Thursday, November 02, 2006

Random Notes

Heh! Someone just did not like me sitting in front of me.

I get on my train yesterday morning. I was trying to buy the monthly pass so was among the last few ppl boarding. I usually sit next to the door (easy in easy
out). My normal seat was taken. But this is a set of twin seats facing each
other so I plunk myself across from her. She was a blonde,
probably in her
50s, short hair, eye liner and a lined face. She had a coffee cup in her hand.
As I settled in and nodded a hello to them (a regular who sits across the aisle)
and a few other regulars straggling in after me, I noticed her staring me down.
I gave her a quick look and in my mind I am like..
“You have a problem
I am a few seconds from asking her if she had never seen a guy
She looks away and then as I turn to look at the newspaper that
Tim has opened up across his face, she gets up and goes to find a seat
I am like that’s a first for me.
Tim looks up: “She changed
her seat?”
Me: Looks like she did not like the looks of me.
Me: I also
have that effect on some folks that makes them want to change seats.
You sound like our train conductor (John) documented here and here.
Me: some of that rubs off ya know.

Maybe she just wanted to sit someplace else with no one sitting across from her then she was in the wrong part of the coach.
Maybe she did not like sitting across from a “Asian/Hispanic”
looking guy ;-). I was just happy she got up and left and I got my seat back.;-)
I am not proprietary about where I sit. It is not assigned seating
anyways. But a part of me seemed to relish her discomfort. No clue why and don’t
analyze this or me. ;-)

On The Other Train

The time when I am taking my other train in to work in the morning, a lot of
folks on the train are dozing off. As I settle down my bottom on the synthetic
fabric seat wondering about the microscopic denizens that inhabit them, I notice
the woman to my left.
She is dressed in a dark long jacket, blue gloves, a
white cap and she is slumped over. Her head is almost on her chest, deep in
sleep. I notice the black backpack on the floor next to her. There is a book in
one of the sleeves of the backpack, and the title jumps out at me right away!
“Hermeneutics as theological prolegomena – A canonical approach”. Try saying
that fast a few times.
I figured it was a religious book of sorts.
googled it when I got to work. link

I also had
to look up the meaning of hermeneutics - the science of interpretation, esp. of
the Scriptures.
Prolegomena - a preliminary discussion; introductory essay,
as prefatory matter in a book; a prologue.
I also noticed that the women
jabbering on in Spanish non-stop were rather quiet today. A welcome relief I
might add.

Mike John..

Mike John our train conductor that I have blogged about here and here,
is now on a different shift for a while. His wisecracks and witticisms will be
missed. But now he gets to see a completely different set of eye candy and I am
sure when he comes back on our train he will have more to tell us.


I heard a BBC reporter ask someone from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting
Corp) about their country’s interest in the midterm elections happening next
week in the US. They are of course following this closely, but what struck me
was that Canada, despite having its own version of a conservative government
does not have whacky fundamentalist religious groups like the ChristianCoalition
or the Moral Majority. They seem so much more sensible in some ways (especially
these days) compared to folks in the US.


Aditi said...

HMm its odd about the lady moving away like that but also a bit funny

priya said...

Sanjay: I know how rude some people behave. Whenever I used to take subway to grand central, oh boy, I shud give a penny for a smile and soem peopel hesitate to sit next to us. I used to think, I am cleaner and healthier than that person and I don't care.

Neers said...

whoa!!! the perjudices we have against our own species

Sai said...

Maybe she is just prejudiced against men in general :-)

If it had got to do with your skin color then she is some redneck who is plain ignorant and she should be left to rot in her own ignorance!

Shitrint said...

hehe...i hav great fun and pleasure if i manage to drive someone away from their seat!

anyway ur really lucky and better off in trains over least ur spared the scenario we guys hav to go thru over here...i read somewhere, "ur proximity to the next person who's commuting with u on the mumbai locals is closer than a lover's embrace".

shucks im jealous of u getting a seat in the train. i hav to fight every time i board a train here!

intern said...

LOL funny read on the train experience ... I was laughing ...

canada is very different and much more like Europeans unlike American mainstream culture ....

If you havent already seen ... you gotto see "Banadian Bacon" by Michael Moore ... It's hilarious ... You wont regret one bit ... Its a perfect satire ... and hilarious!

Claire said...

Ah, the delights of train travel :-).


Anonymous said...

Who's Mike? Thought your train conductor goes by 'John'.

Maybe the lady just didn't like your goatee.

What's with the Kerry dude?
. Is he stupid or
. Are we stupid or
. Bush is stupid or
. Troops are stupid OR
. THE VOTERS ARE STUPID because they let a remark by someone who's not even in the running change their decision about something that will affect them for years to come.

Hmm. Tough choice there. Too bad, it's 2004 all over again. The signs are not good..

Sanjay said...

@Aditi.. yep she was also not a regular.

@Priya. Yep but NYers can be stand offish which may be mistaken for being rude.

@Neers, Indeed.

@Sai.. could be. Either ways it does not bother me. :)

@shitrint.. I know, I used to b travel on those trains. I am happy I don't have to anymore.

@Intern.. I have not seen that, will keep in mind.

@Claire.. yes, it always makes for interesting experiences.

@Anonymous. You are right it's John. OY..never type a post when half asleep, and if you do check it again.

Have hope the election is yet to be held. Also if the gop wins again then crooks and liars are what we deserve cos we don't vote or vote with our brains.

Id it is said...

We have some of that variety everywhere; misanthropes you think? Whatever it may be, the loss is always theirs; in this case hers!

Nancy Willing said...

I just e-mailed the train conductor's love letter (of sorts) out to a select group (mostly woment in my immediate family).

Nancy Willing said...

THE VOTERS ARE STUPID because they let a remark by someone who's not even in the running change their decision about something that will affect them for years to come
I do not think that this will affect election behavior, maybe Kerry's aspiring to another presidential run, which I would hate to see anyway....
Reform to remove money from political campaigns would make the process whole.

Without Mrs. Kerry's great wealth, does anyone htink that Kerry would have hit front-runner for 2004?

Nancy Willing said...

One more.

I had to wait for a county library pc the other day so I sat down in a waiting area where several people were reading in the plush chairs.

One young woman had a toddler standing between her legs with her arms wrapped around so that all you could see of him was his cherubic face cheerily looking out from his parka hood.

He was particularly beautiful, big eyes, big grin, big face and an engaging look ( probably 2 years old).

I mentioned to the mother that her child was very lovely and instead of the expected smile in return I got this:

This lady scooped the child up immediately telling him that daddy was calling them and off they went among the pcs to the other side of the room.

Sheesh!!! Obviously daddy was out of earshot and that I got barely a glance from her, the experience made me think that daddy was some kind of control freak and that the lady was a freak of an entirely different order.

Foodie's Hope said...

Hey Sanjay! may be that old lady just wanted a clear view of you from afar! May be she was tired of looking at her cats and wanted to take a look at a "TIGER" in aclear sight ?! Whaddya think? ;)

Seriously, they have stared at me like crazy for quite a while after 9/11 too, don't worry abt it.It's their own hell they have to deal with in their minds! I feel sorry for them!!

meno said...

Maybe you reminded her of her ex-husband. Or maybe her butt itched. People are odd, especially when packed into tight places with strangers.

ishita said...

just here to say hi:)...

ummm...yes i did read d post! but have to rushh rush rushhh....guests @ home u see..