Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gas Prices?

The image below by way of this post by Meteor Blades (hat tip to A. Siegel for the graphic) at Daily Kos says it all. Some people going to desperate lengths for gas...

As gas prices soar, thieves grow more brazen.

...police in Denver are investigating a rash of of incidents in which thieves drill small holes into gas tanks and siphon off the fuel. "This is clearly not the way it’s been done in the past, by taking a hose and putting it in a gas tank," police Detective John White said.


WTF indeed, as someone pointed out oil was about $33 before this stupid war in Iraq began it is past $133 now. The war has cost at least a Trillion dollars (direct and indirect costs) and I guess the folks who said the war would be paid for with Iraqi oil money are awfully fucking quiet now.


Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Sanjay!

This was funny, but depressing. The only good thing to come out of this (I hope) will be to see hummers and other equally ridiculous large automobiles come off the road!

Asha said...

Yeah! It's better to smile than getting stressed looking at the nos.
I heard that it's almost $4/ gallon! Grocery is getting expensive too, we are all going to be poor soon!

binaryfootprints said...

OH!!YEYEYE You are back. I spent many a weekday morning getting dissapointed at Hiatus post, that I almost stopped coming. Good thing I have very little will power. I guess there can always be a good spin. People cycle more, walk more, work from home more, waste little food, don't buy ridiculous quantity and actually are conscious of what they buy. Feels like India!! Brian Lehrer on WNYC was talking about the increasing number of vespas and cycles in NYC these days.

Sanjay said...

Hi my friend Lotus, hows you? Yes you put it very nicely, funny but depressing. SUVs will be an endangered species as you so rightly point out, but people buying them knew what they were getting. My problem with them is often how they just block your view when they are in front of you. Kinda irritating looking around them, and on the road it helps to be able to anticipate things I guess. But I shed no tears that they don't sell as much any more.

Sanjay said...

@Asha.. yes the falling living standards for some folks is really a concern.

@Binary. Thanks :)I have felt like blogging for a while but blogs being blocked at work meant no more breaks at blogs.
But I figured something is better than nothing.
I agree with your observations, smaller cars are more commonly seen these days too.
Thanks for stopping by.

Nancy Willing said...

hey Sanjay, been a while! I will add to your wonderful blog:
Is the word of the day an automatic funcion? I wish it included the latin or other root of the word along with the definition.

Astral said...

hi there! how have you been?

reality hits! but do we have a choice?

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