Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Fluff
Cos it's Friday and I am so ready for the weekend..

Quick & Dirty Movie Review

The Proposition.

I had read some decent reviews about this movie. And despite being an avid movie fan, I do not manage to catch a lot of movies on the big screen. Also this flick never played at any of the movieplexes in our neck of the woods. So when I got a chance to watch it on DVD, I was rather looking forward to it.

The plot –

Set in the Australian outback in the 19th century, it’s a time reminiscent of the American west. The story revolves around 4 principal characters. Captain Stanley (Ray Winstone) a local lawmaker captures fugitive brothers Charley (Guy Pearce) and Mikey Burns (Richard Wilson) at the scene of a brutal murder and rape. He offers Charley a simple proposition, kill his older brother Arthur (Danny Huston) within 10 days, else Mikey would be hung. Captain Stanley throws Mikey in to a jail cell overlooked by rather sadistic underlings.

Captain Stanley waits out Charley on his homestead with his genteel wife played by Emily Watson. She is a great actress and is no different here. The movie comes to a climactic, violent end. The violence is graphic and brutal and there is nothing cartoonish about it. I could not help but marvel at the how well the director John Hillcoat and the cinematographer Benoit Delhomme have captured the hot, seething desert and the buzzing flies and the sudden short violence along with tempers that snap in no time. The cool desert nights the few times we see them are in mark contrast to the hell of the day. The casting is perfect, as is the background score by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis. I loved the character of a bounty hunter played by John Hurt and how Arthur loves to quote poetry despite the violence of his ways. At one level I think it is also about people trying to, and often failing to dissociate themselves from the violence of their ways wither by choice or by circumstances.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed by the movie but frankly I can’t quite put my finger on it. It is definitely worth a watch for the excellent performances, background score and photography.

Overheard At A Workplace


20-something chick #1: Yeah, can I get a ham and cheese sandwich on fellatio bread.
20-something chick #2: Ummm, I think it's called 'focaccia' bread...

Lafayette, Indiana

Avis clerk: I just love your little beanie!
Jewish guy: It's actually called a yarmulke. I'm Jewish, and all Jewish men wear them.
Avis clerk: Oh! Well, you have yourself a merry Christmas!

Charlotte Airport, North Carolina

Overheard by: Renjeau
Overheard In New York..
I Want to Know How Jealous to Be

A Nutcracker ballerina still in full costume enters elevator filled with women who just saw the show.

Woman #1: Look, we have a star among us.
Woman #2: You were wonderful.
Woman #3: Just beautiful!
Woman #4: What do you weigh, anyway?

--Elevator, Lincoln Center



deepsat said...

never heard of that movie. looks to be like a one watch!

loved the overhears!!!

kawasutra?? where do you find these??? LOL!!!


priya said...

Kawasutra is just fun sanjay:-))

Sai said...

Hmmm Kawasutra....the art of loving your motorcylce?

Sanjay said...

@Deepsat.. it's a good movie to watch.
I find these things via

@Priya..There are other variations of these, look for a weekened post.

@Sai.. Yes I guess so as a way of then getting chicks?

Intern said...

Another movie fan ... I love movies ... and although I dont see movies in theaters throughtout the year, I try catching up in Nov-Dec-jan ... when the best movies, Oscar contenders, which are best seen on big-screen ... are released.

The more I visit this place, the more I realize we share many common views and interests .. I think we can make good friends.

Nancy Willing said...

Happy Friday!

Enjoyd this review but...
I am avoiding my post of the county land use plans critique...ugh, off to the slat mines now, then!

Sanjay said...

@Intern.. I noticed that. I love photography too, but cannot come anywhere close to what you do.

@Nancy.. Happy Friday to you too. I will surely read your post about landuse in New Castle.

Asha said...


Those snippets of bread and Jewish cap!:) Some people are really dumb here!GAWD!!

Have a geart weekend!

Carrie said...

This guy at Adam's old work asked a jewish guy, "So you don't have a Christmas tree"? Everyone assumes everyone is the same.

Paresh said...

Trust some woman to just ruin the lady's evening... how much do you weigh. how wude :)

Kawasutra.. have you been googling funnies again?!

Diana said...

We almost never get to a theater, either. Thank goodness for DVD renting. Plus our popcorn (and beer) is better and the bathrooms are cleaner. Usually.

Have a lovely weekend!

listmaker said...

Thanks for the movie review. I'm always looking for suggestions for dvds to rent. Although, after years of never going out to see movies, we are enjoying the indie theatre in our new neighborhood

Fuzzylogic said...

I have a huge list of movies to catch up on,I have to exhaust that list before adding new ones so this one's gonna have to wait.It doesn't really get me that story so I am not sure whether I might like it.
The Kawasutra ad,a la ancient art of bike riding!Lol,have to give it to the creative guys in the ad field who come up with such campaigns.Have a great weekend!

Shitrint said...


"blonde-by-the-brain 20-something chick!" :P


Shionge said...

Yo Sanjay, just wanna wish you a wonderful weekend and that I want to tell you I jogged about 3.2 km this evening again :D

I want to break your record of running for the past 12 years :D

Great day my pal!

Lotus Reads said...

2007 is going to be my year for watching movies, so I will always be grateful for any movie reveiws you send our way...going to check the links you included for "The Proposition" now, thanks.

Hope you're having a great weekend, Sanjay!

Echo said...

So many things in one post, I don't know what to respond to. Will try to find the Proposition, always looking for that GOOD movie.
Stupid avis guy ... hilarious.
Kawasutra ... creme de la creme.

Keshi said...

LOL love the KS pic!

**on fellatio bread.

OMG hahaha!


Anali said...

Those overheard conversations are hilarious! I would love to have seen the expression on that ballerina's face!