's from Europe with their more relaxed approach to all matter sexual?


Mona Buonanotte said...

guh...uh...I clicked on the link for more photos of those jeans, and am now having to throw ice cubes down my pants. That's no American ad campaign, I can tell ya that....

Diana said...

I agree with Mona. No way that ad campaigne would be run here, even with the change of regime.

Bet the jeans would sell, though.

Sanjay said...

@Mona.. I should have had a warning or something.

@Diana.. Yes the jeans would sell, and there would surely be a buzz.

Intern said...

I was remembering you as the results were out!! Thats so cool... finally people get it right!!!

Lovely photo ... Yeah Europens are too cool about sexual matters... in fact I see a few French photoblogs and they come out with such artistic nudes or expressive emotions ... I am totally awed!

You come with lovely photos here ...Liked the previous ones on NYC too!!! they were great!

Sanjay said...

@Intern thanks. We were glued to the TV and the web till about midnight on Nov 7th.

I love the refreshing attitude the Europeans have about sex.

The pics ofcourse are not taken by me, there are a lot of good ones at the link on that post.

Maggie said...

I don't have time to say much, I'm on my way to go buy some jeans! Sizzle!

Sai said...

Checked the link...Interesting photographs....I think some photos are more aesthetic than others.

They did achieve their goal of attracting attention. For the sake of safety of pedestrians and drivers, I hope they don't have billboards of these!

Shankari said...

LOL! Jon Stewart is too much.I just love watching his shows, but really dont get to watch often...

Sanjay said...

@Sai. I guess what is aesthetic or not depends on the beholder. I believe these may be Eurpoean ads and not in the US. We are sorta prudish as a nation in someways ;)

@Shankari.. I don't watch them often enough but youtube helps catch the better episodes. :)

Nadim said...

i was also following results on net. not really into politics but aftr da news gt out tht dems were leading evrywher, i cudnt keep myself away!
and it ws refreshing to c prez bush not lying abt Iraq ! but as he said i dnt think hes gng to chng his 'stay da course' policy even wit a dem speaker and democrat dominated senate!

kool jeans ads btw!
and i have seen CK and Lee jeans ads which i think are lot more 'open' than these ones! but ya.. they r rare cmpared tu ads frm europe... they r waayyyyy too kool than us!

priya said...

Thaz a cool ad for jeans. Atleast they were something:-))

Lucia said...

These ads look like jean-clad Kama Sutra poses.

Keshi said...

ok those Jeans ads r quite convincing :):)


moegirl said...

I've been a Kos fan for awhile and he deserves credit for promoting these candidates and interesting commentary always.

Jeans ads...saucy!

Interrobang said...

I like your NYC photos; they're really great.

I don't get the jeans ads, though. To me, those aren't nearly as racy as the American Apparel ads for the thong bodysuits (women's asscheeks sticking out all over the place) and y-front underwear (fairly close crotch-shots of young men) I'm seeing all over the place, particularly on the Village Voice website. Those jeans ads are kind of cute. The AA ones are just edging over the line into offensive.

Then again, the last time I was over the provincial border in Quebec, I saw an ad with a woman in it (and why is it always a naked woman, goddam sexist culture!!) who was wearing only shoes and jewellery, but lying on her stomach and photographed so basically nothing was visible. The caption said in French, "If I can't wear [brand name], I'll just stay naked."

Go figure.

Sanjay said...

@Priya.. yep.

@Lucia. Yes thats what I thought they were too.

@Keshi.. yes they are.

@Moe..I agree about Kos, I read that site everyday but don't comment.

@Interrobang... I haven't seen the village voice ads online, maybe when I am not at work will check them out. But you do have a point. But the village voice is really not that mainstream is it? Mind you I do not find the jeans ads offensive at all.
As for the French ad based on your description I would say neatly done. But I agree why do they just have to be women?

Gangadhar said...

this jeans ad is erotic..
And did they successful in promoting them? just curious..