Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I got nothin...

Practical Jokes for the Office
Try this at your own risk. ;) link

The Lift
This one works best when you are a male. When you are in a crowded lift (elevator) with a female friend, turn to her, and in a hushed but urgent tone say, "Well, if it's not MY baby, then whose is it?"
It makes for a very awkward ride for the others, while your friend turns red and tries to stifle her laughter.
Disclaimer: To get the best result, this trick can really only be played successfully once.

The Plug
This one is so simple it cracks me up.
Pull the keyboard plug out of the PC. Not all the way. Just enough so it looks like it's plugged in but isn't. Sit back, wait and watch for the calls to Tech. Support.

The Desk
This one is really tricky, but if you do it just right, it's work a thousand laughs, and probably a smack upside your head.
Find a companion you think will handle a joke.
Grab one of their desk drawers.
Turn the drawer upside down and get all of the stuff back into the drawer.
Shove and stuff as much as is required.
When they next pull open the drawer, it will dump the entire contents of the drawer on the floor.

Overheard in New York link
... Alamo. You Know, Texans. Bang, Bang!

Chick: Where are you from?
Male employee: Mexico. Where are you from?
Chick: Iran.
Male employee: Where?
Chick, simulating gunfire: Iran. You know, terrorists. Bang, bang!
Male employee: Oh. Yeah.

--Chipotle, E 8th St

Because That's Just a Sexual Thing

Woman #1: He's kinda funky. He doesn't bathe a lot.
Woman #2: Really?
Woman #1: Yeah, he's an artist. Like, he wears lederhosen... Maybe that's a bad example.

--New Pasteur Restaurant

Overheard by: Shawn

But My Underwear Is Solid Gold

White guy with dreads: Think about this -- taking a shit is the one thing in which all people of all races, sexes and religions are truly equal.
Hippie girl: Not exactly. Some people shit on solid gold toilet bowls while others shit in a bucket.
Little boy at next table, standing on booth seat: I shit in my pants! Hahaha!

--Wo Hop, 15 Mott St

Overheard by: Big Larry


Mona Buonanotte said...

OH! I wish we had a lift at work! I'd be using that line every day! (We have done the upside down desk drawer thing, tho...which was hilarious...until the manager found out....)

Sai said...

I like the lift joke...quite funny.

Sanjay said...

@Mona..lol, you are funny!

@Sai.. No credit to me. lol

ML said...

Hilarious stuff! Thanks for the laugh!

Diana said...

I think I'm very glad I don't work in an office with you.

Shitrint said...

deadly ones those are! i guess the safest one is the coin trick. the rest will assure that the prankster will be thrown outta the office :P

Aditi said...

hmmmm....all funny stuff

starry nights said...

I liked the last one best.the lift one was funny too.

beenzzz said...

HAHAHA! They were all hilarious. I really liked the solid gold toilet and the elevator ones. :))

Carrie said...

I love practical jokes. Too bad I am not a man because I would love to do something like that to Adam.

I have put a rubberband around the spray thing on the sink so when he turns it on it sprays him in the chest.

Intern said...

So you tried the first one????
the second is SO TRUE!!! laugh at me, but I'll do the same.

Lotus Reads said...

Love the practical jokes for the office - especially the lift one, I'd give a lot to see the expressions on people's faces! :)

RC said...

those office practical jokes are pretty funny.

Maggie said...

This post was quite informative. I see now that if I want to make art quilts, I will have to start wearing laderhosen. I wonder where I get those?

Sanjay said...

@Ml.. The wonders of copy n paste are something when I don't wanna use my grey matter.

@Diana.. Lol. I am totally harmless I assure ya. *trying my cute puppy dog look*

@Shitrint.. indeed.

@Aditi/Starry/beenzz. thanks no credit to me though.

@Carrie..lol you are woman after my heart what can I say :) Adam is quite the sport though.:)

@Intern.. Me? I am quite the office wimp.. trust me

@Lotus.. Maybe I will install a hidden camera lol.


@Maggie..lol, you got me.

Keshi said...

LOL @The plug!


Fuzzylogic said...

Lol,great practical jokes.The comp and the drawer ones we have done in college.The lift was a new take:)that would be really interesting:)

mridula said...

I think I can try the keyboard stuff on someone. Have you tried any of these tricks personally :)

John said...

Hey, I did the plug thingie soooo many times and it always works. But I guess you got to play the pranks on someone you know who can laugh along.. or else. Don't wanna think about it.

Ash said...

Hilarious ones!

Sugarlips said...

I think I'm gonna try few of them :)

Viewer said...

I think i wud like to try the drawer prank :D