Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Shout Out To The Dixie Chicks, What do I look like?

Yay for the chicks!

To those of you that remember, in the days of hysteria that were the run up to the Iraq misadventure, Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks had the temerity to criticize that empty head who is our leader. For that the Dixie chicks were pilloried, threatened, their music taken off the airwaves (controlled by corporate media). They were called unpatriotic and worse, their music CDs were trampled upon in public events joined in by frenzied mobs. link

To me those days were scarily reminiscent of the orgy following the release of “Satanic Verses”, when effigies of Salman Rushdie were burnt as were copies of the book. The book was banned in a number of countries, including India.

I remember a former colleague of mine, asking me if I would like to step out of the office with him to join in a “Dixie Chicks” hate fest organized by the local radio station. I told him, the Chicks have a right to their opinion and he did not have to buy their music, but whats with the hate I asked him. He made some comment about liberals and how we were gonna be wrong about Iraq.

These magnificent women went on to win 5 Grammy’s including To me this is a vindication of the power of their music and for those who have embraced them as artists and for their right to say what they want. I am very happy for them.

Who Do I Look Like To You…

I had just walked in to Penn station, Baltimore one day and was checking the electronic train arrival board for my train, when this guys walked over to me. He was wearing one of those thick glasses, was in jeans and a jacket.

Guy… “Hi”.

Me.. “Hey there!”

Guy… “You know you look like that guys from that movie”

Me.. “Oh ya.. which one” ( I smile partly cuz I am tickled.. I don’t look like anyone who could be in a movie)

Guy…”The thing is I can’t recall which movie it was.”

Me…”Not the one where the kid sees all dead people right?” (Sixth Sense)

Guy.. “No”

Me.. “Cuz you know I ain’t a ghost ya know?“

Guy… laughs and walks away.

Joe Sixpack is often on my train in the mornings and afternoons. He works for Amtrak and is like your average blue collar guy. He is a nice guy, but sort of has rough edges. It took us like 6 months to strike up a conversation (whatever that says about me I have no clue).

I usually sit in the café car as there is always room and I can bury myself in whatever I am reading. That day there were no free seats when Joe walks by and asks if he can sit next to me. I am like sure, I was reading Lawrence Wright’s The looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11

Joe.. “Hi.. we have never formally met although we are on the train. I am Joe!”

Me.. “Hi..Nice meeting you. I am Jay (I shorten my name when I get a feeling ppl might have trouble remembering ‘Sanjay’”.. I have my smile on).

He asks me what I am reading and I show him the book.

Joe.. “So are you a member of Al Qaeda?”

Me.. (I am biting off a snarky response about ignoramuses) “What do you think?”

Joe..”I am only kidding!”

Me.. “I hope you were, cuz I was not very amused!”

Joe..”I was really kidding, I like to kid around”

Apparently he does kid around over time I have seen him interact with others.

Another time..

Joe..”You know you look like Ray Lewis”

Me…Laughing ”No way.”

Joe... “Well a bit..esp when you smile, and of course you are smaller”

Me.. “Yes I am.. I ain’t a professional football player.”

Ray Lewis (pic above) is the middle line backer for the Baltimore Ravens, that is what he looks like. My picture is in the profile. I am not sure what he saw, maybe a slight resemblance when I have a broad smile on. I asked *A* and some co-workers, they said.. Nyah, you don't look like him. Oh and Ray Lewis probably has another 90 lbs on me and is a lot taller too.


gr said...

You know Sanjay, Ray Lewis, doesn't he have a reputation for being a mean guy? You are a nice guy.
As for the Chicks, didn't the country music awards give them the middle finger this year, but then they won all those Grammys? Interesting how speaking up in a participatory democracy could get you shot down rather than CHEERED on for trying to express yourself and make the country a better place. Wasn't it the fascists and communists, and a variety of other -ists, who felt that dissent had to be squashed? The Chicks are the true patriots, standing up and speaking out.

Mona Buonanotte said...

I did my Happy Liberal Dixie Chick Dance when they won. How awesome is that?! I have to wonder what all the Pro-War Conservatives are thinking now about Iraq, now that it's clear we're not gonna 'win'...whatever that means.

