Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Word.. "Color"

As per Mona that is the Friday word, to be used in your post in anyway you see fit. This post has 3 parts. Two of them have a dark edge, if you were hoping to get warm and fuzzy this Friday, scroll down to the third part. I just peeked at her post and I am like wow, I am interpreting this so differently.

Color(s) Of My Country And Those That Fell In A War That Rages On...

3000 + and counting

Color Of Pain..

He raised the glass to his lips once again

Imbibing the bitter spirit, feeling its warmth spread within

As his hand tightened around the glass

The knuckles white

It seemed harder to take the edge off

His hand tightened further… as his thoughts drifted

What color would someone use he wondered to paint

..A planet being raped slowly but steadily

..A country going mad and seeming to lose its soul

..Letters and “I love you” going unanswered

..The ineffectuality of someone unable to stop the abuse of a sibling

..Of the scars left behind, wounds that never healed

..Of a loved one who you could never tell how much he meant for them

..Made his life more full by just being there

..Altruism of his parents

..Their increasing frailness a reminder of the inexorable march of time

..The struggle to say what he felt and that nothing had changed yet so much had

...That giving it all was all he had left, he did not know another way

..The desolation he felt when he tried to believe in a higher being

He heard the crack of the glass before he felt the pain in the palm of his hand.

He looked down thru eyes fast welling with tears

The shards of glass changing as he tried to blink away the tears

The rivulets of blood starting to run down his hand

He did not move

As the color of his pain ebbed from him and he closed his eyes.

Color Of Love (This is all over the place!)

I painted her as I saw her in my mind. The brush strokes came easy as did the colors that made her seem lifelike.

She was tilting her head to her right a bit, as she always did when she was about to say something interesting, funny, profound or profane.

The way the nostrils of her lovely nose flared slightly, and the beginning of a smile made her mouth curl upwards in a cute sort of way. I loved how her dark brown hair fell to one side, with a few strands astray.

There was also the dimple on her left cheek.

Her eyes were bluish grey and they seem to reflect her witticism, her intellect and the confidence of someone sure of herself.

To me they changed color times ..they took on the light brown warmth like her unquestioning love.

She looked at me with the same honest open look, it broke my heart every time I failed

At times they seemed to darken with passion and a sensuality that was full of things unsaid and promises of things to come.

She had a white bathrobe on, that had slipped off her shoulders ..revealing in the mirror behind her a lovely neck and a elegant, curvy back.

Her skin seemed flawless except for a mole on the right side of her neck.

I was lost in her and what she embodied when I felt someone next to me.

“Who is she” .. she said, as she slipped her hand in mine.

“She is a composite”, I said as I turned to her, “of all the women in my life who I know, or think I know, or am getting to know. They are the ones I adore and love and the ones that make me tick.”

“Ah..ha painted in the color of love?” she said as turned to face me.

“Something like that:..yes”

I smiled at her, and drew her to me, she rested her face against my shoulder in that all to familiar manner. And as she looked up she nuzzled the side of my face with her nose and wrinkled it as she felt the bristles.

I kissed the tip of her nose, and then closed my eyes as our foreheads touched our arms still around each other.

I could feel our breaths mingle, it all felt so unhurried.. I had forgotten what that felt like so close to me. It was sometimes lost in the mundaneness of life. There was so much of her that I could feel in that quiet moment, making me aware yet again why she is the love of my life.


ML said...

What an interesting idea!

I really like what you chose to express color. I was totally drawn in by all three - the second one especially.

Aditi said...

beautifully expressed... loved the homage to the war heroes and the poem and prose.. i could see u in them

Maggie said...

Three excellent offerings. But I had to love the last the most.

Mona Buonanotte said...

Wow...I'm all teary! You write beautiful stuff, Jay!

Sanjay said...

@Ml.. Thanks. Just felt different about it.

@Aditi. Thanks. Yes they are kind based on things I have been thru.


@Mona.. I was a bit heavy hearted too when I wrote some of it. Thanks

beenzzz said...

Very beautiful.

Asha said...

Beautiful write up Sanjay for a Friday!!
Last one,it's Feb!! Put you in the mood early!!:))
Enjoy the Super Bowl! Did I say that before!No Haloscan this time ,YAY!

Mridula said...

Wonderful post Sanjay. You started on a somber note, so it was specially nice the way you ended it.

Intern said...

beautiful post Sanjay ...

and are you ready for the Super Bowl?

