Sunday, December 03, 2006

Here Is A Reason Why Biden Will Not Get My Vote For President..

Joe Biden our senator here in Delaware is planning on running for President in 2008. He always talks a good talk but not when it is needed or sometimes is just off the wall. I saw this on Corrente via Atrios. Ther original link is here. There are several things wrong with this. You are still the in the primary phase here, while I understand why he wants to be funny in from of the GOP audience and why he may not want to rub it in to them, but what is stupid here is dissing your own party.
“The mid-term election may have been a rejection of the policies of this administration,” Biden said. “But it was not an embrace of the Democratic program or the Democratic Party. We’re in a state of flux right now and have a lot of problems that need to be resolved.”
There is more...
Delaware, he noted, was a “slave state that fought beside the North. That’s only because we couldn’t figure out how to get to the South. There were a couple of states in the way.”

The crowd loved it.

This Yankee senator quickly disarmed his conservative audience, many of whom came expecting partisan attacks on President Bush and Republicans in general.

It didn’t happen. As they say at Fox News, the address was “fair and balanced.”

Biden devoted much of his speech to the war in Iraq.

“America needs, and I need, for the Republican Party to get back up,” he said.

“There’s not a single problem out there that cannot be solved without a bipartisan coalition,” said Biden, the incoming chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Huh? Is he doing a Trent Lott here? What the heck is it with these people reminiscing fondly about those days?
And someone clue in the senator, for the past years of this Bush administration there has been no bipartisanship. The GOP idea of bipartisanship is "Just support us and shut up!" and there is no evidence to suggest that anything has changed. The renomination by shrub of right wing judges who were rejected the first time around is not bipartisanship!


starry nights said...

Nice to be back and read all your posts.

meno said...

It does seem like he was pandering to his audience. We'll see how far he gets with this.

Keshi said...

:) good that u can read between the lines.


Dan said...

When I quickly read the title of this post I thought it said "Here Is A Reason Why Bin Laden Will Not Get My Vote For President."

Whew ... I must be getting tired. Time for bed. ;)

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Eli said...

Phoenix Woman has some additional reasons not to vote for Joe...

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u can know the inbetween aspects pretty well!


Sanjay said...

@Starry welcome back. Hope you are recovered?

@Meno.. yes he was.

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