Sanjay said...

@Gr.. you are way too kind. Ray has had his brushes with the law. Since then he seems to be be clean.
I am not sure about the CMA awards but you may be right.
Yes its always the "-ists" isn't it?

@Mona.. I did my version of it too although I cannot dance.lol

Diana said...

I broke out into a big grin when I heard the Dixie Chicks' news Monday morning. I'd have done a happy dance, too, but it was a bit after 5am and a grin was all I could manage.

Maggie said...

I was dancing too - the in your face dance...hee hee.

Sai said...

I heard about the Dixie chicks win on NPr's morning edition. The time around 2003 was like what my parents describe the time in India around 1977 (I was too young to even notice)with Indira Gandhi and the emergency, where freedom of expression was curtailed.

LOL to Joe Sixpack. Perhaps I should blog my experience about ignoramuses!

Asha said...

I don't think you look like him at all.You are Sanjay and stay that way!!:))

ML said...

The Dixie Chicks are awesome! They only verbalized what I've always thought. I admire them.

Funny when people think you look like someone. I end up thinking "where did THAT come from"

Shionge said...

Hahah..maybe he needs glasses Sanjay :D

beenzzz said...

You don't look like Ray Lewis at all! I love the Dixie Chicks and hooray for them and telling the truth a few years back.

RC said...

joe sounds bizarre!!!!

i would watch my back.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

Teri said...

If I ever see Joe Sixpack, I'll kick him in the shins for you - oh wait, I'm a pacifist...

I was happy for the dixie Chicks, too.

starry nights said...

I was extremely happy for the Dixie Chics. Their music spoke for them.I don't think you look anything like Ray lewis.what was he thinking?

meno said...

I bought my first Dixie Chicks album as a response to all the bullroar over Natatlie's comments. I agreed with her then, i agree with her now.

Carrie said...

I was really happy for the chicks. I don't like when people have that much hate.

I just about lost the water in my mouth when I read that Joe asked you if you were in Al Qaeda. I can't believe anyone would do that. I just love reading about your commute.

Lotus Reads said...

Was thrilled for the Dixie Chicks and I absolutely LOVED your "Who Do I Look Like To You" piece - the things some people will say,lol! If *A* doesn't see the Ray Lewis resemblance, then perhaps you don't look like him.

Sanjay said...

@Diana.. lol

@Maggie..I love the in your face dance, sometimes thats good too.

@Sai.. sure ignoramuses are always fun to talk about. I do recall the days of emergency in India. Yup am that old.lol

@Asha..lol thanks for the vote of confidence.

@Ml.. I can't say I always like the Dixie Chicks kind of music. But they have sort of grown on me. Yup.. I look like who again?

@Shionge..lol he has no hopes, he already wears glasses.

@Beenzz..I agree

Sanjay said...

@RC..Maybe I made him sound bit more bizarre than he might be.

@Teri.. lol thanks

@Starry..Agreed with ya on both counts.

@Meno.. I think quite a few ppl did.

@Carrie lol.Joe Sixpack is ok. I know I should be offended and I was at that point, but its ok now.

@Lotus.. Yes..The Dixie Chicks have done well I have to say. Yes *A* did not see the resemblance between Ray Lewis and me looks or muscles wise.

Keshi said...

u dun look like him at all!

btw...Happy V-day Sanjay HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


Eli said...

I'm pretty sure Ray Lewis is in al-Qaeda.

Aditi said...

in the paranoia that exists there.. it wouldnt be funny to ask someone if they are in the alqaeda at all

deepsat said...

LOL!! good one sanjay!! Dixie chicks made the grammys looks so easy for them!!!


moegirl said...

Yay for the Chicks is right. I loved "not ready to play nice"- good for them.

Hmm, I have only seen your picture, but I don't think you look like that football player.

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Nyssaneala said...

I was delighted to see the DC pick up so many awards...who needs conservative country music stations?

Do you work in Baltimore? That is where we currently reside. (I say currently, as my hubby and I lean towards the nomadic lifestyle).

And, no apologies needed in regards to the discusion over at Lotus Reads!