Friday, February 09, 2007

Our Discourse And Friday Word..

Our Discourse..

Looking at CNNs web page you might think we had something major happen. Apparently it did, former playmate, reality star, married to an Octogenarian (not for the money.. really.. I mean really) Anna Nicole Smith passed away. I am saddened by her passing away, but disturbed and outraged by the non stop media play this story is getting.
There of my colleagues at work are aslot talking about this. Oy!
Even a show I like “Countdown With Keith Olberman” on MSNBC did a story.

Fed up I switched to comedy central to catch a rerun of Jon Stewart skewering the media coverage of the astronaut love triangle. It left me shaking my head at what has become of our media. The best comeback by Jon, I thought was below. It is not verbatim but very close to what got said…

Jon showed a clip of some TV airhead said the astronaut who wore a diaper on her 900 + mile drive was a testament to NASA ingenuity (Link to the story here).

Jon Stewart had one of those great expressions he has when he delivers the punch line…
“My one year old can also crawl around in diapers… ”

Friday Word "Hair"

As per Mona it is hair, my brain was in shutdown mode last night and has not quite woken up. Ya want proof? It’s in the pudding…below.


My head on her shoulders
I looked up her at her kind face
Framed by her brown hair
Shimmering strands in the soft light
Fragrant as the morning dew
She touched my brow
Her touch ..feathery..ethereal
I closed my eyes
To feel a forest of silk
Closing in around me
Incubus vanishing
An aria of love
Whispering its sweet harmony
Rocking me to sleep.


Asha said...

I think Anna N Smith was heart broken over her 22 yr old son's death!

As a mother of a 12yr old son,I would too and I don't think I will survive either.My son was ill last week just for a day and the way I felt when he was suffering,I told Arvind my heart will not withstand the pain if anything serious happens to him! It's such a excrutiating pain you don't want ever to endure.Arvind was so cool,treated him quickly and Tushar was alright in few hrs.But I had to lie down for a while(didn't cry though!)!:D

I hope she is happy and with her son now if that how it works.But there is a little baby left behind and I hope that kid goes to her real dad!I really do.

Sanjay said...

@Asha.. I really dont know what her state of mind was. Her life has been sort of an soap opera/theatre.
Glad Tushar is ok though. Ya, that will be the day when you cry eh?

Sai said...

Hey Sanjay I was going to blog about media coverage over Anna N Smith as well but I was so beat last night!

Love the poem.

beenzzz said...

Beautiful poem!!!!

As for the astronaut with the diaper....GROSS! Anna Nicole Smith was on drugs. Sadly, it was inevitable that she would die at an early age.

gr said...

Hello Sanjay, we hang out in many of the same spots. Nice to see your blog!
Anna Nicole Smith's life could not have been written any better--a perfect trashy paperback!

meno said...

Sad death, as are they all, but not really a surprise considering her life.

I like your poem, it is full of love.

Sanjay said...

@Sai.. Thanks. I blogged abt Anna cos the over the top coverage of this story has been drving me nuts!
Maybe you should blog about it too.

@Beenzzz.. Thanks. I was sort of pulling for Anna to get her act together. Don't know why, seems like such a waste.
The astronaut story is just so weird. yes. I noticed we do..
Thanks for stopping bye mate!

patches said...

The big news networks have been losing credibility for a long time. I think the 24 hour news format is straining network resources. Rather than report human interest stories to avoid dead air, they rely on tabloid journalism and "nearly news".

Nice poetic imagery. It was like watching a private moment.

Sanjay said...

@Meno... Thank you for the kind words abt the poem, the product of a not completely awake brain.
I agree its a sad story with an abrupt ending.

ML said...

I always thought ANS was pretty messed up. Never had much of an interest in her or her life. I did feel sadness when I found out her son had died, but then I promptly removed her from my mind. The media coverage was way too much!

Astronaut wearing a diaper is obviously quite nutty.

I love your poem! You really have quite a talent, Sanjay!

Aditi said...

hmm much better use of the word hair methinks
yea i was surprised at how much media coverage anna nicole smith ended up getting

lalitha said...

I was saddened also about Anna Nicole's death.the media coverage is something else.there is nothing else to watch on t.v. BTW I loved the poem you is so beautiful.

Carrie said...

I'm with you on the Anna thing. We had four more soldiers die and you can't even find their names. It really saddens me that celebrities lives are more important than our soldiers.

Beautiful writing.

Did you get my email?

Sanjay said...

