Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Word.. "Melt"

Mona assigned Maggie to come up with the Friday word and Maggie did a fine job coming up with it and then followed it up with some lovely poetry. Check out Mona's cool post too.

Me on the other hand ...


The first hug a little tentative
Yet the longing so palpable
In our bodies, minds and hearts..
The look in her eyes
Eyes that seemed to say.. take it slow honey
This is so new to us..
As I gathered her in my arms
I felt myself going
Defenses crumbling
A feeling of abandon
Tinged with restraint
Of being suffused with the bliss
Of being with a loved one
I could feel myself melting in her arms
Touching her face
Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear
Melting in to those eyes
That held mine
Of feathery light yet deep kisses
Of caresses filled with longings
That dare not be formed in to words
All my love poured in to each touch
Of skin over skin
Of lips over lips
Of tongues leaving sensual trails
On each others bodies
That stayed with us long after, a part of us forever
Our lives imprinted irrevocably with the stamp of the other.


Beenzzz said...

That is one HOT and sensual poem! Great stuff.

Maggie said...

Ok, I really enjoy your passion poems. They have a sensitivity with a very manly perspective. These phrases are captivating:
"take it slow honey"
"being suffused with the bliss"
"feathery light"

Sai said...

This is such a sensuous and passionate poem! I must confess I was hoping that you would not write anything dark. Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem. I might do a post this evening.

ML said...

Woowee, Sanjay! Nice, sensual poem!

Sanjay said...

@Beenzzz. Thanks.

@Maggie. Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you liked those phrases.

@Sai. I did have something dark written up but could not complete it, probably a good thing I guess.
Thanks much, will look for your post.

@ML. Thanks.

MONA said...

sensual..yes.I like the last two lines.Yes love has to be like that..a communion..when just by looking you feel that the earth below your feet has moved..a melting...a merging...

Mona Buonanotte said...

Whew! The description of the kissing...yeah.... I'm fanning myself with my hand and will probably need to splash cold water on my face.

Nicely done, Jay!

Shitrint said...

really sensual, sanjay!
u have a flair for writing really smooth and soulful poetry...
keep up the good work!

Sanjay said...

@Mona.. Thank you that was well put.

@Mona B.Thanks very much.

@Shitrint.. Not sure I have a flair or anything but thank you. :)

Carrie said...

nicely done!

Lotus Reads said...

I stopped by earlier Sanjay but couldn't leave a comment because I was rushing somewhere. Came back to tell you I so enjoyed reading your sensually-written love poem, it was a beautiful treat, thank you!

I really am so thankful for the Friday word, it's exposed us to your beautiful, tender poetry, which I hope you will continue to write.

Sanjay said...

@Carrie.. Thanks

Sanjay said...

@Lotus.. Aww, that is so very sweet of you. Thank you for coming back and for the kind words.

I am glad to do the Friday word as well and even happier that you like it enough to come back and read it. :)

Lucia said...

Well, there sure are a lot of women here needing ice cubes after that one! Yep, sensuous, sensual, passionate. Well done!

meno said...

I think i need a cold shower. :)

Nice job sir.

patches said...

I bet your poetry makes your muse blush. This poem reminds me of dark chocolate. It stimulates my smell, my taste, it goes well with fresh coffee, causes me to lick my fingertips and after the last taste I find myself wanting more, but I know another piece will never compare to the first bite.

Sugarlips said...

How passionate!

"All my love poured in to each touch"

This is just lovely!
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem!

Stay Beautiful...!

Mridula said...


Teri said...

That is such a great word, isn't it? And your poem is HOT!

I totally intended to participate this week - but then I had to write about my day, instead...

I may yet get there.

Anali said...

Wow! That was hot!

Orchid said...