Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Why Do I Need A Title For My Post? Feh!

Recycle My Cell Phone?
Our consumerist, use and discard culture does not often stop and think about the things we use and then throw away. Well, we recently upgraded our old cell phones, which we have had for more than a couple of years. So after wiping them both clean (deleting numbers/messages and all that good stuff), I decided I would go to the local cellular phone provider and have them recycled. I mean I have done it before. The phones prior to these old phones were recycled simply by walking to the local cell phone store (then in Connecticut) and dropping them off for recycling.

So I was like, this should be easy. I show up at the store and ask the young lady at the store “Where can I drop these phones off for recycling?”

She.. blank look .. “What do you mean recycle?”

Me.. “You know instead of just dumping these in the trash and eventually in to a landfill, these should be recycled for parts/reuse and so on?”

She.. “Oh.. we don’t do that here:

Me.. “ I thought most cell phone stores have a drop of box to recycle them?”

(I am assuming that this provide would be like my old provider)

She..” You could donate them to a womens shelter?”

Me.. Thanks.

I guess I could do that, and am sure there are a number of other places to recycle. Our own city has a facility where you just drive in and drop off electronics for recycling. I also found this site http://www.wirelessrecycling.com that offers a list of locations for your zip, where you can just drop off your phone. And this drives me to ask you folks. What did you do? Wanna take the poll on the right? ;)

Wind Turbines

Saw this site about wind turbines. Some great pictures here, including the process of putting up a wind turbines at sea.
This also reminded me of a survey I was picked for (randomly) by the University of Delaware as a part of an effort to gauge the willingness of the citizens of Delaware to putting up wind turbines off the shores of the DE coast. It was pretty interesting actually. Other than the standard question and answer format, they had a couple of computer generated images of what a wind turbine farm might look like, say 10,20 and 40 miles from the coast. It also had questions about whether I would visit the beach if, I could still see the wind farm from the beach. There were other questions too.

No guesses where I fall on this. I wish we invested in things like these instead of the almost 2 billion a week that is vanishing in to the bottomless pit of Iraq.

BTW: I have been to Denmark and its’ amazing to see these wind turbines at work. The Danes are actually pretty big exporters of wind turbine technology.

I am hoping to visit Denmark again this year and will hopefully have more time to explore that lovely nation and meet our friends Marie & Thomas.

Now We Have Bunny Sutra

I had this post with a pic about kawasutra (scroll to the bottom if you missed it). Well it was an ad by Kawasaki for bikes and the positions you could assume with it. Guess what we now have a bunny sutra watch from swatch. Not just that they even had an ad in Times Square NY.


deepsat said...

the concept of wind turbines on sea is pretty neat!! the only issue is that the wear and tear would be high considering some stormy conditions!!! its high investment!!

Bunnysutra!! LOL!! Hats off to ppl's imagination!!


Diana said...

Of course, if you are my husband, you won't need to recycle your old cell phone as one of your students will have stolen yours before this is an issue. Same with your PDA.

The cell phone place just down from where I work collects used phones for the local women's shelters. Good for them. I think they're US cel*ular

Maggie said...

You would hope your current provider's store felt somewhat sheepish at not having any options for recycling...perhaps if enough people ask it will change.

I gotta get me one of those watches!

Asha said...

We got a letter saying that we should send all the unused phones for recycle!I don't remember the address but it's one of the phone companies!Good for you to think that!

ML said...

Love the watch!

My cellphone is so old, that I haven't the faintest clue where to drop it off for recycling. Thanks for the information on that!

By the way, The Book Thief is 560 pages. Quite large, but it was such an interesting read for me, that it didn't seem so big.

Sanjay said...

@Deepsat.. It is a neat concept, it just beats me that the US is not doing much with it. We seem to be squandering money and lives in the middle east instead.

@Diana. Stolen? Seriously?

@Maggie.. Maybe they felt sheepish or they did not. Ye neat watch eh?

@Asha .. Thanks

@Ml.. Hope that helps. Thats a huge book for me to get thru but maybe it's worth it.

