Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday Silliness...

Speak Like Yoda Will I..And Get Thru Will Spam e-mail

We have a pretty decent spam filter at work, I normally don't get any spam in the e-mail, so I was a bit surprised at this one. I looked at it and then realized, it is yoda speak (A typical example of Yoda's speech pattern is from Return of the Jedi: "When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not." ) in the body of the e-mail. The force! It defeated the spam filters. Take a look at the body of the e-mail. It had me chuckling :)

By skyway usa setup, outlook, express. Notice customers, who another dialup.

You how to microsofts send and receive email.

Use with this guide will. Back should listed available main. Show you how, to microsofts send and.

Follow the below continue open microsoft once is? Hit next screen type address be sure, include space! As, being pop seen example.

Make connect new home.

Next screen type address be sure include space?

Usa setup outlook express for use with this!

Ready begin icon located at top make connect.

Page more regarding, issue ask aka, username.

Please follow the below continue open microsoft once is.

Follow, the below continue open.

Copyright, inc all rights reserved.

Locator order, copy copyright inc all rights reserved. Once is click on.

Error page more regarding. Server addresses verify youve.

Sending emails visit our smtp relay.

At top make connect new home why. Properly failure keep from able.

Use with, this guide will show.


Aditi said...

ahh yoda and jaja binks ( i think i spelled that right)
although i havent seen email being sent that way.. definitely lucrative and a lotta effort

Asha said...

I HATE spams and junk mails!!HATE HATE HATE them.

Diana said...

Inventive is it. Yes.

Yoda is the only impression I can do.

patches said...

I guess creative spam is better than ordinary spam.

Mona Buonanotte said...

You're lucky...I still get old school porn least Yoda Speak can be throw around the office....

Paresh said...

Speak with filter vendor must you. Engage in this spam warfare with force you must not...

ML said...

I love Yoda, but dislike spam! What will they think of next?

Maggie said...

I'm just in awe that the person who wrote this felt the need to point out that the text was copyrighted - uh, why? I have a sneaking feeling NOONE will ever plaigerize that stuff...

Lotus Reads said...

These spammers are a clever lot! I've been noticing more and more spam in my box these days...hate 'em with a passion!

Like ml said, wonder what they will think of next!

Hope you're having a fine Wednesday Sanjay!

meno said...

"Increase your bust you must."

"Have more sex you will."

"Send your money to Ethiopian Prince you should."

Sai said...

Of Starwars geek, I am not but smile, this post made me a lot.

BTW Yoda speak spam is better than getting ads for Viagra or some porn site.

Sanjay said... I believe the process may be automated via software?

@Asha.. lol..I hear ya.

@Diana.That is pretty neat you know.

@Patches.. Yes it is. :) yep, right you are.

@Paresh.. Man you have me cracking up!

@Ml..The wars rage on. :) yes. Covering their bases they are.

Sanjay said...

@Lotus.. I hear ya. Gmail's spam filter is pretty good, I must have gotten like about 5 pieces so far in my in box, the filter seems pretty decent.

My Wednesday was ok, hope yours was fine too?

Thank you for your comments.

Sanjay said...

lol@Meno.. girl you have me cracking up. :)

@Sai.. Impressed very I am. :) Ya this piece of spam made me smile.

Fuzzylogic said...

Impressive, that was! Been a star wars fan, I do think the spammer must have. Big fan too but still hate spams in any form. Pretty innovative, this guy was:)

deepsat said...

LOL!!! thats hilarious!!!

funny it is. good writing comes to you. hmmmmm!!!


i love star wars and i love the parodies which ppl make out of it!!

moegirl said...

Points for creativity, but even with the fun Yoda angle, spam still ticks me off.

Aditi said...

of course y didnt i think of it..

Carrie said...

Yoda is sending spam! LOL

priya said...

Compared to Gm, yahoo gets a lot of spam.