Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Musings...

My musings have almost died down, partly a function of blogs being blocked at work, long work days and too much going on.

So inspiration strikes this Saturday morning and out comes the stuff below...

  • I want to start blogging and read at least a few blogs everyday. Lets see how that goes. I will get around the blog blocked thingy once I get me a new iphone. ;-) Not to mention be taking the train a lot more with lot of time to read what folks have to say and ofcourse read books.
Talking about reading.. started reading
  • Oil on the Brain: Adventures from the Pump to the Pipeline by Lisa Margonelli
  • Just finished the first chapter, this is a good read and seems so relevant these days with high gas prices and all. What you did not see it coming? Some people did. I am looking at 200$ a barrel at some point. Been reading the posts of Jerome a Paris for a while now on Daily Kos for a while now. He has been talking about this for a couple of years now and scary part is it is coming out to be true. He works in the energy banking sector knows what he is talking about. That link explains it way better than I could here. To those who think prices will come down .. two words "ain't happening"!
  • One of the neighbors across the street has a bumper sticker on her SUV "Nobama". Heh! Guess they ain't fans of Obama. Saw a "McCain" bumper sticker too on the SUV and the other mini-van. Guess they finally got fed up of seeing the Obama placard in our window and the sticker on the car. Sadly the neighbors are outnumbered two houses on either side of us got Obama gear on their cars. ;-)
And Rob, if you are reading this.. good time to be voting democratic you know? :)

Nice Ad (No it is not an ad for a face lift) :-)
By way of advert-eyes

To quote Zed the author of the blog where I found this ad...

By showing some bad results from people that had plastic surgeries, they are telling us that only the creators of a product know how to fix it properly. Maybe meaning god in these examples (I don't think it means the parents) ;-) The copy reads exactly: "If it's not fixed by the one who made it, it probably won't work. Nobody knows better your Chevrolet than its creators."
Client: Chevrolet
Agency: McCann Erickson, Buenos Aires
Creative Director: Papon Ricciarelli / Chavo Demilio
Copywriter: Rodrigo Polignano
Art Director: Mariano Legname


Ruth said...

The 4th Congressional District I am working to elect put up an Obama sign out at the street her, but some one took it down. Waiting for the election to go back up with the signs. Best McShame bumper sticker I have seen is an upside down W.

Lotus Reads said...

Good post Sanjay, pity you can't post more often. I love reading about your day and all the interesting tidbits you find on the net. The oil thing is a scary discussion for sure, but are the prices really going to stop people from using their cars indiscriminately? It hasn't seem to have put a damper on anyone's "cottage" plans here...people are still driving to their cottages in droves this summer, but then I refer to a very small segment of the population...also, it's still very new, we need to give it a few more months and then people will really start to feel the pinch.

Sanjay said...

Ruth. Thanks for stopping by. lol @ bumper sticker.

Sanjay said...

Hey Lotus, Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words.

Yes too high gas prices will discourage people from driving. Something that they call demand destruction. Something becomes too high to afford ..demand for it drops and so does the price.

Gasoline demand has fallen a bit as more people turn to driving less or other means of transport.

Please have a great weekend.