Thursday, February 22, 2007

Screw You CNN... Navel Gazing Central

This Ain't News You Know?
Even the good lord must have given up on our stupid media!

Navel Gazing..

You folks must have noticed the lack of posts here past couple of days, and the fact that I have been scarce at your good blogs.

I owe you folks an explanation. I have been a bit busy of late and in the scheme of the things the blog has had to take a backseat.

Aditi, thanks for asking. Yep I am ok.

This space..

It don’t have a fixed idea about how this little space of mine was going to be or is gonna be. So other than the political rants it sort of has been all over the place. Some of you have mentioned you like it when I talk about personal stuff.

But I do at times struggle to talk about some of that. I am not given to public introspection, trust me if you saw how I do it, you would be asking to jump ship in no time.

Or as *A* and others have called it “What’s with the navel gazing?”

There also is not a whole lot of personal daily mundane stuff I can write about. Here is how a typical day goes for me..

I get up at an unearthly hour, make and eat breakfast, drive to the train, hop on the train, I read or snooze (if I drive in all the way..I try to avoid reading and snoozing while I drive).

At work… I work with a bunch of great professional folks. There is not much of office politics and if there was any, this is not a forum for it.

My return commute is the same. I do listen to a lot of public radio/bbc. I get home and depending on things may cook on some days, but I invariably hit the weights 3-5 times a week. As the days get longer I will probably starting running a bit as well, rather than try to use a stationary bike. I have too much of stuff in my head at times and the activity helps..sort of.

I may then post and/or read blogs and the news, dinner and then the cycle continues. How many variations of this are possible?

Oh I don’t sleep a whole lot, and while I may not always be able to write well as soon as I wake up (see this post, written at about 4:30 am) my brain is already full of things.

And before I forget, I may not get to any of your blogs today either, will catch up on Friday and the weekend. I have to take a business trip today. I will be out of the door soon, a quick flight, a day long meeting and another quick flight home. I am gonna be running on the treadmill a bit faster today.

I may not be able to do the Friday word this week, so if any of you folks are up to it, check Mona’s place.

Have a great day folks, and this was another edition of “what the heck is he talking about?” or something.


Aditi said...

the media giveth what the world readeth.. i guess
is my take on it..
yep already know your crazy schedule and think its crazy
i just felt u were going through a patch of sorts and am glad to know things are ok
this month's been rough on a lotta ppl

listmaker said...

I'm glad you're okay. I don't know how you manage to post at all given your schedule. Take care.

Lotus Reads said...

Ahhh, February, not my favorite month for sure. Somehow, work just seems busier and the weather doesn't help.
Will miss your Friday post, but there's always next Friday! Enjoy your weekend, Sanjay!

gr said...

Thanks for the look at your day.

Cacophoenix said...

Awesome...every life is interesting in its own way as long as we are standing on the outside lookin in I guess. Have a good trip and a nice weekend. will miss your Friday verses.

Asha said...

YEAH!! What the heck are you on about?!;D

Relax,it's just a blog.Take it easy and come back when you can.Hey,don't miss my Shaiva cuisine tough!!;p

Sai said...

Hey Sanjay:
Glad to know you are doing well. I thought as much that you must be extremely busy at work.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.

ML said...

Hey Sanjay, have a great day and enjoy your weekend!!
Hopefully things will calm down for you a bit.

beenzzz said...

I hope you get some sleep soon! That can get really nasty after a while.
As for Anna Nicole're right, why is her story even considered news.....and why have I watched little bits and pieces of it. Something about that Jerry Springer quality of people really intrigues me.

Mr. J said...

If it were possible, i'd steal a few days from you dude. :D

Quoting Richard Quest Where ever youuuuuuuuuuuuuur travels may take you, I hope they are profitable

Have a nice trip.

meno said...

I am grateful that i mostly listen to public radio, where the fuss over ANS has been minimal.

Take care.

starry nights said...

You do have a hectic schedule.I dont know how you do all these things .I am up at 5.30 am every day but my day is not as exciting as yours.take care and good luck on your trip.

Mona Buonanotte said...

I was a bit worried about you, but then realized it's still February, which is the cruelest month.

Have a good trip!

Donviti said...

the only thing news worthy about this entire mess was her dying, nothing else is even remotely close.

It sickens me to death to see this crap on TV and how people support it amazes me.

Shionge said...

We understand Sanjay and hope you have a safe trip.

Teri said...

NPR. NPR is the solution tot he Anna Nicole Smith problem.

You sound a bit burnt out... I've been having trouble finding the time to post, or leave comments, myself. And the daily grind - unless I wanna poke merciless fun at the people I work with - is not much to blog about... so I go with the navel gazing. ;)

Actually, I'm kind of a blog-voyeur, not in a sexual sense, I just like the glimpse into others' thoughts - so I like navel gazing posts.

Fuzzylogic said...

You do have a hectic schedule.Take it easy and take care Sanjay.I think we all can use a break from blogging once in a while!Life can get pretty demanding at times.Glad though that you are doing fine.

Beach Bum said...

New rules at work have my blogging there now down to a small fraction of what I use to do. Serious bummer!

Now at lunch I try to snag a TV and watch MSNBC, my co-workers are addicted to the Price is Right which I find only slightly better than watching paint dry, before they are all taken. I did snag one today only to find all the news channels taken up with the Anna Nicole and all the serious weirdness that she spreads even though she is dead. With everything going on around the world its a mystery to me how her case went beyond a twenty second report, on some entertainment news show.

Beach Bum said...

Oh yeah, Teri is absolutely right! Thank God for NPR!

deepsat said...

glad to know of you!!

take care man! have a nice & safe weekend!!


Ash said...

Thats a hectic schedule...

Have a great weekend!

Shitrint said...

it certainly wasnt a post of "what the heck is he talking about"!! :D

yea, we do love it wen u post abt urself and i know how difficult it must be for u to write abt somethin personal as i face the same dilemma! in fact, i get lost wen anyone talks politics...especially wats going on with the republicans and democrats and iraq...i just cant seem to delve deep into this subject! :) i guess that is one reason i sometimes hav nothin to say here, coz im not really a keen follower of the political beat.

have a nice day sanjay and rest up!

oldwhitelady said...

You know, you could do like I did. Quit exercising. It took too much time from my blogging:)

Ha! Not really. Of course, I have been quite lax on my exercising, but just wait til tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow, I'm going to be running miles.. or maybe the day after... or the day after...

I think it's okay when you post personal stuff.