Thursday, January 04, 2007

Stuff About Me..

I don’t write much about me due to a few reasons. One is some stuff is too darn personal to write about, some is just not worth talking about and not a lot of people really wanna read “Hey I got a haircut, and it’s only a quarter of an inch long”? I mean there is not a lot of styling that goes into hair that is shorter than our dear leader’s attention span is it?

In any case a full head of close cropped hair is fun to feel, or so I have been told.
And this also brought to my mind this girl who used to work at a local coffee shop back in New Haven, Connecticut. It was our place of choice to have our brains get a serious caffeine kick.

So that day I showed up for coffee and she says “Nice haircut”.

I said “Thanks”

She said “Do you mind if I run my hand over it”.

“Sure” I said.

She reached over the counter and did her thing with it. She told me she loved doing that. It just felt nice.

Happened again at the NY dinner that I went to. It used to be shorter than what you can see (picture in this post)

The coffee shop closed sadly enough, cuz a Dunkin Donuts had opened next door and had sucked up all it’s customers. So this mom and pop place got run out of business. Folks can argue that customers decided that Dunkin Donuts place was better. Maybe it was, but I enjoyed the fact that this place used to have cool world music playing and a sense of personal service (No, I don’t mean the girl behind the counter dammit.. ;-)) The coffee I thought was better as well.

I was always impressed by the girl behind the counter too. She worked three jobs, some nights she danced at "the bar" in New Haven, she worked in a hospice and then the coffee shop and she always had so much energy and was always charming and got a smile out of me and my buddies. I remember the day when my car broke down and she happened to be driving in the opposite lane, she stopped to help and get the car started.

While reading Lotus’s blog last month and watching *A*’s reading habits, made me realize how much I have been missing out on reading books. So that’s been the latest thing with me. Most of the weekday reading comes on the train. Well I usually snooze, but I cut out some of that so I can read.

I really feel good about it. It feels sort of empowering in a way. Better than watching mindless crap on the Teevee or playing Madden NFL 07 on the PC eh? But it’s not just a game, football even simulated as a video game is all about chess. You are always trying to outthink the AI or an opponent playing online.

I have also been reading about Modigli’s battle to keep herself motivated to work out and lose weight. I guess different buttons get pushed with different folks. My motivation is staying in shape, some might call it an obsession or my bowing to my narcissist streak ;). But I do identify with her, there are some days when the prospect of changing in to work out clothes and going down to the exercise room is extremely daunting. The rare day or so I have felt beaten up enough to not want to do it. I work out 4-5 days a week and also run on weekends. Ya I am nuts.

I feel the same way about some of the exercises I have to do to keep the rest of my right leg muscles in shape to compensate for the torn ACL. They aren’t long but are easier to do. There is one I do while I am waiting for my train. It involves closing my eyes and standing on one foot for a full minute. As I lose part of my sense of balance by closing my eyes, I move and the muscles in the leg get a work out as I try to keep myself from falling. I usually stand next to the railing on the platform for support..just in case.

I wonder what some of the other commuters think about this strange guy standing on one foot with eyes closed. If I ever get asked gonna tell them it is some mystical eastern stuff, that gives me peace of mind. ;-)

BTW think that one leg routine is easy to do?

Go ahead try it, even better try doing it standing on a pillow placed on the floor. All those muscles in your leg get some serious workout. It took me a few days to get to a minute.

And This One Is Gonna Upset Maggie

who is a big Santa fan. Image courtesy of the site on the pic.

And go read her latest post, it touched me and she does write well too!


Neha said...

First time on your blog...nice one I must say....bookmarking u :)
Running your fingers through someone's hair is nice, feels nicer if u have even the remotest of feelings for him/her...never tried running ma fingers through a guy with short hair, but I think it is not that great an idea, secially if the short hair are spikey!!

deepsat said...

looks like the girl, the coffee and your hair could make a nice story!! LOL!! just pulling your leg!!

indeed sometimes there are these ppl whom we come across and they are so different.

i liked ur fitness regime! trust me it works best for oneself. i am sure u r reaping the benefits of it.


Shionge said...

Whoa! Imagine if I tell a man I want to rub my hand over their hair, they'll think I'm crazy ;) But I always do that with my D's hair though coz it's spiky :D

Oh Sanjay....once we get our fitness bug going, there's no stopping isn't it? I love to sweat it all out after a good run.

Thank you for sharing Modigli's blog, have enjoyed it and leave some positive comments for her too.

You have a great day ahead Sanjay Pal!

Sai said...

I love running my hand over a man's head. Too bad my K's is totally bald so I kinda shine his head now ;-)

Sanjay said...

@Neha.. thanks. Maybe you should try it feelings or not. The women who have tried this did it just for fun.

@Deepsat.. yes there are benefits when you are 40 and you go for your physical and everything looks good? (touch wood)

@Shionge. He won't but it depends on the person too. Yep, once bitten by the fitness bug, you are hooked. It's a 12 year affliction now for me ;-) Just keep him away from dear leader, he has a fondness for rubbing bald heads. ;)

Asha said...

Does *A* know you let some strange woman touch your hair man!!:D:D

I know they don't hesitate to ask and touch.Female Med Reps always hug and pat Arvind infront me!I smile and extend my hand (at lightening speed)at them before they reach for my hug!:))

Worse is a surgeon,s hug,they all smell like hospital even if they are super clean.

