Friday, December 15, 2006

It's Friday...Wheeee, It's Gold I Tell Ya..It's Gold!

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The Friday word that is...

Mona sez the Friday word be gold and so it is..
Sai usually picks up the Friday word too and she has a different insight from me.
Maggie will have a nifty poem about the Friday word as does Mona.

The first thing that comes to my mind that scene from Goldfinger with the woman painted in gold. I was of a much more impressionable age when I saw the movie for the first time during a festival of Bond films in Bombay. Don't laugh about a festival of Bond movies. ;-). If it were not dark in the movie theater you would have seen me with my mouth open ..jaw dropping at that vision on the screen of that woman painted in gold.

The next thing that comes to my mind.. India is the world's largest consumer of gold. I have no fascination or interest in the precious metal, either gold or diamonds.

Sorta off topic..
*A* was at a holiday party where some women were showing of their pieces of rock on their fingers, you know as Christmas gifts that they got.
And one of them goes "I notice you don't have any jewelery on most days too?"
*A*.. "I have no particular love of it and what I have I can't wear on a everyday basis."
(Women of Indian ethnicity usually have this 24 carat gold thingies which are usually suited for special occasions, not every day use).
Woman at party.. "So what does your husband get you then for the holidays?"
*A*.. "Lots of love and this time it was the iMac with the 24 inch widescreen with the Harman Kardon Speakers"
Woman at party... "Ohh"

Heh! When *A* told me that I got a kick out of it.

Back on gold....

From here

India consumes about a quarter of the world's gold production.
For the last several decades, the country has been the largest purchaser of gold in the global context and more than 90 per cent of this is for conversion to jewelery.

Effective collateral

It is also divisible, in the sense that one can acquire even 5 grams of it, unlike, say, real-estate, which is not divisible into smaller units of, say, five square feet. Gold is also portable in jewellery form and that is one of its major attractions. It is the most important insurance product for the housewife, particularly among the poorer segments.

Actually, the so-called superstition regarding not removing such gold ornaments as the mangalsutra till the death of the husband acts as an effective economic principle in protecting certain classes of assets for women.

Gold also provides collateral for the household in situations of distress. More important, it is normally not disposed of without the consent of the lady of the house. Actually, many men may not even know the exact amount of gold in possession since the housewife may keep changing its form, from bracelets to bangles, or chains to necklaces.

Gold is also considered a form of investment and let me tell ya no Indian wedding is complete without gold. For some of my readers not familiar with this, here is how a Indian bride might look like with all that gold or try to watch Monsoon Wedding.

Mind you that is not the typical Indian bride, but I have been to weddings where a bride wore close to that much in gold.

On to other things..

Still looking for some Christmas gift ideas?

Forget the Pretty Dishes of Candy, Think Santa Doing the Poopy Dance

Rather than putting out pretty crystal dishes of stale candy or nuts for your guest, do something different and let Santa poop out the candy this year. Merchant says "Poo Poo Novelty Santa Candy Dispenser - With our Poo Pooing Santa Claus, press down on the candy dispenser's head and watch Santa "poo-poo" the candies from his bottom!"

Maggie loves all things Santa..wonder if she finds this Santa acceptable? ;-)

There are a few more wacky a kiss my *** Elf.

Later folks :-)

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Ash said...

Me too, neither like nor wear gold jewelery and my folks in Kerala think i'm wierd :-)

Sanjay said...

@Ash.. you are cool. :)

Asha said...

My aunts wear gold like that at weddings! Sometimes it's hard to realize who is the bride in there!:D
I don't like big bold gold stuff either but I do like little pretty ones.
Enjoy the weekend:))

Mona Buonanotte said...

Harman Kardon speakers?!?!? Oh baby YEAH, I'm with "A"! Sexy sexy speakers!

maggie said...

I'm a silver girl myself, but rarely wear anything more than my wedding rings - not a jewelry girl. But my family almost always sends me jewelry as gifts, go figure. Gotta love em.
The Santa is cute, a bit disturbing for someone with a crush on him, but still cute. I saw pooping reindeer candy dispensers the other day.

Sai said...

Hey I am like A too! I seldom wear jewelry.

Sanjay said...

@Asha.. right on.

@Mona. Indeed. I had no idea how good they were till I had the apple guy play music on them in the store. So I decided to go with them, they sound even better at home.

@Maggie..:) @ your family. Sowwy about spoiling that crush you have.

@Sai.. you are cool. :)

John said...

Yeh iMac definitely kicks Gold's ass anytime. But in terms of investment Gold sure has it's own pros.

Sanjay said...

@John.. It probably does. As for gold as an investment, there are a lot of options for investments. Gold maybe one of many.
BTW this imac is the Intel duo core, so it runs windoze as well.

John said...

I always wanted a Mac :( The G4 powerbook and run purely mac stuff. Heck, my old thinkpad has a sticker of the Apple stuck to it.

Someday.. someday :D

Carrie said...

Now that is a gift! I don't wear much jewelry either. It just isn't me.

I think if I had that santa, I would only use brown m&ms.

Sanjay said... Brown M & M

lalitha said...

I am not too much into gold either.dont wear the ones I have and dont need new ones either.last christmas I got a laptop so I could blog.

Dan said...

The first thing that comes to my mind that scene from Goldfinger with the woman painted in gold.

Sanjay, you're a man after my own heart! ;)

Aditi said...

damn that is a lot of gold.. and the santa figure reminds me of the M&M commercial from way back when with santa

Ameet said...

Interesting facts on gold.

Teri said...

i don't care much for jewelry either - that is, I like to wear it, but I don't wear it for it's value, I wear it for the look - and most days all I wear is my wedding ring.

Lera said...

ha ha Thinking about Gold ,does zoom our thoughts to the Indians profound and solid commitment to this metal as cultural status symbol .Perhaps,It has in a way since ages convinced Indians that they are not the world's destitutes and have been besotted with this ultimate indulgence to prove it..:) just kidding!

Have a nice weekend!

Ashish said...

Yup, and the jewellery that the bride wears on the wedding is not the only one. There is the jewellery gifted by various relatives and other close friends. It can turn out to be a decent investment, although I have very rarely seen Indian women look at them as an investment or a from of saving

Shionge said...

Honestly I am not a "GOLD" person but I do have gold jewellery being presented to me during my wedding days. Plus I have a wedding ring on my finder which is made of gold :D

Oh...the rest of the gold jewellery? In my safe box lah :D

Lucia said...

I just watched Goldmember last night. I really forgot how funny it was!

The thing about gold in India is totally fascinating. I would not have guessed that.

Keshi said...

haha I like that Santa!

I hate gold with a vengeance.


oldwhitelady said...

I like gold rings with gemstones. Only problem is that I can't wear them all that often. They interfere with typing.

Those Indian brides look very pretty with all their gold. It would be difficult to wear it all the time, though.

Sugarlips said...

I rarely wear any gold jewellery...I would happily accept iMac & Harmon Kardon speakers :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

tpraja said...

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