Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Word And Other Scattered Thoughts..
The friday word as per
Mona is “heart”.

All I could come up with that for this week is..
Thank you dear leader for feeding more of our brave men and women to the meatgrinder that is Iraq.

You Don't Need No friggin Rights!
The battle to roll back the right of a woman to choose will always rage on. From the fine state of Tennessee ..

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Legislation introduced in Tennessee would require death
certificates for aborted fetuses, which likely would create public records
identifying women who have abortions.
Rep. Stacey Campfield, a Republican,
said his bill would provide a way to track how many abortions are performed. He
predicted it would pass in the Republican-controlled Senate but would have a
hard time making it through the Democratic House.
"All these people who say
they are pro-life _ at least we would see how many lives are being ended out
there by abortions," said Campfield.

Oh it is probably illegal..

Keri Adams, vice president of Planned Parenthood in Tennessee, on Wednesday
called the proposal an attempt to terrorize frightened and vulnerable women who
are seeking abortion.
"We certainly hope the Tennessee Legislature doesn't
invest too much energy in this bill," she said. "We think it's clearly a
violation of privacy, and potentially illegal concerning HIPAA regulations."

A Hotel Room I Can Stay In... link here

photo taken from palm land tours
Location: Kerala, India
Rates: US$240/night per room
Features: Located in the western ghats in South India (more than 3500 ft above sea level) and about 87 feet from the ground are some of the most unique tree houses in the world. The bedroom, bathroom and surrounding balcony with a banyan tree as host provides a 360 degree view of the misty rainforest atop hills. Meals are created from products from the self-contained organic garden and room service is via pulley lift!


Sai said...

Woo Hoo....first one to comment :-D

Oy! The death certificates for foetuses.....that is complete invasion of privacy. That is absolutely ridiculous! Aaaarghhh....don't even get me started!

Love the cool hotel room!

ML said...

Thanks, Bush, you assjaw!

I agree, death certificates for aborted fetuses is a massive invasion of privacy! Good grief, what will they come up with next? I hate to ask that question because they seem to come up with more and more ridicilous stuff!

I think I'll pass on the hotel room. With my luck, I would probably sleepwalk and fall off.

Sanjay said...

@Sai.. welcome to being first :)Ye I thought the room was cool too, except I would nto want to stay there during a windstorm. @ falling off.

Asha said...

Love the Tree house or room!

I ain't talikn' politics.Happy Friday and happy ShivRatri if you have it!:)

Aditi said...

love the kerela hotel room and
ohmygod death certificates for foetuses.. do they have a name? besides can u really do that when they dont have birth certificates? or will they have conception certificates next?

Lotus Reads said...

Love the treehouse room and the view must be so scenic, but yeah, I'd be nervous about spending the night there (for the same reasons ML stated):)

Sanjay said...

@Asha.. lol Thanks. Don't celebrate Mahashivratri. But you have a happy one.

@Aditi lol@certificates. Some fo these folks are nuts. How abt this..someone in Washington state, I believe has proposed legislation that marriages be annulled if the couple has not had a child in 3 years. Heh! we would certainly qualify, but I think it is also meant as more of a anti -gay measure. I don't think it is going anywhere though.

@Lotus..Yes I can see how that can be nerve racking.

Shitrint said...

only one word? just heartbreak. i was expecting a small poem/story/write up...
aditi's got the same word too! ;-)

gr said...

there are times a person notices that big red-blue divide between states and wonders how could red states be so intolerant?

beenzzz said...

I have always wanted to visit Kerala and I'm so intrigued by the treehouses!!
This war in Iraq is such a devastating waste of time. Our men and women out there are risking their precious lives for what? I've lost track.....why are they there? Oil still?

Death certificates for aborted fetuses? The super evangelical right wing nut jobs, no doubt!

Have a grand weekend, Sanjay!

Aditi said...

oh come on!! who can decide whether a couple can or cannot have marriages.. that is the dumbest measure someone can propose.. heaven forbid a couple be infertile or be married at 60 cuz they fell in love.. what then? they get to get re-married every 3 years..
honestly i wonder abt the brains on our elected reps sometimes

MONA said...

Sanjay, hi...wish you & your family a happy valentine.

Sanjay said...

@Trinnie.. Sorry pal, been kind of busy.

@Gr.. There are good folks in red states as well, but it's the politicians and some of the nuts that make me glad I don't live in a red state.

@Beenzzz. You have a great weekend too.

@Aditi. I hear ya, but that is what has been proposed by some nutjob, it won't pass though.

