Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another Tag And A Rant..
Maybe I should get the rant out of the way first.

We Americans Don't Have A King?
From the NY Times..

In an executive order published last week in the Federal Register, Mr. Bush said that each agency must have a regulatory policy office run by a political appointee, to supervise the development of rules and documents providing guidance to regulated industries. The White House will thus have a gatekeeper in each agency to analyze the costs and the benefits of new rules and to make sure the agencies carry out the president’s priorities.
Does not matter that his party does not control Congress, he just chose to make an end run around them. He just decided by executive order that he will appoint political lackeys to oversee an agency. A job that civil servants have been doing.
Spork says it well
Imagine, if you will, that you go into the hospital for surgery and being old that the operation will be performed by an insurance adjuster. That's what we're talking about here.
There is no stopping this man, and I doubt that our democratic congress has the will and the gop in Congress just pretend to be unhappy with dear leader. The votes will tell the story.

Five Random Things About Me..(You mean you have to read some more about me? Enough already! ;))

While reading beach bum's blog, I saw that he has tagged me to mention 5 random things about myself. So here goes.. 5 more in addition to the ones from yesterday.

1. There is no vegetable that I cannot eat, except well ..Okra, also known as ladyfingers. I think it was the whole appearance of it when cooked that made it slimy, so that the pieces would slide over each other with that icky stickiness. I still don't eat Okra though I have tasted it a few times, prepared in a different way.
There was another one. Yes folks "was" is the other term. I could not bring myself to eat eggplant (brinjal) either. Again it was the way it might have been made such that it's pulp in all it's pulpy greyness could not make it look palatable no matter how it tasted. I was picky as a kid and my mom is a great cook so I don't know what quite happened there. But I have grown to love this vegetable, credit for that goes to the lovely *A*. When we were dating she was horrified that I did not eat eggplant and she promised me that would change. And when that girl sets her mind on something watch out world!
I was confident I would beat back the "eat eggplant forces" but I succumbed when one day she made this veggie that I could not identify, there was a small serving of it on the plate. She said I had to try it, it was a kid of mashed veggie. And I did.. it was delicious.
I said.. So what is it?
She smiled.. "Eggplant!"
"OMG..OMG!" Me in mock horror.
She said "Get over it!" and said in Hindi something akin to .. "Gotcha!".
She.. "I have two brothers who always fell for her "tricks".
So folks that was the day I loved eggplant, I even make a decent stuffed eggplant dish.

2. Most people don't like going to the dentist. I am weird that way, it feels like any other visit to me like say getting a haircut. I have no clue why, so if i am getting my cleaning done, I sort of close my eyes and drift of in a place somewhere between sleep and not quite sleep. I have no idea why I do that and how that happens, maybe it helps that I have always been to good dentists who have excellent dental hygienists too?

3. Two movies that moved me enough that I had tears in my eyes.. Gandhi and Schindler's List.

4. While I can cook and am not great at it or anything, for me some simple every day dishes can sometimes be intimidating, unless I have a recipe. If I have one I can even experiment but without one at times I feel like a deer in the headlights..I freeze.

5. As a kid I used to be mortally scared of swallowing pills, I was sort of sickly as a kid so I would have to take some every time I had a fever or the cold or something. No matter what the very nice family doc we had, and my mom or dad tried, I had this mortal fear of the pill getting stuck in my maw. I was petrified, it was so bad the only way for me to take my pill was for it to be crushed and mixed with honey and then fed to me in a spoon. I would endure the bitter taste of most of those meds, but I would not swallow a friggin pill! Even my younger sis could do that. All exhortations of "she can do it and she is younger than you!" would not work! Till one day miraculously I tried and it went down smooth as silk. "That was easy wasn't it?" my mom would say. And I probably said to myself the child's version of "WTF Sanjay.. you wuss!"

To those of you who may not know it.. the "Ass" is the symbol of the democratic party, while the elephant is that of the republicans.
Now that tee shirt in this pic makes a lot of sense eh?


listmaker said...

I'm with you on okra - disgusting, slimy stuff. The only way to eat it is fried. Good for *A* for getting you to eat eggplant, although I agree, if it's prepared badly it's awful.

Shionge said...

Oh thank you I know ladyfinger by another name - Okra. That's really cool :D

Glad you have fallen in love with eggplant....let's see, I'll cook you a sambal fish with ladyfingers & eggplant throw in. It's fiery and shiok :D

Aditi said...

oh i couldnt swallow pills for the longest time
i'd mash em up and then take the powder.. oops
and i had to watch schindlers list in english class in high school... it was an experience... i wont forget... i was just plunged ... it wasnt tears but just horror mixed with awe at what they endured and some tears

Diana said...

Ah. I love eggplant. Glad you've seen the light! I love it particularly just sliced, brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with a bit of salt/garlic and roasted or grilled.

Sai said...

BTW I love cripsy fried Okra with spices (masala)...yummy!

I love eggplant parm and I absolutely love baba ghanouj, "baingan bharta". Also I love baingan shallow fried with spices...You made me hungry!

Cool T-shirt.

Nadim said...

i preferred injections over pills till i was 17! but then got used to pills!

fried brinjal n okra r my favs!

lol! that tee was funny!

ML said...

I really want that tee shirt! Very funny!

I've never been a fan of okra either. But then again, I haven't eaten it in years. My Mom ussed to make okra curry. It was blech!

Sanjay said...

@Listmaker.. Indeed, that Okra was stuff of my culinary nightmares.

