Thursday, May 24, 2007

Random Notes...

Remember the controversy over the Richard Gere- Shilpa Shetty hug?
Across the border from India religious nuts of a different flavor got all riled up over a hug by the Pakistani Tourism minister after a charity parachute jump. She hugged her instructor. link

The Pakistani Tourism Minister resigned yesterday after hardline Islamic clerics accused her of obscenity for hugging her instructor after a charity parachute jump.
Nilofer Bakhtiar was photographed in brightly coloured jumpsuit and hugging her instructor after a tandem jump to raise money for child victims of the earthquake that struck Pakistan in October 2005.
The images provoked the wrath of clerics in Islamabad, who accused Ms Bakhtiar of posing in an obscene manner and violating the Islamic moral norms.

A religious court set up by the clerics at a radical mosque in Islamabad issued a fatwa, or religious edict, against Ms Bakhtiar when the photographs appeared in local newspapers last month. They urged the Government to punish her and dismiss her from the Cabinet. Ms Bakhtiar failed to win the support of Cabinet colleagues and the Government appeared to cave in to the demands of the militants.

Delaware Chooses Wind Power..

This was the title of Tommywonk's post and his was the blog I turned to when I read about it originally in the Delaware drinking liberally invite. Tommy if you are reading this space, I tip my hat at you for being so proactive on this issue (unlike me, I am not as informed about our local politics as I would like to be). This is good news although construction won't begin for 2 years, it is a good start though.

This reminded me of the time a year ago when I was picked to participate in a poll by the University of Delaware to gauge my opinion as a citizen of Delaware about an offshore wind farm. Needless to say I was strongly in favor of one.

From the link to the News Journal article...

DOVER -- Environmentalists exchanged high-fives on Tuesday after four Delaware agencies ordered Delmarva Power to negotiate to buy power from a proposed offshore wind farm -- the first in the United States.
Negotiations begin Thursday between Delmarva and Bluewater Wind to see if they can strike a long-term agreement to harness the wind over the Atlantic Ocean for Delmarva's standard offer service customers.

Delmarva also will negotiate with NRG Energy and Conectiv Energy to buy backup electricity, to pitch in on peak demand days, from a proposed natural gas-fired power plant in Sussex County. The agencies, gathering for a Public Service Commission meeting Tuesday, suggested NRG's Indian River site in Millsboro.

Bluewater says its wind farm would provide pollution-free, stably priced electricity for decades. The parties will consider placing scores of wind turbines, perhaps as many as 200, 7.2 miles off Bethany Beach or 12.5 miles off Rehoboth Beach. The turbines would be 406 feet tall, with the top 150 feet being the thin, spinning blades.
It would be the first wind farm built off the coast of this country.
I wish we would go this route faster, but it is nice to see this happening in our state.

Lotusreads asked me in the comments of the last post, if I had bought anything from the confectioner's place. Indeed we did. A Japanese style tea pot that we really liked. So Lotus, that is what we got, and we hope to use that teapot this weekend to make that amazing tea. :)

Yet Another Picture From Denmark..
We visited our friend Marie's office in Copenhagen and as we were leaving I happened to look down this passageway, and I liked what I saw. I now wish I had gone a few more floors and that might have made for a better picture. I liked the clean, bare, blue/gray lines and the design of the chairs and their bright lovely orange color and the way they are arranged. I dig Danish design!


Orchid said...

I do too..dig Danish designs, that is..unfortunately the Danish Inspirations store close to my place closed!
love the tea pot and the Pakistani incident had me going !!*$&!
where are u now?

ML said...

What is this, another trend? Hugging other people is considered immoral and people are losing their jobs? What's next? Stoning them to death?

Beautiful tea pot! And I really like the Danish design. A spot of bright color - very nice!

Carrie said...

The picture looks like a flower garden. So pretty!

Sanjay said...

@Orchid.. Thanks, sory about the Danish inspired store that closed. They are amazing aren't they?
I am back home, it's just that I wasn't posting much, but I may be back to a regular schedule now.

@ML. Stoning to death still happens perhaps in some parts of the world?
Thank you.

@Carrie. Thanks, those were my thoughts too as soon as I saw this.

