Sunday, June 08, 2008

No Reason Post..

When I watched the trailer for the Mike Myer's movie "The Love Guru", I was cracking up. I found it hilarious.

I don't always like Bill Maher, but I will watch "Religulous"

Those McCain supporters sure look energized!


Lotus Reads said...

I enjoyed the trailer of "Love Guru" but I am not sure I could actually sit through the movie..too slapstick for me, but "Religulous", now that's a documentary I definitely will see! (so that's what Mahr's been doing on hiatus from HBO, huh?) As for the last picture, it does say it all, doesn't it? :)

Have a beautiful start to your week, Sanjay and thanks for putting a smile on my face!

Sanjay said...

Hey Lotus. How are ya? I am glad the post put a smile on your face.
I think I will succumb to watching Love Guru and I agree that Religulous will be fun to watch although that subject matter has sort of been covered by other folks. Maher might bring his own take to the story though.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week and thank you for your best wishes.

Anonymous said...

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I sent an email to your gmail account.

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Sanjay said...

ql thanks! Will do!