Thursday, December 07, 2006

Best Gadgets That You Cannot Buy

A big list here...

The one I liked.

The Taste DJ is a pretty crazy kitchen concept from designer Fei Zhu. Designed to make cooking more like spinning records (I guess), it's a countertop with two cooktops, a sink, and a built-in multimedia computer setup. You can spin rings on the outside of the burners that allow you to select ingredients to spray into whatever you're cooking, including salt, pepper, and… MSG? Alrighty. The built-in computer is meant to be used for music, surfing the web for recipes, and talking to people via a "visual phone." It's kind of a neat idea, but I can't see the whole ingredient-spraying cooktop ring thing being all that practical, which seems to be the backbone of the whole DJ concept. However, computers in the kitchen are sure to become more common as they become cheaper and smaller, and who doesn't like cooking to music? I'm sure some of these elements will start showing up in kitchens soon, along with cutting scales and induction stoves, to make all our culinary aspirations if not easier, at least a little flashier. — Adam Frucci.

Late Night Funnies

"Former secretary of State Colin Powell said Wednesday that it is time to face reality and recognize Iraq is in a state of civil war. Powell made the statement after growing what are known as ‘retirement balls.’"
---Amy Poehler
"President Bush met with the Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki. Afterwards President Bush said 'Maliki is the right man for the job.' Just to remind you, President Bush also said FEMA's Michael Brown was the right man for the job. Donald Rumsfeld [was the] right man for the job. Tom DeLay was the right man for the job. Which would be okay...if Bush was the right man for the job."
---Jay Leno

"A Trainer at Sea World Adventure Park in San Diego was hospitalized Thursday in San Diego after a killer whale grabbed him and twice held him underwater during a show. On the bright side, the trainer did give up the location of three al Qaeda hideouts."
---Seth Myers

Unusual eBay Responses

From Moronland

POSITIVE: Item shipped quickly, have been having erotic dreams about seller. Thanks!

POSITIVE: Thanks for great Rainbow Brite lunchbox. Should shrunken head be inside?

NEUTRAL: Excellent communication, but should've poked holes in box before shipping the kitten. Refunded.

NEGATIVE: Despite indication in listing, I could not fit item into any of my body cavities.

NEGATIVE: Honda R-Type sticker did not add horsepower as advertised.

NEUTRAL: Item shipped promptly and in good condition, but I should not have to bid on birthday presents from my parents.

POSITIVE: I don't really remember what I ordered. But I've been sitting in the box it came in all day, and it's great!

NEGATIVE: Product didn't work, possibly broken. I woke up this morning and was disappointed to find I still believe in Jesus Christ our Savior. :(

POSITIVE: Excellent Buyer. A++++++. Thrilled by the quartz movement of the "Rolex". HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

POSITIVE: Plain brown packaging seemed to fool my wife. Thanks!

NEGATIVE: The dog won't hunt.

NEGATIVE: Very nice monkey mascot costume, but it's a size 34, not a 63 as advertised.

NEGATIVE: Lederhosen not as pink as the picture led me to believe.

POSITIVE: One of the scents mixed in with the packing peanuts remind me of a passionate weekend in Rio... was that you?

POSITIVE: The way you wrote my zip-code makes me weak in the knees. Such smooth strokes. A+!

NEGATIVE: Though you did nothing wrong, I am giving you this negative feedback to teach you that the universe is arbitrary and unfair.

NEGATIVE: Buying this Space 1999 Lunchbox did not fill the void in my empty life for as long as I'd hoped.


Ash said...

The ebay responses...hilarious!
And wierd too :-)

Maggie said...

Bravo to Jay Leno!

On the DJ kitchen thing. I see a major flaw. The computer is set between the two cooktops. Whenever I cook I find that things can tend to splatter out of pans. That computer would suffer damage from such things would it not?

Ebay responses - too funny.

jason said...

‘retirement balls.’

That is going to be the phrase of 2007.

Dan said...

Plain brown packaging seemed to fool my wife. Thanks!

That was MY comment! Oh my God! Someone found that one! ;)

priya said...

A pan and disc together can spin cooking and music faster. I can't say if I will grab the right salt and flavors to add when I am lost in music. Good one.

Sai said...

The DJ kitchen thing...looks rather sleek but I am with Maggie regarding the practicality. I tend to splatter things as well. I am a messy cook and my kitchen looks like a war zone.

Sanjay said...

@Ash.. yep.

@Maggie.. Good point. I never thought about that.

@Dan.. I am not even gonna try to gues what you ordered. ;)

@Priya. Thats funny.

@Sai. I am pretty messy when I cook too.

Mona Buonanotte said...


"Retirement balls"...and a spine, apparently.

meno said...

I think retirement balls needs to go on a T-shirt.
I'm retired, i guess i have some growing to do. :)

Asha said...

I love the first one.Cooking and blogging at the same time:))YAY!!

I saw your 'A's comment somewhere.I think you are going to get 'Bharwa Mirchi' this weekend:)She said 'Sanjay would love this' sweeeet!!!

I hope this 'A' is who your 'A' is!!Guessing here:))Enjoy hot Mirchi,if it is.

Lucia said...

Whoohoo! Now I'm so inspired to go leave an outstanding comment on eBay. That's all I needed to get over there...a little inspiration!

Sugarlips said...

The DJ kitchen thing looks all high tech BUT not practical cuz in our desi cooking splashes go here & there...bhunai...chatak patak & what not.

Jay Leno :)

E bay responses were hilarious !

Stay Beautiful...!!

deepsat said...

The DJ kitchen is pretty sleek. i wonder if one would make good food or good music on that!!

loved the ebay responses.

ishita said...

i luvd d ebay responses...!!!:D had my laughin away here....!

Aditi said...

oh my god that is hilarious!!
the ebay stuff had me cracking up..

Carrie said...

I don't think that the kitchen would work for me. It does look cool.

I love the quote from SNL!

Those feedbacks remind me of some of the searches I have on my site meter.