Ameet said...

I mailed a bunch of old phones to a recycling center few years ago. My last phone was unlocked GSM so I held on to it for a year - just in case. However, I died an early death and went into the trash (which was probably bad of me).

What about old batteries? I know we're not supposed to trash those, but when was the last time you saw a battery recycling bin?

Aditi said...

well we usually just donate it to the cancer society or something cuz its in semi working condition..

Sanjay said...

@Ameet, our city has a bin for recycling batteries.

@Aditi. Good for you . :)

Lotus Reads said...

In our home hubby and teenager get the new cellphones. I get the teenager's discard and when I tire of it, I pass it on to the youngest in the family, so it's a while before we need to get rid of a cell phone :)

However, I am grateful you posted a link to where we will be able to discard it safely. I'll have to check to see if they Canadian cities on the list.

LOL@ the bunny sutra watch!

Mona Buonanotte said...

If the city would let me, I'd put a wind turbine in my backyard! I'd love to fall asleep to that swish-swish sound....

Mona Buonanotte (because Blogger won't let me sign in...AGAIN.)

Intern said...

Yeah FEH!!! No need of caption ... only that it helps while surfing archives ...

Nice wind-turbines ... so Denmark would be windy country ... I know thats a silly comment, but is it necessary to be rational FEH???!!!!

listmaker said...

Ok, blogger ate my first comment; let's try this again.

Cell phones? Definitely recycled, at least the ones that didn't self destruct.

Around here we can choose wind power as one of our power options, although it is more expensive. I think most people don't have a problem with the technology, but have a "not in my backyard" mentality toward it. Most technologies, when they were new, were considered blights on the landscape (power lines, gas stations,train tracks and cell phone towers come to mind). I hope we can get beyond that and embrace technologies that will lessen our dependence on oil.

meno said...

Those bunnies are all smiling!

We mostly just keep our old cell phones, you know, just in case.

Or the Mister loses his.

Carrie said...

Thank you so much for this. I have all my old cell phones in a drawer at home. I never knew what to do with them.

Sai said...

It is people's mindset you know regarding recycling. By the way my secretary teased me this morning because I replaced the printing cartridge and put it in the pre-paid envelope to recycle.

LOL to the Bunny Sutras! I left a message this morning but blogger ate it.

lalitha said...

I think these cell phones should be recycles.Can't imagine those guys not knowing what to do.thats why the landfills are overflowing.Bunnysutra?thats cute.I also thing that the wind turbines is a neat idea.

Keshi said...


recycle my very first mobile phone? noooooooo :(


Shionge said...

Indeed Denmark is lovely and I love Copenhagen too :D

Sanjay, I used to collect swatch watches and have about more than 20 pieces, unfortunately *sob* I have misplaced the whole box of swatch watches and I'm so so sad!

Nice bunny sutra...wish I can find one here in Spore.

Something to Say said...

We too were really amazed with the wind-mills in Denmark. They are all over the place. Truly I wish the US too invested in this eco-friendly technology.

Orchid said...

you should have waited a wee bit longer before updating your cell phone- u could have bought urself an iphone :) The local libraries have drops offs for old phones.
and oh! hubby says cooooool! he is looking at the bunny swatch..you men!!

deepsat said...

think the current priority for US is oil & war!!!

Fuzzylogic said...

Our cell phones usually get passed on to someone in the family,but recycling is really a good concept.

That pic of the wind turbines is beautiful.It truly is a source of power which is not being utilized.
It is ecofriendly without any emissions or hazardous wastes.But recently however it did create a stir here in Ontario,Canada where people were forced to sell their homes near the wind turbines because of the noise.So is that a drawback in them?
Lol at the Bunnysutra,it looks like kamasutra is the new buzz word for ads!

Id it is said...

Got to admit that I have, personally, never 'recycled' a cell phone. I gues I had others who did it for me . But I do know that public libraries and High Schools have a system set up to do that and I am told it works; especially in High Schools where cell phones change every time there's a 'cooler' model in the market.