@Mona. Thanks.. Hope you had a good valentine's as well :-)

Gnightgirl said...

Ugh, mother of a soldier heading to Iraq in 2 weeks...can't look, can't look! Pix like the one you posted knock me off my ass. I'm torn between running away and looking and reading out of respect to the family. We can't run from this, we can't....


Carrie said...

That is terribly sad. It just breaks my heart.

Don't even get me started with the government controlling what we do with our bodies. Our we still a free country?

Love the tree house. I could totally do that. It reminds me a lot of Costa Rica. Hell if our country keeps going in this direction I may be building me a tree house in a different locale.

Maggie said...

death certificates - ridiculous. scary. these people are scary. and if they are so pro-life, why aren't they working harder to get our soldiers back alive?

as for the treehouse room, i was kinda wondering what other critters might call that tree home and if they understand privacy?

starry nights said...

I would love to go and live in that tree house.looks cool.have a good weekend.

meno said...

Why not death certificates every month for an unfertilized egg? And what about those billions of sperm that end up other than in an egg? Think of the paperwork.

I went to the hotel site. Some of them look very cool, but i could skip the nudist one.

Paparazzi said...

Have been an anonymous fan for a while, decided to finally comment.. The tree houses - India is a land of contradictions. The experiences there are confusing, bewildering, exhilarating, wearisome, beautiful, apalling..
Too bad most folks only think of Taj Mahal and Bombay slums!

Diana said...

Oh, gosh. Did they stop and think that maybe the abortion clinics might just keep those statistics, already, like any other licensed medical facility, just without the names attached? Something akin to if you asked a hospital how many appendectomies were done, or how many patients with pneumonia were admitted, they'd be able to answer. Not with the individual names, of course, because that'd be a breach of confidentiality.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mother of Invention said...

I echo what Maggie and Meno have said.

As to the about a room with a view!

You have an interesting, thought -provoking blog.

Orchid said...

Vow ! you do feel strongly about this war and I should add rightfully so too.
Have a good weekend!

Id it is said...

Wow! How does one make reservations?

listmaker said...

A student told me recently that she didn't believe our reproductive rights could/would be taken away from us. I started telling her about life before roe v wade and how those hard won rights had already been eroded. She was shocked and I was too depressed to go on.

Love the treehouse.

Nadim said...

the death certificates do sound ridiculous! will they give a number to each fetus ???? thats a horror! but so is killing a fetus!
there are cases where abortion might be a better option, but making abortion legal might result in reckless use of the provision!
when a mistake happens they have to be ready to take responsibility of the result! how can ppl just kill somebody like that? that too their own kid!

Anali said...

Now that's a tree house!

I hope that TN legislation is defeated very quickly. That is really horrible.

Ash said...

Love that hotel room!

Beach Bum said...

Sanjay, it blows my pea-sized mind that various republican wingnuts still have the stones to even talk about a military victory and that if we pull out of Iraq to soon they will follow us over here.
The one question I want to ask those that say the terrorists will follow us over here if we pull out without victory is that what is stopping them from coming now? If fact an attack on US soil now might scare the public enough to force the politicians to bring the troops home to protect the home front.

Fuzzylogic said...

Death certificate for aborted foetuses is taking it all too far,its definetly a total invasion of privacy!The war is rightly heartbreaking.
By the way the tree houses can be absolute fun,me and my hubby did rent one out and we had a great time.I think you would like it as well.

Neers said...

beautiful pic!! very calm! thanks jay, for the wishes!

Lera said...

Pretty Interesting Tree house with a 360 degree view , It's fun and unique especially with the pulley way of getting room service :)

Nabeel said...

In Islam .. one can have abortion before 3 months of pregnancy .. after three months (or I think it's 4) the soul has been born for the child.

Now one can't just have abortion if they feel like it. There are strict guidelines .. if the life of the mother is in danger, yes she can have abortion, if they don't have money to feed the kid and are afraid that he will die out of hunger (no food for mom means no milk for the kid) .. then it's ok too... and there are some other guidelines.

Viewer said...

Yeah i hve heard abt this place ( tree house rooms) .. .apparently the rooms have no hot water facilit y or even electricity. Although it wil ltake u a bit more closer ..ahem ..i mean higher to nature. I think the price is way too expensive compared to the services and facilities

artnavy said...

loved teh tree house

i cant stay in it though- way too expensive

Mona Buonanotte said...

The death certificate thing...if (heaven forbid) it passes, will it have the name of the sperm donor/father, and shouldn't he then have to pay some sort of restitution to the egg donor/mother? That only seems fair.