Fuzzylogic said...

Brilliant!these were one of the finest pieces of write up I have read.You are totally missing your call as a writer Sanjay.Loved them muchly!

Carrie said...

That put tears in my eyes.

starry nights said...

WOW! loved this post and especially the third write so well.Very beautifully expressed and written.

Sanjay said...


@Asha Thanks. Re it being feb, *A* is not a valentine kinda girl. Will enjoy the superbowl, you do the same.
Glad you can comment here.

@Mridula.. I did not want to leave ppl depressed and sad.. and I cant be that way either.

@Intern.. Yes I am so ready for some football. I won't say "Go Bears" ;) I am a Green Bay Packers fan.. and you knowhow that one goes. May the best team win.

Sanjay said...

@Fuzzylogic.. you are way to kind, thanks. I just write whatever my crazy mind drums up :)

@Carrie. Aww hope I did not get you too sad or something.

@Starry.. Much appreciated pal.

Rose said...

Both are wonderfully written, but the last one was beautifully compassionate and sensual. Wow that is some writing. I did not know that you could write like this.

Sanjay said...

@Rose.. Thanks. I don't know what I write sometimes :)

Id it is said...

The color of pain is permanent; there's no washing away.
You may paint over
but the pains stay.

The last bit is a poignant tribute to whoever 'she' is!

Lotus Reads said...

I'm with fuzzylogic - you should write more Sanjay, you truly have the gift of creative expression. What a great idea to create a composite woman and how beautifully expressed, too! I will definitely want to read it again!

The Color of pain while dark is very touched me.

Thanks very much for sharing these poems and prose.

Sanjay said...

@Id it is.. that is so lovely, the way you put it.

@Lotus.. Sorry color of pain was kind of dark, I just saw colors differently. And I wanted to use colors differently but on a more shall I say sensual note?
Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. :)

Sanjay said...

sheesh! I used differently twice there..oy!

Beloved Dreamer said...

Simply beautiful my friend. Love painted in colors of those who have givien all. Sanjay, this is deeply moving.

Sai said...

Wow you did interpret the word a whole lot differently. I must say the post is poignant.

I loved the way you ended it so it ends being so positive. I enjoyed this post! Thanks for sharing.

Gangadhar said...

wow,Sanjay..Actually me expected to see some great stuff here..but never disappointed this got a fantastic read instead..!!

Lucia said...

I want to say beautiful, and that word has come up repeatedly here...over and over that must be the "right" word.

Go Bears! (I know nothing about football and won't be watching, but I have some loyalty to where I grew up.)

Anali said...

Beautiful poems! I'm very impressed. And I like the way you used the word. Certainly not the typical usage, but then again, you are not the typical person, which is why I think we all keep coming back!

listmaker said...

Wow, Sanjay; what an incredible post.

Diana said...

Very powerful. Very beautiful. I think my favorite was the first one, actually. It's so fascinating how each will take a completely different spin on the same word.

Sugarlips said...

You write beautifully :)
A bit somber in the begining *All teary* but you ended it so nicely :)
Color of love *Smiles*

Stay Beautiful...!!

Dan said...

Yes I have Little Lamb. In fact just yesterday I made a concoction with sweet potato, celery, oranges and ginger.

If you had a time machine, and had one trip left, to what time and place would you go and why?

Ash said...

Beautiful post!


good write up

Shionge said...

Thank you Sanjay for the wonderful post and my heart sank when I saw the image of the war heroes.....

Next, so lucky to be the love of you life :D

Have a wonderful superbowl weekend.

Lera said...

Quite an Expressive post with a great sentiment ,enjoyed reading !:)

Keshi said...

Sanjay I didnt know u could be this emotional WOW! Very beautifully written.


MONA said...

hello Sanjay..Have been away form blogging for sometime..hope to put up a post there soon...
yes, wars are most wastefully destructive saddest reality of this world. I remember a poem:

Radio-the BBC World Service
Shortwaves summing up the statistics.

Turn it off and go
Raze the mosques to the ground
Burn down temples
Passions rule our minds:

Or go to a brothel
at least
Passions instead of wiping out life
Will still preserve it in joyful outbursts.

Sanjay said...

Thank you all for your comments.
Dan I have no idea what you are talking about :-).
Mona that is a lovely poem :)

MONA said...

Dan has gone berserk sanjay..he left a question at my blog, & told little lamb to get the answer at your blog & also another question here...& so on...