Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Stuff And Word "Tea"

After having socked you folks with some heavy posts, it is I guess it is time for something light.

Funny Billboards/Ads.. link

Barebecue Grill Drain Outdoor

Bus Poster for Duracell

Rain-Sensitive Billboard for Mascara

When it rains, mascara -- but apparently not Max Factor's -- runs. Simple. Similar to the famous "Pray for Rain" billboard for Playboy.
-- core 77

Friday Word Is "Tea"

Mona picked Gary to come up with the Friday poetry word. He picked "Tea". To find out why, please read his post here.
So in the spirit of the Friday word...


My fingers caressed the mug and steaming

Hint of ginger and cardamom

Elemental yet subliminal

She reached out

Her fingers cold at first touch..

In a sensual caress

Strokes of a paintbrush

Colors unnamed

She was my pulse and my heartbeat

Fingers interlinked.. exploring ways to touch the mug

To share in the warmth

To be a part of me

Eyes met across the table

Do eyes that say “I love you” have a color?

Leaning towards each other

Faces close

Breaths mingling

Eyes closed

A slow intake of breath

Inhaling each other and vapors

From the drink of life

Lips whisper.. barely touching

Words of love, lust and longing

Of comfort and joy and simple pleasures

Oh the peace of being with a loved one!

And a friend

At home.. at last.


Aditi said...

Well, hats off to the tea-poem.. its really something... this frm a man who says he doesnt get poetry..hehe
the billboard..for barbecue.. desi barbecue grills.. where is the space to barbecue.?
the mascara ad was smart..

Sanjay said...

@Aditi..thanks. Ya I thought I did not get poetry, but things change as do people. :)
Ya where is the room to bbq?

Aditi said...

that is what i am thinking.. there is vijay sales in mumbai and the # looks mumbaiya.. so where in mumbai do ppl barbecue?
neways tis a good change thas for sure..

listmaker said...

Sanjay, I'm really enjoying your friday word posts.

And, great ads.

Lucia said...

Sanjay, what a beautiful poem. Your posts are so interesting because they go from the amusing to the serious to the downright poetic.

patches said...

Your poem sets the scene very well. Made me feel as though I had intruded on a very private moment.

Shitrint said...

wow thats really nice poem!
i second aditi's words! hats off! and it also tells me that this man here is a sensitive, caring soul...been some time that i came across someone like that!

as usual nice and witty ads!
keep up the good work sanjay! hope ur feeling better now...

priya said...

Those pictures were awesome and funny. Your style always;)

Nice poem sanjay.

Asha said...

Tea made you a poet!!!You must in love!!:P

LOL @ the drainage ad,he is creative!!!

Sanjay said...

@Aditi.A Bombay number eh? How interesting. :)

@Listmaker. Thank you.

@Lucia..Thank you for your kind words.

@Patches, thank you.

@Shitrint..Thanks. Yes I am feeling better, I always did I guess.

@Priya.. Thanks. You are funny! I do have a vivid imagination you know.

Fuzzylogic said...

Being a fellow connoisseur of tea myself I loved the poem:)you certainly have been bitten by the poetry bug Sanjay and I must say you are doing such a fine job with it:)
LOL at the barbeque and dura cell ad,innovative!
I hope you are feeling better now Sanjay,have a great weekend!

Shionge said...

Hiya's ok to blog 'heavy' stuff sometimes :) we all understand pal!

I like the pictures of the duracell best coz I was just telling my colleagues that next time I'm gonna order Duracell instead of Energzier coz the latest batch keep on leaking :(

Have a great weekend sanjay!

starry nights said...

Sanjay, you can write .That poem says a lot about the love you have in your heart. and the eyes that say "I love you" have no color.Just loved that poem.

Carrie said...

I love the durcell one. Great!

You put so much into your poetry. I can actually see what you are saying.

ML said...

Love the tea poem and the outdoor grill...haha!

Sanjay, I like ALL of your posts, heavy or not :)

Have a great weekend!

Lotus Reads said...

Sanjay, I always enjoy my visits to your blog, but I look foward to the Friday visit the most because of the innovative way you use the "Friday" word. In this case, I love how you wrote such a lovely and sensual poem around a humble cup of tea, really well done!

I've always been curious how the friday word is chosen so I will be checking Gary's post.

Love the ads, too, those are clever!!! :)

Sanjay said...

@Fuzzylogic..Thanks. I am not sure if what passes for poetry makes sense. I guess it does. I am feeling a lot better thank you. Hope you have a great weekend as well.

@Shionge.. Thanks you have a good one too.

@Starry. Thank you for your kind words.

@Carrie. Thank you.

@Ml. Thanks you have a good weekend too.

Diana said...

I think I'll go make myself a mug of tea.

Lovely poem, as always.

Sanjay said...

@Lotus. Aww. I am very touched that you find the Friday "word" posts something to look forward to. :-)

That lovely and sensual poem that you speak of has a story behind it. :)

Thank you for your kind words.
The friday words usually get chosen by Mona. Sometimes she asks someone else to choose them, it was Gary's turn this time.

No credit to me for the ads.

meno said...

Do eyes that say “I love you” have a color?

That is brilliant. I'm a little misty-eyed over it.

Sai said...

Lovely tea poem and also cute ads. Hey I recognized Vijay is in Mahim near Sitladevi temple....hmm a true Mumbaikar, aren't I?

Prashant said...

Good one :)

Ash said...

Interesting the poem on tea!

Enyur said...

Tea poem was great! And the Duracell and Mascara ad were brilliant!

Sugarlips said...

Lovely poem and you should consider SERIOUS writing :)
Billboard for BBQ and mascara add was funny :)
After reading your poem I'm gonna go now and make chai :)

Stay Beautiful...!

Teri said...

That is an excellent poem! Quite evocative!

Mother of Invention said...

Yes, it does always seem like home to be with a loved one sharing a Cuppa! Nice verse!

Mona Buonanotte said...

I really need a cold shower now....

deepsat said...

loved those ads!!

your poem was lovely!! its coming out nice now a days!! hey nice to know you are lighting up a little!!

take care


Mellowdrama said...

Nice poem and kickass billboards. Btw that Duracell ad is a bit of a misnomer - aka what happens if the bus breaks down - would that constitute negative advertising and how does that help the lil bunny?