Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Five Things You Did Not Know About Me...
I am doing this based on a similar post by Rose. So here goes..

1. I have a slight bump of my forehead, it is hard to see. It is mostly scar tissue me thinks. No, I did not get it from bumping in to something cos I was distracted by a chica across my field of vision. It happened way back when I was in school. I was in science class and we were doing some chromatography experiments. We needed a particular grade of filter paper for it. I could not find it so one of the lab assistants told me to get it from a shelf that was about 3 feet above my head. I looked and there I saw the filters. As I proceeded to pull the box off, a part of me registered that it was too heavy. And before I knew it something heavy landed on my forehead and then glanced the bridge of my nose.
Folks it was the head (weighed a few pounds) of a centrifuge that someone had decide to store on top of the box where no one could see it. Of course there was shock and blood and a trip to the ER to get myself stiches. A few more inches and I would have had a broken nose. I still have a habit of touching the scar when I am in deep thought.

2. If I am sitting for a while say 30 mins in my chair and get up and walk around say to get to the printer or something, clicking sounds emanate from various parts of me. Mostly my ankles, feet and sometimes my knees. Daddy old joints I tell ya! I can hear them but they usually are gone by the time I have walked 10 steps or so. I wonder why no one at work as remarked about how I sound like a creaky old machine! ;)

3. I remember every woman that I ever have had a crush on since I discovered the amazing being that is a woman. I remember most of their names and faces from back then. I have no idea where most of them are, but there are times I have wondered about that. My first ever "crush" was this tall, lissome woman I used to see from our home on the 4 th floor in Bombay as she walked home from work after getting of the train near where we lived. For a while it became a routine to watch her. I still remember the first outfit I saw her in, black pants and a white and black striped top. I was like 10 0r 12 at that time. I can still recall this almost 3 decades later. Oy!

4. If you see the pic in my profile or the couple others I might have posted on this blog, you may or may not have noticed that I have pretty short hair. It has never been more than an inch long. That and I have had facial hair (a goatee) for most of my adult life. But there was a time when it was different, not so long ago when I was in NY, for a brief period I was clean shaven and had hair that was almost touching my shoulders. And the hair tended to curl once it grew. I have a couple of pics of that time, but I have to scan them in and I don't have a scanner. Oh well some day. I was surprised at how different I looked, *A* did not like that look, she said it made me look like way too young. Oh well.. someday I might get around to putting those pics up.

5. I am a registered organ donor. There is also a little sign on my drivers license, and that in the event something ever happened to me and I were to pass from the living, any organs I have that might be of use to the long waiting list of organ recipients are to be taken. I was thinking about what this 5th thing that you did not know about me was. And while looking around the web, I saw this ad here. So any of you who have held back from becoming an organ donor for whatever reason and may feel inclined to be one, it's pretty easy to do. You will most likely be able to register at your local department of motor vehicles.
This is an ad by the Thai red cross, pretty direct eh?

Toons From Bob Gieger's blog..


Aditi said...

Hmm quite interesting, things. Ouch the centrifuge must have hurt
I actually enlarged the shot of thai red cross to figure out what it was.. eww all those eyeballs.. but yea gets the point across

deepsat said...

Ouch!! that centrifuge must have hurt bad!!

remembering crushes!! ah!! no one can forget those years and those ladies!!!

600,000 eye balls trashed every year! thats indeed a waste!!

listmaker said...

I liked your list. One of the things I like about blogs is that I find people endlessly interesting, or maybe I'm just nosy.

Sanjay said...

@Aditi.. It did hurt for a couple of days. I debated putting up that shot about the eyeballs, but it does get the msg across.

@Deepsat. Yup about them ladies.

@Listmaker. Thanks. No you are not nosy, I find ppl very intersting too. :)

Sai said...

Ouch! to the centrifuge.

Love your list! I might attempt one myself.

Red cross ad is pretty direct. I must say my best friend's grandmother had donated her body to medical research. She passed on way back in 1990 and I thought it was so cool given the general thoughts of Hinduism towards death and cremation.

MONA said...

the donor part makes me think...That is a good move..Brava!

Diana said...

Honestly, I do not see why everyone who qualifies for organ donation isn't designated as a donor.

The other thing I'd add is that, if you are a donor, please tell your family your wishes. As I recall, in many, if not all US states, (though I haven't worked in an ER in years, where this usually comes up) family needs to sign the form to agree to have the needed organs harvested. If they don't sign, no donation, even if your driver's license says you desire it.

priya said...

Nice list ther sanjay. Hats off to you being an organ donor. Not many people come up with that. Love those cartoons.

ML said...

