Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kind Of Sort Of Back...

I can't access blogs at work so any downtime I had can't be used for that. And with my long commute and limited time, I guess I could do a post a week and gradually keep up with the rest of you wonderful folks and your blogs. So I am kinda sorta back.

How are ya'll doing? Spring treating you well?

From Attaturk of

We've observed George Bush for seven years, four months now...88 long months. There are many things I have learned to expect from him. All bad, and all about feeding the massive George Bush ego. John McCain will not be allowed to separate himself from Bush, even if the former had the inclination to do so. If McCain runs for President, he'll do it on the Decider's terms.

I predict, the 2008 GOP Convention is going to be George Bush's love note to himself. It's possible we will see John McCain read badly from a teleprompter at some point...and yelling at a cloud.
I like this one from a diary at Kos

As has been pointed out McCain would just be an extension of Bush.


deepsat said...

hey sanjay!! nice to see a blog from your side after a long time!!

here down south its winter! waiting for spring :-))

keep blogging!!


nowheregirl said...

welcome back :)

Asha said...

Good to see you!:)

I have been taking it easy too these days. Spring is great so far, escaped a Tornado hit by few miles!!:)

Lotus Reads said...

Sanjay's back, yeay! Once a week sounds great compared with not at all! Did you catch Obama's speech last night?

Sanjay said...

Hey there Deepsat. It has been hard ti find time to blog. Trying to get back to things slowly. Enjoy the soon to come spring. Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks nowheregirl. I will stop by soon.

Asha thanks. I will stop by your blog soon. Glad you escaped a Tornado hit.

Sanjay said...

Lotus!!! Hey there buddy. :-) How are you? Good to see you!
I will try posting once a week. Yes I saw that speech, truly wonderful. Obama is my choice for President. :)

dem said...

Welcome back, Sanjay. I hope you feel rejuvenated and ready to fight for what is right (actually left), especially through November. M and I look forward to more of your posts.

Funny that JD has been too ashamed to comment since 2006. If the dems win big this fall, I bet his head is going to explode.

Sanjay said...

Dem thanks for stopping by. I am like you hoping for a democratic win in November.

Ahh yes that JD, I don't miss him I have to say. :)

chandni said...


I just clicked back today and found that u're back and how!!!

So many posts and links you've put up....that I have to catch up am off!