Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Blah!

Did our ignoramuses move up North? ;-) link
A school program to fight childhood obesity that includes yoga is drawing complaints from some Christian parents in the Quesnel area in B.C.'s Cariboo region.
They say yoga is a religion, and shouldn't be taught in public schools.
Chelsea Brears, who has two children in the school system, said her son was asked to do different poses and "to put his hands together."
Brears, a Christian, said she doesn't want her children exposed to another religion during class time.
"It's not fair to take prayer out, and yet they're allowing yoga, which is religion, in our schools."

Heh.. Yoga has a spiritual/religious component to it, going back to it's origins. But its not a religion in the pure sense of the word. You can practice yoga anyway you want. Hey, think of Jesus if you want when you fold your hands and meditate or relax. It has been modified by people here in the west to suit their particular flavor. Idiots!

Burqa + Bikini = Burqini. link

CRONULLA, AUSTRALIA – It's a sweltering day, and the beach is packed with suntanned bodies.
Girls in swimsuits lounge on the sand while their boyfriends cradle surfboards.
Mecca Laalaa is the lone exception. Instead of a barely there bikini, she's in a burqini
- a top-to-toe two-piece lycra suit complete with hijab, or Islamic head covering.
Loose enough to preserve Muslim modesty, but light enough to enable swimming,
the burqini, taking its name from the burqa, is at the forefront of a dramatic shift
within Australia's iconic surf lifesaving clubs.
No longer wanting to be associated only with bronzed, blue-eyed action men,
Surf Life Saving Australia is attempting to better reflect the country's multicultural mix.
Ms. Laalaa is one of 24 young people of Arab descent who signed up for a 10-week surf
lifesaving-training course.
"Normally, I'd wear cotton trousers and a top but they get very heavy in the water.
This meets our cultural requirements," she says, preparing to go out on a beach patrol.
The burqini that she wears was specially designed to allow Muslim women like her to join
one of the surf lifesavers clubs.
I guess whatever floats your boat eh?

Funny Ad For A Film Festival..
What if Pedro Almodovar directed basic instinct?

Out Of Control "Surge"
From here..
Student studying energy, to another: Do you think this a controlled or uncontrolled nuclear erection?

International School of Milan

Getting racy eh? link
It Strains Credulity How Many Different Kinds of Difference Exist

Guy: I can't believe they used an Indian family for that commercial. For the love of God, their last name was Kumar-swami!
Queer: What kind of name is that? They definitely should have used a white family.
Guy: It was a Verizon commercial, for Christ's sake. If you want to get racy, use a black family. But Kumar-swami -- that is just too much!

--Fordham University, Rose Hill

PS: Dear leader's speech was watched with more calmness than I thought I could muster. Nothing new other than the possibility of going after Iran, but that is not new either.


Mona Buonanotte said...

Last time I tried to do yoga, while attaing some 'position' or another, I uttered something like, 'Holy effing God!', so in a sense, yeah, it was holy.

Lucia said...

Ditto on your PS. Me too.

Diana said...

Why does it make me feel not so bad to know even the Canadians have their share of the shtoopid.

Asha said...

I think they feel insecure about their own religion.I am a 100% Hindu woman but went to a Catholic school for education with nuns as teachers!That didn't rattle an iota of my own religious beliefs at all!I am happy I got to know little of Catholicism too!

Sai said...

People do not know the difference between religious and spirituality at all! I think it stems more from insecurity.

About the Kumar-Swami....this reminds me of the movie "Harold and Kumar go to white castle" where they are accosted by a cop and he makes fun of Kumar's name.

Sanjay said...

@Lucia.. Which is why I also did not want to blog about his speech.

@Diana. Yep. Wonder what Charles has to say about it?

@Asha.. Cool for you. *A* went to a similar school and had no issues.

@Sai.. yes. BTW the Harold & Kumar movie was funny!

pRicky said...

for yoga bit... religion???? HAHAHAHA FOTCL
for the bikni modification... erm reallly???
BAsic Instinct change of direcors well thank good for that...
HAd good laughs my first time around here...

Maggie said...

Its amazing how the uneducated about a subject want to control education. Instead of first studying to find out exactly what yoga is (how hard is it to go to a library or hop on the internet?), they just assume from passing experience and hearsay that they 'know' what it is and what is being taught.

Ignorance is never bliss. Not the for the person ignorant and especially not for the people they affect.

John said...

Yoga... I guess hardliners exist everywhere, and act contrary to the teachings of the religion.

Burqini sounds pretty neat, lol, especially Mecca Laalaa.

And catching up on CNN, yeh dear leader still keeps blowing the Iraq trumpet, but I did notice that he wasn't in his usual 'i'm right' element.

Sanjay said...

@Pricky ..thanks for stopping by.

@Maggie..I agree.

@John.. I think he was not in that mode cos he has been humbled, but just a teeny tiny bit and not enough for reality to intrude.

Ameet said...

They forgot one crucial detail. In Pedro's version, she'd have enormous breasts.

Maggie said...

God I'm a ranter aren't I? Sheesh. :-)

Sanjay said... yes!