@Shionge..You are baad, you make me hugry and I so wanna visit your place. :)

@Aditi, I am so glad to see that you had an issue with pills too :)
Schindlers list just moved me a lot.

@Diana.. Yess I have. And you mademe hungry with that lovely description.

@Sai.. you did the same to me :)

@Nadim.. taking shots did nto botehr me, but pills..oy!

@Ml.. It is a funny tee. *A* loves Okra and makes it well too for herself. I can only manage a bite if at all.

meno said...

The only way to eat okra is fried, otherwise it's got the consistency of snail slime. Nice description huh?

Sanjay said...

@Meno.. Decription yes.. me like it a lot. I wanted to see if anyone topped my description. You did..yay!

Beach Bum said...

The Master Ferret living in the White House has drifted into almost bad-political-thriller territory with his signing statements and executive orders. I have felt for a long time that impeachment would have been a waste of time given how close his term was to ending and the fact that the Creepy Veepy would take over. His mental state, all jokes aside, is up for question. While I remain hopeful this will all workout, Bush is a very dangerous man subject to throwing a spoiled rich kid fit in which far more people could get killed.

Lotus Reads said...

What? You don't like okra??? Not even fried and then dropped into nicely chilled, slightly-sweetened yoghurt? Oh, wait, the health nut in you is probably screaming, "FRIED? No way"! :)

Eggplant is good, too! I love baingan burtha.

Sanjay when you're at the dentist next, try a root might not like them so much then! :))

Thanks for reminding me about "Gandhi", I have been wanting to rent it again...all these Munna Bhai movies have me craving to watch the Attenborough one again.

Enjoyed reading this post very much, thanks!

Sanjay said...

@Beachbum. You are so right. I feeel we are screwed unless Congress does what it was meant to do. It might not but one can hope.

Oh, wait, the health nut in you is probably screaming, "FRIED? No way"! :)
LOL no.. my portions are small when I eat fried stuff, but okra.. no thanks.

try a root might not like them so much then! :))
Been there done that :-)

these Munna Bhai movies
No comment .. the snob in me just has to be suppressed! ;)

Diesel said...

Didn't Washington assemble the first cabinet without congressional approval? Seems like that's the start of the problem.

Mona Buonanotte said...

"Schindler's List" was an incredible film, but I can't watch it. Ever again. I start crying at the opening credits, and 5 minutes into it, I'm inconsolable.

I've falled in love recently with roasted eggplant. A little spray of olive oil on there, some course salt, roasted in the oven...Oooooh...bliss....

Maggie said...

I hate okra. Makes me want to hurl.

There was a great little sandwich shop - I think it was called the Alligator - in Seattle, they made a mean fried eggplant sandwich.

Cacophoenix said...

Oh wow you don' like Okra.. It is awesome when pan fired. Just buy frozen okra, microwave for 2 mins and thorw in pan with toasted cumin, black pepper, corianderseeds, red chilli and a little coconut. Leave it to crisp turn every now and then. It is real good and definetly not slimy. Heard the sliminess goes away if washed with water from washing rice. This will probably make your hurl more, but my borther loves raw okra. hehe...I run at the sight of Eggplant BTW.

Cacophoenix said...

forget to write toasted and ground spices

starry nights said...

cool t shirt.Loved it. Iused to be really scared of dentists untill I met this really nice one who is very gentle and puts u at ease.Now its not too bad.

Carrie said...

Wow I finally caught up. I love the pix you took in DC. Thank you so much for being there.

I like all veggies too. Celery bothers me if it is in like chicken salad but I like it raw. Eggplant is one of my favorites. I hated swallowing pills but I thought all kids did.

Lucia said...

Pills. Nope, couldn't swallow them until I was in my 20s. (And my parents told me I was the only one who didn't just swallow 'em.)

There MUST be some way of stopping this guy.

Dan said...

So many folks I know dislike okra. I actually can pretty much tolerate the slimy part. Maybe that's why I can tolerate Democrats.

Just teasing! :)

Keshi said...

I LOVE OKRA! No way that it's disgusting :) ok so u dun like it hehe.

U like dentist visits...eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Fuzzylogic said...

Some more interesting stuff about you to know:)I don't mind Okra and eggplant provided they don't have that snotty slimy consistency (sorry for that description)I can tolerate them nevertheless the way my mom used to prepare.I think all mothers know a way to get the kiddies to eat their veggies:)*A* seems to be an excellent cook you lucky man!
I would prefer pills anyday to injections,I hated them.It's pretty ironical that the thing I hated became my profession:)Schindlers list never fails to move my heart and make me cry.Truly one of those great movies which portrayed the struggles and emotional journey beautifully.

moegirl said...

Bush: 2008 cannot come soon enough!! My daughter can't swallow pills either, it freaks her out. I mash the pill in a teaspoon with water and sugar.

Lera said...

Your natural modesty laced Rant's pretty cool! eggplant is one veggie, I love sometimes and absolutely hate othertimes .Guess, it's a veggie which induces moods ..he hee

Hermit Chords said...

Brinjal-loyalties are usually strong, once you join the elite club :) Baingan ka Bharta is what converted me. If it's made well, and if the cook accepts that gooey = unappetising, all ends well.

Orchid said...

I keep falling behind on your posts!!
I am not particulalry fond of egg plant either but you won't believe it if I told you..I had to have egg plant every single day when I was carrying A.
Good for you...maybe you can share *A*'s recipe some day?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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