I had to click on the Thai red cross photo to make it bigger so I could see that there really were eyeballs all over the place. Yes, you can't get any more direct than that!

Sorry about getting your nogging smashed like that. You explained it so calmly in your post, but I'm sure it was pretty traumatic.

Congrats on being an organ donor.

I remember all my crushes too :)

Paresh said...

Dude. You just pictures of the pictures without flash and then we can all see you in your mullet-ed glory!

Sanjay said...

@Sai.. go for the list. Yay for your granny!

@Mona. Thanks.

@Diana. Thanks. Both me and *A* are registered and are awareof each others desire in this regard and are ok with it.

@Priya.. Thanks.

@ML.. Thanks, I guess some crushes are forever.

@Paresh. I know what you mean. I might take pics of the pic and post it. If I can find them easily that is.

John said...

Heey, I didn't know that :p Maybe it was one of them girls you had a crush on who put the head of a centrifuge above you...:D

Orchid said...

I wonder what it is about you men that you care to remember so much about the women you had a crush on, really??
O.k. "creaky old machine"..had fun getting to know you some more, thanks ;-)

Sanjay said...

lol@John. I had NEVER thought of that. OMG I dodged a bullet! ;)

@Orchid. I can't explain it, I really cannot. :)

Shitrint said...

oh my gawd! that donate eyes ad is scary...

nice post overall sanjay. we love knowing lil tidbits abt u!

Shitrint said...

oh and even i remember things abt most of my crushes. i dunno why i cant remember my mugged up answers but i always remember lil details abt my crushes whether they were clean-shaven, tall or faiR!

Sanjay said...

@Trinny.. That ad does get across to people. Glad to hear you remember bits about your crushes, glad it is not a guy thing :)

lalitha said...

I can remember all the crushes I had too.I think somethings we never forget. Good that you are an organ donor.I am too.

Lotus Reads said...

Sanjay, this was sooo much fun to read, I love these "getting to know you" posts!

Ouch, must have hurt like hell when the centrifuge hit your head!

And don't worry about your joints protesting after minutes of inactivity...happens to my daughter, too. It's not old age!!! (Isn't that the best news you've heard all day?) ;)

Nice to meet another organ donor...and about those crushes...I remember most of them, and am still friends with many of them!

Great list. Have so enjoyed reading it, Sanjay!

Sanjay said...

@lotus.. there maybe a part deux to this post. I got tagged again!

Yes thank you for telling me your daughters joints make that sound too!
Best news of the day!
Thanks :)

Mona Buonanotte said...

That eyeball photo is awesome!

I wish I could remember all my crushes. I do remember all the boyfriends, as my propensity to crush on is greater than my ability to strike up a conversation with a strange boy....

Keshi said...

Pretty interesting facts abt ya mate :) Nice to know em.

**I sound like a creaky old machine


WOW u had ur 1st crush when u were 12? I had mine at abt 4yrs...LOL! My mum said that I wanted to marry my dad's 35yr old friend bakk then!

heyy fantastic @organ donor! U know Im still not one...but I intend to be one this year...when I renew my drivers license.


Sanjay said...

@Mona. as my propensity to crush on is greater than my ability to strike up a conversation with a strange boy....
I can identify with that one. I could not gather the courage to talk to some of mah crushes.

@Keshi..you go girl re signing up to be an organ donor.
Your first crush @ 4? :)

Lucia said...

Maybe I'm out of touch, but I thought nearly everyone had an organ donor sticker on their license. (If I'm out of touch, that wouldn't exactly be something new.)

I can't even remember my hubby's birthday. That doesn't bode well for recalling any crushes. (And I don't, although I think it would be very sweet to remember.)

Ash said...

Interesting list!

So when are you going to upload the shoulder-length hair pics ?!!

Fuzzylogic said...

Great list,ouch about the centrifuge one!About the crushes,I too remember all details about the ones I had,the lady in back pant and striped shirt did leave quite a impact didn't she?:)
Kudos to you for being an organ donor,I'm one too.Now can we get that long hair pic please!!I still can't quite imagine you with that,my curiosity is getting the better of me,so hurry up and post it:)

Anali said...

Awwww! That's so sweet about remembering all your crushes!

I'm an organ donor too. I agree with you that it is a good thing to do.

Sanjay said...

@Lucia.. Maybe the state law is different where you are? AFAIK the info has to be filled in by the person and is not checked by default.
I don't remember the day I got engaged either. :-/

@Ash.. Maybe next week, the pics are in a box somewhere, I have to organize a search party. :)

@Fuzzylogic..yes she had quite the impact. Pic next week I hope.

@Anali..yay! Thanks