@Ml.. I hear what you are saying. I guess I would have preferred it end well for everyone, but thats life. As for the poem, thank you for the kind words.

@Patches.. You are so right about the state of the media. Thank you for your words re the poem.

@Aditi.. Sorry state of affairs with the media. PPl like me have tuned out and are more like media observers I guess. As for the poem, more differnt takes on hair the better eh?

@Lalitha.. Thanks. You are right. TV is the vast wonderland.

@Carrie.. re the soldiers you made a great point that I missed. Thank you for the kind words. I did get your e-mail, saw it this morning before I left for work. I had to rush and can't access gmail or youtube at work, will respond when I get back. Sorry :) Thank you for the link!

Maggie said...

Sanjay, your poem has a wonderful warmth to it. I wanted to leave a comment about your childhood memories post but it Affected me with a capital A. I had to leave your blog, misty eyed and feeling some childhood pains of my own. But it was sweet nonetheless.

Sanjay said...

Maggie.. Thank you. I have been very lucky to meet some very special women in my life. That sort of explains how I feel.

I am so sorry that things were tough for you and that my childhood post brought out some of those memories.

Lotus Reads said...

The fact that this news about Anna Nicole Smith is taking up so much time and space in the media speaks volumes about us as viewers and consumers of the news, doesn't it?

Love your poem Sanjay - so beautiful and gentle.

Sugarlips said...

Anna Nicole is on every other channel and I feel very sad for the her little baby cuz she lost the older one earlier :(

About the poem...

Stay Beautiful...!!

Sanjay said...

@Lotus. Sadly yes it does. I am sure the coverage is not anything like this North of our border is it?
Thank you for the kind words re the poem.

@Sugarlips.. I had not known there was another kid. Oy!
Thanks for the nice words abt the poem.

Nancy Willing said...

Hey Sanjay!

Zsa Zsa the cuckold princess?

Intern said...

"I am saddened by her passing away, but disturbed and outraged by the non stop media play this story is getting."....

Absolutely mirrors my thoughts. I'm curious to know what exactly happened. but the media overkill is getting on my nerves.

have a great weekend.

deepsat said...

u shud indeed write poems in that state, it comes out good!!! LOL!! kidding man!! good words though!!

yeah i have to agree, anna's life has been like a cheap soap!! from marrying a really old man to sleeping wid her own attorney to doing everything absolutely weird!! sad how sometimes life just throws one around all over!!

have a good weekend sanjay!! be safe!!


Fuzzylogic said...

I needn't had to go to the website to hear the story,they have been playing it on every new channel I can find and I got to hear it more than I wished to.I do feel sad for the little baby left behind who doesn't even know about her real dad,that's really tragic!About the astronaut I think they have just given it too much media hype.I wish they could concentrate on the real happenings around us which are far more important.
The poem was beautiful!you are quite a romantic at heart:)

Aditi said...

yep its a sweeter take

Ash said...

Anna Nicole Smith - what a truly bizzare life!!

Nice poem!

Shitrint said...

i was really quite taken aback by anna nicole smiths death. i heard this from a frend that annas mom had predicted that if she marries again she will die, hinting that her new husband wud kill her for the money. and she did marry howard stern, didnt she? am not sure...

nice poem sanjay. its fun to read wat ur creative side unleashes! :)

Diana said...

The whole thing is just terribly sad, except the poem, which was, as usual, lovely.

Orchid said...

..and oh we haven't heard the end of it yet, the Anna Nicole story I there is 3 men claiming to be the father, the estate issue is still open and god knows what else..the poor woman continues to amke news even in her death and yes Wolf Blitzer will talk about it some more!

Shionge said...

Could it be too much too soon? Or simply depression since the passing of her son, yes definitely a tragic story and sad to read that the 3 men are now fighting for the custody of her daughter.

Why can't they leave Anna in peace????

Id it is said...

Sensational sizzle sells! That's the name of the game.
I guess ones just got to use discretion; not all that's written and covered by the newsmedia is 'newsworthy', unfortunately!

The media sure is tearing out its 'HAIR' trying to figure out if Nicole's son is to be 'the heir'!

Anali said...

This whole astronaut love triangle thing is so bizarre and has ruined some of the glamour of space travel. Knowing that they are all wearing diapers now... Just too much information!!

Keshi said...

somehow I was saddened to hear of Anna Nicole Smith's death. She was atragedy waiting to happen. What of her newborn baby? What a sad story.

HAIR...well I read Aditi's post in it. I thought it was brilliant! Ur verse was great too.