Sunday, April 08, 2007


That was the Friday word as per Mona. I am late with that one. So here goes.. rather dark, but life is not a bed of roses eh?

Update: I am sorry I have not been at a lot of your blogs and I am away, with no access to the web most of the day tomorrow and possibly for some more time. But I will visit your blogs as soon as I can.

Slow creeping unstoppable

Quicksand sucking down his soul

A body that could no longer fight

Old, grizzled and beaten down

Lonely and misunderstood he thought

He loved in his own way

Is it love, if the words are delivered with the sharpness of a rapier?

A love that rarely speaks its name

Tenderness does not become him

Neither does humility

Hubris his middle name

His own blood shirks from him

Wishing he would go…just go

One life destroyed is enough

You will not touch another one

So take another sip from the chalice of your misery

May death spring upon you soon

His own blood whispered.


Beenzzz said...

No life cannot always be a bed of roses, but as dark as that poem is, it is even more beautiful.

Shionge said...

Thank you for sharing Sanjay....hope you have a great weekend.

iz said...

This is an unexpected side to you/ Didn't know you wrote poetry!

Mona Buonanotte said...

Nice...dark and sad, lovely!

Asha said...

Spring = Damn Allergy!

Don't make me sad man.I am a happy happy person!:)

Id it is said...

Dark and sombre alright! But then 'spring' after all, is but a a season, a symbol of change...

Lotus Reads said...

hey Sanjay!

WRT the Friday word, better late than never as they say.

I used to think I preferred your sensual poems, but this one has blown me away...

May death spring upon you soon His own blood whispered.

I like how you personified blood...these lines are chilling, but I found the poem compelling, beautiful even.

Don't you dare try telling us you're no poet...this poem definitely confirms that you are! :)

patches said...

Sounds like a creature uncomfortable in the confines of his own skin. The darkness is not strong, but not powerful enough to eclipse the poem's natural beauty. Nice work, Sanjay!

Swan said...


I hope you don't mind an off-topic comment, but I think this is important: There is a great post on The Carpetbagger Report from a few days ago about the mainstream media's (specifically Time magazine's) ignoring the prosecutor purge scandal.

What explains the failure of the mainstream media to cover the purge scandal for so long, and so many other scandals? Do you think somebody just set up newspaper editors to cheat on their wives, and threatened to tell if the editors wouldn’t play ball when they come back some day and ask for something?

It wouldn’t be that hard to do, when you think about it. People wouldn’t talk about it.

ML said...

Great poem, Sanjay! Powerful, grabs at your soul and lovely all at the same time.

Shitrint said...

excellent one, sanjay!
u have a good vocabulary...i came across a couple of new words!

"His own blood shirks from him."

Sanjay said...

@beenzzz.. Thank you.

@Shionge,, thanks hope your weekend was good too.

@Iz. I did not know I did poetry either till I participated in the Friday poetry word on a lark.

@Mona..Thanks, yes it is kinda sad, but that is how it goes some days.

@Asha.. lol. hope your allergies get better.

@Id it is..true. Depends on how one interprets it.. change for the better or for worse.

Sanjay said...

@Lotus.. Thank you for stopping by and you are so right..better late than never.

This one blew you away? Thank you. I am surprised, sort of but pleasantly ofcourse. :)Thank you for your very kind words as well. :)

re: the personification. Blood does serve that purpose, it can refer to so many things including troubled relationships.

Don't you dare try telling us you're no poet...this poem definitely confirms that you are! :)
I would not dare contradict you. ;-)

Sanjay said...

@Patches.. Thank you for your kind words, that is such an interesting interpretation.

@Ml.. Thank you.

@Shitrint.. Thanks, my vocab is not as good as I would like it to be. :)

Sanjay said...

@Swan.. Don't worry about the off topic comment at all. I did look at that cool carpetbagger link. This attorney firing scandal has been talked about on the blogs for many months now. As to why the mainstream media did not cover it for the longest time?
I don't really know except that the media is just too cozy with the powers to be in DC. That explains that and the corporate nature of the media means they don't want to offend the gop. Maybe that explains it somewhat. :)

Carrie said...

Just come back when you are ready.

Fuzzylogic said...

I agree,you ought not to shrink away calling yourself a poet now:)This was good!!!

Sai said...

I cannot believe that Iam writing this but it is so true......that although I HATE anything dark and depressing......I ABSOLUTELY LOVED AND ENJOYED THIS POEM!!!!

Keshi said...
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Keshi said...

Spring is abt LIFE...AWAKENINGS.

beautiful is only thru darkness that we realise the beauty of light.


Maggie said...

Lovely submission. I had missed you posting and then got busy myself and stopped circulating a bit. Glad to be back on the circuit. hubris, shirks, rapier - wonderful gathering of strong words.