@Maggie.. Nope I agree with everything you said!

Carrie said...

I couldn't watch it but now I am curious. I see some stuff on blogs but I am still curious.

Carrie said...

Oh and stay away from that Yoga. It can start wars, you know?

Sanjay said...

@Carrie. yup no yoga for me, if I try to meditate I will be asleep in a couple of mins. Also I have trouble sitting still for too long so there ya go.

starry nights said...

Some people are really stupid.Yoga can be practiced by all and you can do it just for the exercise part of it. I like the Burqini.

meno said...

A burqini? I think i need a martini.

I couldn't watch bush last night. I have a weak stomach. I am listening to the aftermath today on the radio. What a mess.

Id it is said...

They look for religious undertones in everything! Yoga is the victim today, it may be Chinese cuisine next, who knows! This overt sensitivity to ones own religion while being intolerant of all others is most unbecoming for a society that deems itself civilized.

Burqini, what a novel idea; necessity is indeed the mother of all inventions.

ML said...

The yoga issue is really stupid. Honestly, where do people get their information from? Wait, I think I just got the answer to my question :)

Fuzzylogic said...

When I read that yoga issue in the paper my first reaction was how stupid can people be?since when did yoga become a religion?This is as stupid and lame as the furor over removing Christmas trees from office and public area because it had religious implications.
Burqini made me laugh!Regarding the Bush speech they might as well have played his previous speeches,there was absolutely nothing new,same lies,same deception and same mess.

Lotus Reads said...

Real sad that those parents are kicking up such a fuss over the teaching of Yoga. My daughter's school has Yoga workshops every now and again and because it's a Catholic school, the program always begins with an information session in which they stress that it's not a religious discipline. Perhaps the school in B.C. could have handed the parents a little information packet on Yoga addressing some of their fears.

Keshi said...

** Burqini

big drama here abt it LOL! but I say it's good. Whatever it is, she came up saying what she wants to do and doing it in her own style.


Viewer said...

Stupidity is universal ...

Neers said...

god!!! people!!

Sanjay said...

@Starry.. yep i found burqini funny too.

@Meno.. I will take a Martini too.

@Id it is.. they seem so scared of anything that they know nothing about. No curiosity either to find out more about it.

@ml.. true.

@Fuzzy, and almost 70% of ppl polled oppose the "surge"

@Lotus.. Thats the way to do it.


Nancy Willing said...

Hey Sanjay!!Jason has a linkee to you that will bring lots of salacious seekers of smut or something...

Sugarlips said...

Are we going to have a war on
Yoga now? Insecurities...I went
to a Christian school & Still practicing Islam...Sometimes I come across ppl..they ask me WEIRDEST questions ever & all I could think
is ppl are much sensible & educated back home :D

Burqini sounds hubba hubba :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Christine said...

Ohhh the Canadians are getting a little scary; -- Check out my post today if you get the chance.

Dan said...

What if Pedro Almodovar directed basic instinct?

I would probably close my eyes when the legs opened. That's what! :)

Somehow I don't think the Burqini is going to take the world by storm.

Orchid said...

Didn't they already leave up north...o.k , o.k didn't mean to ruffle any feathers

Carrie said...

What? No post today?

priya said...

Sanjay: I left a new post about changing template and have given information.

Hope it helps.

If everything is a religion we cannot eat or wear nothing at all. Let those people growup...

May be they know its just an another excercise in the name of yoga.

Something to Say said...

yeah they build up Dubya's speech so much - that no matter what he says - one ends up thinking - "it cud have been worse"

Teri said...

I can't fathom people such as those anti-yoga people.

You watched the shrub's speech? You're a brave man, Sanjay.

Nabeel said...

niceee .. i think it will be cool to see such life guards on the beeches .. the girl life guard in the pic looks hot .. even with her burqini ..

Yoga is not a religion .. people who say that must be extremely ignorant and must not know what religion means.

It is good to learn about all religions .. that's what Islam teaches .. learn what they are doing.. understand and then preach accordingly as it gives you a better stand point (having knowledge about all religions) .. having a strong faith matters mate.

What sugarlips says is right .. faith should be strong .. we both went to a Christian school .. and we practice Islam. The mother should perhaps spend some time with her kids rather than with her friends and night clubs.

Gangadhar said...

some awesome links here,Sanjay..thanks..
And i'm just worrying about childhood obesity..One of my cousins' son is having that problem..

Ash said...


Shionge said...

I will break my back if I attempt yoga Sanjay...:(

Anali said...

The ignorance of people is astounding. If some of those parents tried some yoga, maybe they would calm down! I do Hatha yoga and love it!

Rose said...

Seesh, first of all what is our education system coming to. It might do kids some good to put religion back in the schools and what on earth is wrong with teaching them yoga?

deepsat said...

i am looking in that direction!!!


Dizzy said...

hmmm.'burqini'...interesting!...I think the time has come to coin a new dictionary..Indilish or Hindlish dictionary...& I was reading some ' news' about Bush being raped by Shakira..& they were calling him Braziled joke is true appeared in a local daily in Agra!