Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Trip To Malmo, Sweden..

This trip came about as a result of our host Thomas's suggestion that going to Malmo would not be a bad idea, since trains from Copenhagen to Malmo across the Oresund strait run every 20 mins, and the train ride is only 30-40 mins long. Thomas is familiar with Malmo has he used to work in Sweden and commuted regularly there.

So we took the train, one can drive too and I wish we had, because this bridge is an engineering marvel and is the longest combined road/rail bridge in Europe. I attached a pic from wikipedia and a link too. The bridge is exactly how it looks from the air, I was able to see it as we flew in to Copenhagen.

I think driving on the road lets one see it better, from the train it is hard to get a sense of the sheer engineering marvel that this brdige is as you can gauge from the one pic (bridge) that I included.

Malmo is a nice small town that used to be part of Denmark for a long time, before it went back to Sweden. It is no longer as prominent as it used to be before but now population is more middle class. The train we caught goes all the way in to Goteborg in Sweden, and you can catch trains to get to other parts of Sweden from Malmo as well.

The canal that runs across the train station in Malmo, was a rather cold and blustery day.

Malmo has 2-3 plazas with nice buildings and restaurants, small shops. It is surely felt touristy at least the parts that we walked around. A lot of Danes actually work in Copenhagen and live in Malmo as houses are much cheaper and the train commute is such a breeze. The big plaza has some nice looking hotels, buildings and statues, as you can tell I was too lazy to write down more about those statues/sculptures.

The smaller and prettier of the town squares.

The hand made confectioner shop. It had a most amazing collection of teas from all over the world, many more than the types of sweets/chocolates they had for sale.

Initially thought centiliter and gram was some sort of a scientific equipment shop, it was a restaurant, thought that was a rather interesting name for an eating place.Did not have time to check it out though.

This little shoe/curios shop was in the small square in Malmo, I just liked the colors on this one, esp the shoes and the stand.

I loved this group again did not look for info about it :-/

We did find an Indian restaurant on the small plaza, where we grabbed a decent lunch. Not a whole lot to rave about but the tandoor chicken was fantastic.

*A* does not want me posting pictures of her on the blog, but this one passes. On the train to Malmo.


Anali said...

These pictures are beautiful. Especially the shoe shop and the bridge. Although I don't like heights, so driving over that bridge would really freak me out. I always feel like my car is going to fall off the side, so I drive in the inner lane. Going over the Bay Bridge in San Francisco was a real adventure!

patches said...

Nice pictures! The bridge is awesome. Like you I like to study the structure. Sounds like it was a nice day trip.

SachinRB said...

Great pictures. I have always wanted to see that part of the world. That bridge sure looks like a marvel.

Also, the 6th picture on your post filed under the line "The smaller and prettier of the town squares" looks like it was from a scene of the movie Life is Beautiful.

Have a blast.

ML said...

Really great pictures, Sanjay! Nice one of *A* :) I don't blame her for not wanting her picture on a blog. I don't post mine either.

Beenzzz said...

Malmo looks so beautiful. I have always wanted to go to Sweden. Perhaps now I will!

Lotus Reads said...

What gorgeous pictures, Sanjay! I remember viewing the bridge from Copenhagen and wishing we could use it to travel to Sweden, but unfortunately we hadn't made plans for a trip to Sweden in advance.

Oh, I do love the sound of the confectioner's shop...did you do some shopping there?

The little shoe and curio shop is cute, too. Like you said, the colours and the display make for a great photograph!

That's a really lovely pic of the mysterious *A* even if you can't see her face..I'm glad she let you post it.

Great post, Sanjay, so glad you made time to do it!

meno said...

Thank you for the tour. I love the picture of the orange shop with the shoes.

So *A* really does exist? :)

Carrie said...

Sounds like fun but I do not like bridges.

Sanjay said...

@Anali..Thanks. The shoe shop did add some color on that cold dreary day.
You are a trooper to drive over that bridge despite your fear of heights.

@Patches.. Thank you, it was indeed a good day trip although all we did was just walk around a bit and shop.

@Sachin..Thanks for stopping by, the bridge is indeed an engineering marvel, part of that route is underwater and then in the middle of the strait the road and rail come out on this island and from there it is on to the bridge. The town was truly nice.

@Ml..Thanks. She has been pretty clear about that no pictures of her here.

@Beenzzz. Thank you. If you do visit Sweden tell us all about it. We just barely set foot in that nation.

Sanjay said...

Hey there Lotus, how are you? :-) Thank you for your kind comments.
Too bad you could not visit Sweden.
Our visit there happened only because we hardly planned anything at all while were abroad.

We did shop at the confectionery place, but nothing sweet. We bought this nice tea pot, I should put up a picture.

The curio shop did impart some much needed color to the gray day.

Thank you for your kind words about *A*. She is a fairly private person, and I took this pic just as she was about to run it thru her hair. Since her face is not visible, she let me post it.

I may be getting my enthusiasm for posting back :)

Sanjay said...

@Meno. Thanks, I loved that one too. Yes *A* does indeed exist. :)

@Carrie.. I can understand, but from the train it was hard to truly get a good idea about the magnificent structure.

deepsat said...

Great Pics Sanjay!! and nice write up also!!


Lucia said...

What a charming, very European town. Looks like a lovely place for a visit (except for the cold...and bluster).

Diana said...

See, this is one of the many, many reasons I love your blog. The pictures and tour were so great!

Sai said...

First of all lovely lovely pictures.....Your friend's office interior with the monochrome with one bold color was my favorite style when it came to designing spaces in my previous avatar as an architect!

I loved A's picture a lot. It is a beautiful shot...was it candid?

Anil P said...

The group makes for a rivetting sight in the middle of the street. What are they called?