Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year!

I want to wish all of you a very Happy new year and hope it is better than your last!

A Peek At Our Future..

Wonder who she is?

From here

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- 'EveR-2 Muse', designed by KITEC (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology), is the world's first entertainer-robot. She had been first introduced last October and since then she even had ranked fourth with her first song on a certain website popularity poll.

Her skin is made of silicon material; 60 joints in her face, neck, and lower body enable her to demonstrate various facial expressions and some dance moves. She is 161cm tall and weighs 60kg, average figures of Korean women in their twenties.

Speaking dish says “stop eating”

I guess it can help some with their "new year resolutions" ;-) Link

Connected to a palm-size computer, this dish delivers a message 'stop eating' when quantity of food served exceeds a certain amount. If you insist on placing more on the dish, this impudent(?) dish even tells you “where is your willpower”.

Hot dinner table with sexy legs
A group of HONGIK UNIVERSITY students presented 'Hot Dinner' table with sexy legs at Korea Int'l Furniture & interior Fair 2006. It was reported last August.

Guys you have to keep your hands of those legs!


meno said...

You always find the most interesting things! I love the talking plate. Is there a talking wine glass too? "Hey you, that's enough!"

Maggie said...

Great funny pics. I like the plate too. It reminds me of those refrigerator locks with voices I saw once - or was that made up in a movie? Anyways it was hilariously snarky - "You're fat enough, get out of there!" Stuff like that.

Happy New One Sanjay!

Gangadhar said...


Wishing a very Happy New Year to you and your family!

with best wishes

kiraN said...

2007 The Year with best

Do you know the specialty of this NEW YEAR?????

It starts with MONDAY and ends also on MONDAY


This year has got highest number of SUNDAYS and SATURDAYS

Enjoy the least working year in your life


Sassy Momma said...

Good gosh the plate! I'd be in a food coma if I ate most of that stuff! I think I stumbled here from Draw Circles.

chandni said...

wish u a super new year! :)chandni

Sanjay said...

@Meno..Thanks. lol@talking wine glass..that might come in handy for me too. ;)

@Maggie. Thanks. You have a good one too.

@Ganga..Thanks and right back at ya.

@Karin. Thanks. That was a most interesting bit of trivia.

@Sassy Momma..I hear ya , thanks for stopping by!

@Chandni..Thanks. You as well.

Sai said...

Happy New year!

As always a fun post!

That robot reminded me of Botox barbies ;-) Oops! I shouldn't begin the first day of this year with catty comments....oh well.

I need a talking plate that will insult me like "enough fat ass....stop eating"

That sexy legs table is one helluva tacky table!

Intern said...

hey Happy New Year!!!
I love that dinner table ...

Aditi said...

very interesting bit abt the robot..happy new year

Id it is said...

Our 'future' does look A'muse'ing!
Happy New Year!

Teri said...

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Shionge said...

Yo Sanjay my Pal! Nice post huh with sexy legs :D

Hope you have a great ahead as we embrace our friendship across the miles :D

Have Fun!

Sanjay said...


Thank you all. :)

Dan said...

Dan's 2007 List to Santa:
'EveR-2 Muse'

But does this mean I can't be naughty for the rest of the year??

Happy New Year Sanjay! Thanks for being a blog pal in 2006!

Nabeel said...

warmest wishes to you too and yes i have seen the robot .. she is popular among little kids though .. they gather all around her :) However, the robot population is still far from mingling with us as seen in movies.

Anali said...

Happy New Year Sanjay! I hope you had a great day as a start to a great year!

deepsat said...

nice pics sanjay!!!

here's loads of wishes on the new year for you!!!


Fuzzylogic said...

The robot looks so real,the technology is developing at such a amazing speed,imagine having a robot which looks just like us!I can surely think of a lot of use for such twin robot!!:)
That talking plate is something I really need!
Have a wonderful new year Sanjay!

Mellowdrama said...

hehe you know the dude who made the plate has also made a talking belt. See, if you are smart, you will pile on light fried stuff like crisps/fries etc..the belt on the other hand sees how much the tummy expands and beeps out a warning if you overeat! Hehe..oooo have you heard of the Sudoku toilet roll, what fun. Here's to the New Year..have fun!

Ash said...

Happy New Year to you Sanjay!

iz said...

Happy new year to you too! Enjoyed your blog.

Neers said...

cool stuff!! have a great 2007

Something to Say said...

good collection of news stories sanjay. loved all of them - the talking plate - i need one, robot - dont need and couterfeit note with Dubya - who needs that one???

Carrie said...

I HAVE to get one of those plates. I'm going to try to retrain myself how to eat.

Anonymous said...

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