Sunday, January 28, 2007

Notes From The March...

More pics at Watertiger's and Spork's blogs and here and here.
It felt good to go out there and have my say. Apparently the November election results have not sent the right message to the White House, but it's not a surprise.

We did get late to the march and missed the speeches, which was fine by me. The number of people to me who felt they had to come out there and march for their beliefs is always moving. People of all races and backgrounds, young and old, babies in carriages older folks in wheelchairs, veterans. People energy! The overwhelming sentiment based on the signs is for impeachment. Now only if our Congress gets it!

Oh there were counter protests too. Like about 25-40 people in an area along the route of the march. Cops stationed to keep the groups separate. Of course there were the standard signs accusing the marchers of being hippies (grow up already you dolts.. have you looked at the definition of the word?) and worse Al Qaeda sympathizers and unamerican. About 25-40? Is that the best they can come up with? But then again lets not forget the war-p0rn group or those advocating "war all the time" (even against the wrong country) are in a minority. I have pics of these folks too but am not gonna put them up.

I also read the most excellent "Imperial Life In The Emerald City" by Rajiv Chandrasekharan. It tells you what went wrong during the early days of the post war occupation. This is where the causes of failure in Iraq lie in addition to the deception perpetrated upon us by this administration. This book helps you understand why even 150K troops won't make a difference.
Ok tired of reading? Wanna see the pics and the signs people carried (which are always fun to read)?

There is also a bit of a personal note here. We met some folks from Eschaton who we knew only via their comments. One of them is TJ, we knew that she and her family had lost their home to Katrina and they had to begin anew in N.Carolina. The whole family had been thru a lot, and it was nice to see her and her kids come up from N.C. to march. So this photo essay sort of begins with them.
How in the world do you spend a Trillion dollars on a war based on lies thats cost us so much in lives and prestige and not do enough for our own countrymen who have suffered and continue to do so in New Orleans and the gulf coast?

Need I say more?

More Signs?

A Young Webb Supporter..


Err they ain't grownups kiddo!

More Of The Crowd.

More heh!

He has indeed!

What people think of the "surge"?

Some of the fellow Eschatonians..

End of the day.. a day well spent, waiting for the train..


starry nights said...

Looks like the march went well even though you were late.So many people there to support the truth.I would have loved to be at that march."J has been wanting to read that book after we saw him on Jon Stewart.will have to get it for him.

meno said...

Good for you for going. I love some of the signs. Indignant people can be so creative.

Diesel said...

Hey, I found you via Dan's blog. I saw that your profile sad you are a "A politically liberal,progressive, agnostic, environmentalist, football fan, technophile, an occassional cook, avid foodie and an american of indian origin."

As a politically conservative Christian who hates sports and technology, can't cook, loves fast food, and is as white as they come, I just had to stop by and say hi.

Hi. :)

Ash said...

Bush's Report Card....haha :-)

Ameet said...

DC rallies are always a fun & enriching experience. Glad you went!

Anali said...

It's great that you went! I do wonder why Nancy Pelosi took impeachment off the table. That seems quite appropriate to me.

Aditi said...

Looks like the march went well and was fun
some of the signs were funny and yes it helps put it in perspective that new orleans rehabilitation should be much more important then the war..

Lotus Reads said...

Sanjay, thanks for the update! I saw the bits CNN covered but it is real nice to hear about The March from someone who was a part of it. I am sure it was a good feeling just to be surrounded by all that wonderful energy. Loved the "Raging Grannies"...saw them on CNN, they were cool! :)

Glad you included pictures...loved reading the signs and banners.

Bush Bin Lyin? Indeed! :)

I have heard of "Imperial Life...". If I remember correctly Diane Rehm interviewed the author on her program sometime last year. Will have to check it out. Thanks!

Sanjay said...

@Starry.. Thanks. It is a great book.

@Meno..Yup the signs were amazing.

@Diesel.. Thanks for stopping by you are quite the contrast.

@Ash.. Worst president ever.

@Ameet.. Thanks

@Anali. Pelosi may have taken it off the table but if the investigation uncover things (which I think they will), ppl can put pressure on the reps to bring it back on the table, but yes I agree.

@Aditi. Yes that and health care are big issues.

@Lotus. Ye.. the raging grannies are cool. Watertiger's mom was at the march too, she ,ust have been in her 70s, it was heartening to see her come out and march.
Imperial.. is a great book, and a look at how things went wrong. It had me disgusted, angry, frustrated and sad. Thank you for your comment. :)

watertiger said...

