Sunday, July 15, 2007

Time To End The Iraq Fiasco

A piece in the NYTimes today talks about increasing doubts within the members of the armed forces and their families about the Iraq War. The our delusional leader continues his ways, all he is doing is whiling away time till he leaves office while using buzz words like "surge", "freedom" and "we are winning" and not to mention the lies.
Our military is broken, our debts rapidly piling up with a rapidly rising body count and ramifications from this conflict that will continue to take their toll in many more ways.

From the Times article..

“There was no pride left in his voice, just this robotic sense of despair,” she said, describing a telephone conversation with her son, Skyler, 24, an infantryman on his second tour of duty in Iraq. “Mom, we killed women on the street today. We killed kids on bikes. We had no choice,” she recounted his saying.

The same week, she said, her son told her he thought he had seen the worst when he had to pick up the body parts of his dead buddy, but then he saw an Iraqi boy picking up what was left of his dead father.

There is a video here that you have to watch.

And with this bit below, why are we still there.

Iraqi prime minister says U.S. troops can go 'anytime they want' link

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki shrugged off U.S. doubts of his government's military and political progress Saturday, saying Iraqi forces are capable and American troops can leave "anytime they want."

One of his top aides, meanwhile, accused the United States of embarrassing the Iraqi government by violating human rights and treating his country like an "experiment in a U.S. lab."

Impeach Bush & Cheney!

So while the politicians lie and dither and the Washington pundits bloviate (conveniently forgetting they were among the cheerleaders of this fiasco) we continue our downward slide.

This has been an unscheduled version of my weekend rant. And I hate to sound pessimistic but things are not looking good for us.


Aditi said...

I dunno.. were things ever looking good for us?

Nancy Willing said...

such a nice transition!

that picture is so peaceful - it gives some hope that others must want our world safe for this to continue on.

Sanjay said...

@Aditi..I am afraid there is much truth to your statement.

@Nancy. True! Thank you for the comment about the picture. It is actually Lake Whitney in CT from my old haunt.

Lotus Reads said...

I absolutely LOVE your new blog's new look Sanjay, it's a beautifully peaceful picture and looking at it does offer me hope.

I know things seem so hopeless at the moment but the country will bounce back, we just have to believe that.

I saw "Sicko" last night...I'd suggest you don't, not right away at least, it will give you less cause to hope.

Anyway, here's hoping you have an excellent start to your week, Happy Monday!

Aditi said...

ooh lovely shot.. in your profile

Sanjay said...

@Lotus... Thank you for your comment.
Glad you liked the blogs new look including the picture, I guess its time for some change.

The picture is of Lake Whitney in New Haven, Connecticut, that I took when I visited in June of last year. It used to be on my jogging route just as I came up a small incline, it was a nice sight to behold. And I loved the place.

I am afraid we are a long way from being back up as a nation. The damage the Bushies have done to us are pretty long term.

I hope you liked Sicko? I agree I won't watch it right now, also I am aware of the sorry state of health care in our country. I might wait for the DVD, you are right it will probably be mroe depressing.

Please have a great Monday ahead and an even better week! :)

Sanjay said...

@Aditi. lol. You mean the missing picture in the profile? It was by design, I don't think anyone would notice.

Ash said...

Love the new layout of you blog...very cool!

Carrie said...

It irks me really. Pretty soon everyone here will have known someone that has had to be there. I mean does it matter at this point who wins or loses?

Shionge said...

Hiya Sanjay it broke my heart to read about the conversation betweent he soldier and his Mom and yes...hope it'll end soon.

ML said...

Issues like this really hit me the wrong way.

On the top side, I LOVE your new blog layout. That picture is amazing!

paris parfait said...

Words fail me. I just can't believe we have gotten to this point and the Republicans are still obstructing a bill to start a phased troop withdrawal. Al Qaida must be laughing their heads off.