Enjoy the coffee Sanjay!! Just the coffee!!:D

Sanjay said...

@Asha... lol she knows. And she is ok with it. Your note about sticking just to the coffee is noted. ;)

meno said...

Nice post mister. It's fun to hear about you, haircut and all.

I stand on one leg while i use my toothbrush, which goes for 2.5 minutes. I have yet to make it the entire time. So i know how hard it is.

Ethan said...

Nice Blog Sanjay. Well i work out just so i can allow myself to eat some greasy food in the end.. :-)

I am with you on the reading thing, i have decided to cut down on "everybody loves raymond" ritual every evening and read a little..

listmaker said...

I really liked the feel of my husband's hair when it was short and spiky.

I admire your exercise regime. I'll have to try standing on one leg.

Intern said...

Sanjay, I absolutely loved reading this post ... very nice reading ...
and may I run my fingers too ???!!!

Well, it's really sorrry that mom-pop shops are closing slowly ... there's somthing very pleasant about them ... But gotto say i love donkin donut & krispy kreme coffee !!!

Sanjay said...

@Ethan. Thats part of my logic too. And way to go on the reading man.

@Meno.. Thanks. Do you brush with your eyes closed and one leg? :)

@Listmaker.. Ye something about short spiky hair. My exercise regimen drives *A* nuts at times. :)

@Intern sure. :)
I agree about the mom n pop stores. We have a few in our neighborhood, try to fgo to them as much as possible.

Carrie said...

I like the personal blog. It kinda makes me feel close. Although your other stuff is informative and funny.

So how long is your train? I can't imagine a commute that long. It takes me 4 minutes to get to work via automobile. I love learning from people.

Orchid said...

I agree with Asha....not sure if I would feel ok with unknown coffee girl trying to feel hubby's head ;-)STICK TO THE COFFEE!

Sanjay said...

@Carrie..Thanks. I have 2 train commutes one is about 30 mins and the other about 40 mins. Thats one way.

@Orchid.. as I said *A* does not mind. :)

Sugarlips said...

Does *A* knows u have been
taking blessings from the
coffee shop ;)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Paparazzi said...

The last time I tried buzz cut, I got mistaken for a marine. That ain't a bad thing though :) Those short haircuts look very purposeful don't they.. like the one wearing it is on some sort of a mission

Dan said...

Dude, where do you get this power to make women want to run their hands through your hair?

Can you teach me? :)

Aditi said...

yea i dunno abt someone running their fingers through my hair for no reason.. but mom and pop places sure tend to be nicer then dunkin donuts or any chain for that matter...

Fuzzylogic said...

Your "Hair" incident with the coffee shop girl reminded me of my friend who also finds it amusing and irresistable to run her fingers through any freshly short cropped hair!I don't know perhaps some people do tend to like that!You certainly didn't seem to mind that,did you?:)
And I certainly agree with how refreshing a daily run can be!It's great that you stick to your fitness regime so well.However the thought of you standing on one leg while waiting at the platform made me smile,if I were to see anyone doing that I would be curious as well and yes mystical explanation for the same would definetly be the way to go about it when asked:) I do yoga so I tend to use that position a lot and it's not that easy but does give a excellent workout!
Too bad your favorite coffee shop closed,by the way were you feeling bad more about the shop being closed or you missed seeing that friendly coffee counter girl?:)Just kidding!Have a great day!

Keshi said...

**She said “Do you mind if I run my hand over it”.

OMG Im so like her! I mean whenever I see a guy's crop-cut, I feel like doin that too. It does feel good :) But I never asked a total stranger for that, not yet hehe.

btw does A know abt this? ;-)


Sanjay said...

@Sugarlips.. yes she does. She also reads the blog btw, comments are delivered in person. :)

@Paparazzi. Indeed the haircuts look purposeful.Thanks for stopping by.

@Dan.. If I knew about this "power", I would bottle and market it. ;)

@Aditi.. yes they do.

@Fuzzylogic. No I did not mind the girl doing that at all. I mean I am a guy after all c'mon. ;)
Yoga rocks.. But I can't sit in the Lotus position or sit still for long, if I do I sleep.:)
As for the shop closing and not seeing the girl, I would say equal measure, they were a lethal combination ;)

@Keshi.. Give it a try someday. I mean I knew that it was only a gesture and there was nothing more to it.
*A* knows about this, I told her about it and she also reads the blog.

Lotus Reads said...

LOL, Sanjay, great story about the coffee place! Although I know it feels great to run your hand over short cropped hair, I don't think I would have the guts to ask a total stranger if I could do that...

Good on you for taking your exercise regimen so's something I have long been wanting to start. I have done Yoga almost all my life, but I think I need to do more cardio and weights...I'm just lacking the motivation for now.

Finally,I think I might actually cut back on my reading this year - I've had my nose in my books for too long now, I've been feeling this urge to take on other hobbies,like photography, maybe even a little painting, and to catch up with all the Hindi movies I've been wanting to see - let's see how it goes. :)

Going to read Maggie's post now.

Sanjay said...

@Lotus.. I know what you mean about strangers. But cos we went to the cofee place everyday the girl sort of knew me.

as for exercise..once you get going it will be hard to stop.

know wat you mean about other hobbies. I dont have a lot of time but I try my best. I want to take up photography, but waiting to get a good digital SLR :)