Most excellent!

Sanjay said...

Merci.. Aquatigre!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jay! Wish I could have been there.


Sanjay said...

@FeralLiberal..Same here man. We did reminisce about Echaton I in Philly and there was talk about your wine making skills. :)

Sai said...

It is amazing how creative some of the signs are!

Diana said...

How fabulous. Wish I had been there.

Smitty Werbenmanjensen said...

Looks like I missed some fun.

ML said...

Great stuff! Love the pictures.

Was wondering how come you had to places to one your email?

Maggie said...

Hooray for Sanjay! How cool of you. My favorite sign was the bombing for peace sign...heh.

Sanjay said...

@Sai.. Yes creative indeed.

@Diana. Maybe there was something in your neck of the woods?

@Smitty. You were missed! We remembered you from last time.

@ML. Thanks. You can comment wherever you like, I have 2 links for comments cos back from when blogger was not letting people comment, I put in 2 ways to do it. I just left that in there. Use the link on the right for comments (blogger), which is what most people use.

@Maggi. :-) That was my fave too.

priya said...

Loved the report card and some words are really powerful.

Mona Buonanotte said...

YES! This is awesome-ly awesome!

Rose said...

Thank you for sharing the photos. It looks like quite the large turn out and I'm not surprised.

listmaker said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. I wish I could have gone.

Sanjay said...

@Priya, Mona, Rose, Listmaker.. Thanks

Lucia said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing your pics and your experience. I am SO happy that people are finally speaking out.

TJ said...

Thanks for taking such great pictures, Sanjay.

The boys and I had a terrific time marching with our little Eschaton group.

Hopefully we will see each other again--either at the next march, the next EschaCon or the next time I am in NYC.

Tracy aka TJ

Sanjay said...

@Lucia.. Thanks. :)

@Tracy..Thanks, your kids are amazing and they are a reflection of what lovely parents you both are. We were so impressed :)
I did e-mail you the pics this evening. Hope you got them. Also hope we can see you again. If you do come down to NYC and do get a chance, please do stop by and visit us in Wilmington. Also come May, QL and her Mister will be moving to their home in Wilmington from NY, so there is twice the reason to stop by.:-)

Fuzzylogic said...

Great pics,great powerful signs,great march for a great cause!Now if only that Dubya would even bother to listen to people.I too wish I could have marched for this cause.If there was anything like being in spirit I sure was!:)
Cheers for you Sanjay for being a part of it.Shame on those odd 25-40 people who called the march as unamerican and Al Qaeda sympathizers,they truly have no idea about real patriotism or human concerns.That Dubya report card made me laugh!those signs were so creative:)

Keshi said...

good on them then!


Keshi said...

and u :)


moegirl said...

Exciting. There were a few similar protests around Portland. Its just amazing to me that we are sending more troops there- I thought I had reached maximum level of Bush's supidity and insanity, but truly this is something available in endless supply.

Sugarlips said...

Looks like it went great.
I watched on CNN & tried to find
you in the crowd :)
I visited D.C in november the very 1st time & happened to see the people protesting right infront of white house & it seemed like they have been living there in tents..poor ppl.
Thanx for pics I'm glad you went :)

Bush bin lyin :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

MONA said...

WOW! All that! You guys really have freedom to say all that the ppl in the ' supposed' largest democracy in the world [india] dont have. We will be behind least for a few hours if not days!
I had no idea, ppl can utter all that, although Z is in LA , but we hardly discuss politics!
Great pics Sanjay! I will FWD a nice laugh relating to add to what you have shown here in your e- mail

Sanjay said...

@Fuzzlogic. Thanks :)

@Keshi.. Thanks.

@Moegirl.. I don't think we have reached rock bottom yet.

@Sugarlips. I did pass a CNN satellite truck along the march but did not see any cnn crew. :)
I have heard about the protestors across the street. The WH must think of them as crazies.

@Mona. Thanks. We do have freedoms but seem to be quietly losing some of them much to my alarm. I did seee your e-mail, will look at it when I get back home.

oldwhitelady said...

Wow!!! Those are great pictures. What an adveture! I like the shirt that said, "Make Levees, not war". Also the sign likening the bombing for peace is like f*cking for viginity was pretty cool:)