Thursday, December 28, 2006

Drinking Liberally In Delaware And Dining/Drinking/Gloating in NYC

The Delaware chapter of drinking liberally has it's monthly meetup today.

Last Thursday of each month (next meeting December 28), 8:00 pm
Klondike Kate's, 158 E Main St (around the bar! Newark should also have free parking then too!) (map).

Unfortunately I won't be able to go this time.

I am off to New York City instead, to meet up for drinks and dinner with many fine NY area Atriots (people who make up the online community at Atrios's blog Eschaton). I haven't seen some of them in a couple of years, and there are some new faces.

The reason is to celebrate the democratic win in the November elections and as the lovely Res Ipsa said to "Gloat" ;-). It certainly is something to savor, for a lot of us who put our time, energy and $ in trying to defeat the GOP enablers in Congress who have helped Bush drag America down in so many ways.

My good friend Dan from CT, will also be driving down. It should be fun to talk about politics, football (darn Chicago Bears ;-) and the general state of the world.

Right Wing Idiocy
(Tip of the hat to Holden of First-Draft in the Eschaton comments for the link below).

Here's what I'm getting at: If the polar bears need more floating ice to
survive, let's get them some more floating ice! Like artificial reefs, we can
build fake floating ice, or make real floating ice, and distribute it across the
polar bear habitat. Mightn't this be expensive? you ask. I dunno maybe. I
haven't priced artificial polar bear ice platforms lately. But I will bet you
dollars to doughnuts it would cost a mere fraction of a fraction of a
fraction of a fraction of the cost of a Kyoto regime and it would save vastly
more polar bears than Kyoto would — at least in, say, the first couple
centuries. For all I know, the seals would dig the new digs too. And maybe we
could expand the program to the antarctic for the penguins.
Guess who said this?

That classic is from Jonah Glodberg of the republican National Review. He is also the son of the infamous Lucianne Goldberg known for her role in the Lewinsky scandal.

Don’t laugh he is serious!

These people are devoid of reason and they have a forum to air their idiocy. They have no respect for proven scientific fact ie. Climate change/global warming.

Of course Jonah conveniently forgets that there is a respected report commissioned by the British government out there on global warming when he cries about cost. You could spend no more than 1 % of global GDP/year to prevent global warming (alternative fuels, carbon traps etc.). The cost of not doing that will probably be anywhere from 5-20% of global GDP per year. Not to mention that it is irreversible.

Have a good day!


Orchid said...

First time here. I know!!! darn the bears! I am from cowboy land :-) Have you seen Al Gore's documentary?

listmaker said...

Have a great time in NYC.

Carrie said...

Was this a rant?

I hope you have a great time in NYC!

Sai said...

Have fun in New York!

Lucia said...

Argh bah on the republicans creating ice. I´m sitting under the Antarctic ozone hole, and it ain´t pretty. Obviously, fake ice won´t address the actual problem, but, hey, isn´t that the republican way?

Aditi said...

first off!! GO BEARS!!
hehe have fun in new york

Asha said...

Hi Sanjay! Have fun NY!

I am sooo fed up with Orlando Theme Parks now,I have blisters to prove it on my toes from all that walking and I just want to go home now!:D:D

Happy New Year to you and *A* and may all your dreams come true in 2007!!See you next week!:)

moegirl said...

Every once in a while I read the drivel put out by the right wing pundits, and everytime I'm astounded that anyone would believe a single word...yet they do. We have the president to prove it.

Teri said...

hmmm, i think Drinking Liberally around here meets like once a week ... on a night it's not feasible for me to go.

y'all are a bunch of slackers.

or, we're a bunch of drunks....

meno said...

Have a great time in NY.

What an assinine comment re the ice.

X Stryker said...

Have a good time in NYC. I went to Drinking Liberally for the first time tonight in Newark, and I had a great time. Great Global Warming post, BTW.

artnavy said...

Do not understand teh political bit

Liked guessing the no. of cans on the tree and am taking up the book tag in a while

Something to Say said...

no seriously - was he serious? he cudnt have been - he shud have heard/read himself....he wud have known - it sounded stupid....

Sanjay said...

@Orchid..thanks for stopping by.

@Listmaker ..thanks

@Carrie.. Sort of.


@Lucia..truly the gop way, deny a problem exists and then when confronted with facts come with idiocy like the guy in my post.

@Aditi.. Met some of Dan's family n frnds who were visiting NY and they are all Bears fans! lol

@Asha..Thanks wish you the same, I am sure you are craving for home now :)


@Teri.. Thats pretty neat. We are slackers hea ;)


@Xstryker..Thanks I hope to be able to make it to the next one. Will check out your post.


@something.. yes he was serious, so he says if you read the entire piece in the link.

MoDigli said...

Ahhhh.... Hope you had a fantastic time in NYC!

The saddest thing about global warming is that WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY NOW to completely switch to other forms of energy. We know how to harness plenty of solar and wind power, we know how to make fast and long lasting electric cars. It's infuriating to know we are still refusing to change and that it's taking THIS LONG.

Aditi said...

well bears rule!! but mostly its about time..the last time they won was in 86