Saturday, May 05, 2007

Delayed Friday Word And Am Off To Denmark

As per Mona the Friday word was belly, my delayed contribution below. I should be back late next week. Thank you for stopping by.
The poem may offend some sensibilities..


You laugh that husky laugh of yours

Head back against the pillows hair splayed out under you

My arms on either side of you supporting myself

Our bodies sans clothes barely touch

Your arms around my neck, caressing my hair with your fingers

Our lips hover close a piece of chocolate spiced with orange held between yours

Your lips part soft and supple, covered with the melting confiture

As I take it from yours and our lips meet

A blend of saliva and chocolat.. sweet and sensual

The fast liquefying confectionery in my mouth

Teasingly you whisper.. there is more than one place to eat this off

Is it so..I ask my left eyebrow raised questioningly

I drag my lips and tongue down your chin

Along the hollow of your neck and between your heaving breasts

Their nipples rising up

Down your tummy to the contours of your belly button

Where my candy covered lips create a hazel colored swirl

As you moan in pleasure

And sighs of delight..

My tongue flicks the now molten bonbon around my mouth

Warm and gooey guided by my lips in a straight line

Down your mound where it covers the silky curls

In twists of rich brown love

Till they find your yoni lips

Silky smooth and satiny pink

Now melding with the chocolate

And warm lips and a tongue

That splits them thrusting within

And moving along

Covering your clit with a mélange

Of sweet sugar, bitter chocolate and the

Ambrosia of your love and mine

Sweet sighs and animal sounds escape your lips

As your body arches up supported by my hands under you

Lips sip and tongue whips for more

Legs wrapped around shoulders

A frenzy of passion that knows no bounds

Explodes blowing my senses

With the sweetness of your womanhood in full bloom

As a tear rolls down my cheek on to your yoni...


TommyWonk said...

Wave at the wind turbines for me.

patches said...

The poem may offend some sensibilities..

Perhaps, but if read it captivates your imagination and influence plans for Saturday night...Beyond steamy.

meno said...

I don't think that anyone who regularily reads you would be offended by this.

It's really quite hot, and slow, and sensual.

Be safe in your travels.

Aditi said...

ooh.. well have fun in denmark.. adn that poem is definitely somthing

Sai said...

Hi Sanjay:

Enjoy your trip to Denmark!

About the poem offending some sensibilities...gimme a break.....all your regular readers are adults!

Yes this is more erotic than the others but then what the hell it is your space and your choice on what you want to write here. Those who are offended shouldn't read it and basically just go and take a cold shower cuz the poem is steaming!!!!

Lotus Reads said...

Hey Sanjay!

Glad you didn't forget about the Friday word! I agree with meno and Sai, those of us who read your blog regularly will not be offended by this lovely, smouldering erotic poem. Man, you really do know how to write...and what Patches said, I am glad it's a Saturday night! ;)

I recently got back from a book festival where we had a very interesting discussion on erotica and met a few South-Asian writers who experiment with the genre, but I'll need to devote a whole post to that, maybe.

Have fun in Denmark (isn't it called "Land of the Setting Sun"?) and come back soon!

oldwhitelady said...

That sounds like a terrific place to go. Have a good time.

Teri said...

Whew! I need a fan. And a nice, cold drink...

Sugarlips said...

This is one hell of a poem :)
Have a safe trip :)

Stay Beautiful...!

Isha said...

rofl @ 'influence plans for sat nite'

very articulately put together poem :) enjoyed reading it

deepsat said...

nice poem!!

Lisa Francisco said...


Honey Bee said...

Hi Sanjay,
I was just struck after getting linked to your blog. For 2 reasons
1. I have the same template and almost the same color combination
2. I Enjoyed reading...this is the first time I read yours.. i wasnt at all offended...

Hope you would like mine as well

Mona Buonanotte said...


Now I'm hungry for chocolate, or...something with chocolate....

(I had trouble typing this as my fingers were all tingly.)

Carrie said...

Wow Sanjay! That is wonderful. People really get offended by stuff like this?

Have fun!

starry nights said...

Have fun in Denmark and boy can you write and so sensual.I need a cold shower.

Nadim said...

The Best Post!
lol! sorry, i dont really like political stuff, so to me, this is your best post! Awesome poem!

Beenzzz said...

Wonder poen, Sanjay. I hope you have a wonderful time in Denmark. My husband is Danish (and English) and has always wanted to visit Denmark. Perhaps a nice review of the land when you come back???

Id it is said...

It has the physicality of a Whitman , perhaps even Lawrence. Enjoyed it thoroughly.
Enjoy Denmark.

Anali said...

Wow! Well, I guess I don't need to say have fun on your trip, because no doubt you will have a good time wherever you are!

priya said...

Enjoy your trip and I know its raining ther. Nice place to go around.

MONA said...

You are practicing writing erotic stuff?
Poetry is the best way to express sensuality. In prose it may hover to being gross, but never in poetry.
& that is the difference btwn a nudie & Art! :)

I like your attempt

White Magpie said...

This is a different karmic than the one I knew ;) Ye are definitely set in Denmark after this pome..

Sanjay said...

@tommywonk. Thanks, I did wave at them.


@Meno. Thanks.Maybe not, but I do realize that everyone has different sensibilities.

@Aditi. Thank you so much for your kind words. you for your kind words of support.

Sanjay said...

@Lotus. Hey there buddy. Sorry for the delayed response, am still not back in the flow of things. Thank you for your kind words and your support, it means much to me.

How interesting is that, that you were at a book festival with South Asian, writers discussing erotica? Wow. I would surely love to read a post about that. I did not know that such a genre exists in S.Asian lit. I guess it tells you how little I know and I always learn something new and interesting from you!
Denmark was indeed good, but I am not sure I did much there at all, which is why I have been hesitating to even write a post. I am afraid I have nothing. :-/
I am not aware that they are called the “land of the setting sun”? I looked up google real quick and it looked like Morocco is called that, but I could be wrong.
Once again thank you for your comment, it is good to be back.

Sanjay said...

@OWL.. Thank you so much.

@Teri. I hope those helped cool ya down? 

@Sugarlips..Thank you.

@Isha..  thank you for stopping by.

@Deepsat. Thank you.

@Lisa. Thanks. How are ya?

@Honey bee. Thank you, glad you are not offended, I will stop by your place soon, sorry been sot of out of it.

@Mona. Thank you so much for your kind words.

@Carrie, Thanks. Well I am not sure they get offended, I guess I am just being sensitive? Dunno 

@Starry Nights. Thank you so much you are so kind..

@Nadim. Thanks man, I ain’t done much politics of late, you may have noticed.:)

@Beenzzz, Thank you. I have been holding off on doing a review since I have been sort of busy and I am afraid I did not do much of a touristy kind of thing. :-/

@Id it is.. Thank you so much, am not sure it was that good.. But thank you.

@Anali. Thank you  I did try in my own way to relax.

@Priya Thanks, The weather was not too bad by the time we got there.

@Mona. Thank you, I have to say this came with the flow, I am not sure how my writing goes or what direction it might take.

@White magpie. LOL man its been ages, nice seeing ya. Hope you have been fine? I guess I have evolved or devolved, it depends on ones perspective.

Orchid said...

Steamy!....nope, not offended!
Enjoy Denmark!

Prometheus_Unbound said...


This is one of the most sensual and erotic posts that I have seen. You are so evocative without being the least bit obscene.

It was gr8 to come back to blogspot after so long and chance upon your poem.

My compliments Maestro.