MONA said...

very nice pictures of your europe entourage!

Ah! Muslims! The clerics need to be roasted alive ! They are abominable!

MONA said...

PS. your *A* is beautiful, from what I can make out :)

Aditi said...

hmm loved the orange chairs..
as for the controversy.. it was silly then and its silly now
y cant they focus on real stuff for a change?

Sanjay said...

@Mona.. Thank you for your comments. Religious nuts of all stripes..share so much in common don't they?

@Aditi. Thanks. re: controversy.I agree, the original article had pictures of the hug and if there ever was a chaste hug, that was it.

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Sanjay!

That is a beau-tea-full teapot! :) Enjoy your Sunday you have a favorite tea to go along with that lovely teapot? We have recently discovered a cardamom tea being made by Brooke Bond India, it's simply delightful!

It saddened me to read about Nilofer Bakhtiar and the rage a little hug provoked. Whatever will they object to next, I wonder?

Wow, the picture you took of your friend Marie's office is lovely! It really does look like a little summer garden.

So glad to see you posting regularly once again, Sanjay!

patches said...

I'm suffering from tea pot envy.

Paparazzi said...

It's pretty strange they are all getting into a tizzy about the hug, considering this is how a tandem jump looks like:

Doggie is ok, maybe.

Yeah, organized belief systems. Preventing us from real accomplishments.

meno said...

I'd tell you that this was a nice post and give you a hug, but that would just prove my sluttish ways.

Honestly, can't they find something better to do with their time?

Sanjay said...

@Lotus. Thank you :). I liked the way you spelt beau..tea..full :)

I don't have a fave tea, but ginger is close followed by cardamom. I should try the cardamom tea from Brooke Bond out.

Re: Niloufer. The rage of zealots knows little bounds.

Marie's office does indeed look nice, a fine place to work.

And I hope I can keep posting regularly. :-) Have great rest of the Thursday.

Sanjay said...

@patches :)

@paparazzi.. I did see that link, if Niloufer had done this, they may have issued a fatwa perhaps?

@Meno.. :) I never say no to hugs.

Beenzzz said...

I love that tea pot! I want one!!!

Beach Bum said...

Hugging as a sin? Funny, I strangely feel no relief in the knowledge that other religions can be as kooky as Christians typified like the recently passed Farwell, Swaggart, and the really wacko Haggard.
Its really good news that the wind farm has found a home. At least someone is trying to think of ways to help cut our addiction to oil.

Keshi said...

wow ur bak n all! WB Sanjay!


TommyWonk said...

Thanks for the kind words, Sanjay, and welcome back.

Everyone needs to understand that this is not a done deal. Delmarva Power has been directed to sit down with Bluewater Wind (and with Conectiv and NRG for a backup facility), but we don't know how productive the negotiations will be. Stay tuned.

Sai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sai said...

Love the tea pot!

What kind of world we are living in when someone playfully pecks the other fundamentalists get their knickers in a twist and when someone hugs her instructor the fundamentalists across the Indian border get their knickers in a twist!

Who gave these jokers the right to be "moral" police?

You are right fundamentalism transcends faiths, border, race.....I guess it is plain human nature.

Prometheus_Unbound said...

Ya, talk abt crazy people. Our neighbours are just as bad or good as us.

Anali said...

Such a shame that so many are up in arms over hugs. One of the best uses for arms is for hugs! And I love your teapot!

Mellowdrama said...

I envy you...stuck in what a particularly erudite friend of mine calls the 'um unmentionable' part of the universe. Hoping to take that European vacation this year:) Keeping fingers crossed, one cannot plan when one is associated with the Indian Navy.Btw kickass pic - an eye for detail (and colour and gorgeous design). What's with Europeans and design anyway?

Lisa Francisco aka AVIANA said...


Didn't know you were back! Nice to hear from you again.

Well, my first showcase was last Sunday. I wrote a long post on it. If you wanna know what happened then go back and read it. It's just the most recent one.

anyhow, this hugging thing and religion thing is pretty sad. it's all about control and politics. i hate getting into these type of conversations because it is a discouraging thing.

Beautiful pics though! I hope all is well!