Monday, September 08, 2008

End Of Summer Garden Blogging

This was the first summer we tried some vegetable gardening. Having never done this before started small, a little patch in the backyard. Nothing big. Planted Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Squash, Cubanelle Peppers, Chili Peppers and Egg Plant.

Everything went smoothly, except for the fact that stuff was planted close.. a bit too close, so that the tomato vines never allowed the eggplant to quite take off. The squash got infected by some bug. But the rest turned out fine. Part of the wonderful little bounty below.

There are still some tomatoes on the the vine.

I am really looking forward to the Chili Peppers though, these will make for some fine home made Indian pickle!

I know, could have done a lot better I guess. But I am looking forward to next year, we have a lot of room for vegetable gardening and I kinda love it.


nowheregirl said...

nothing like going vegetable "shopping" in your backyard... congrats :)

you can also put up a post on making that Indian chilly pickle later... lol...

Lotus Reads said...

Ooooh, those tomatoes and peppers look so good Sanjay!!! I wish had room for a vegetable nowhere girl says, nothing like shopping for veggies in your own backyard. Do you plan to introduce new vegetables to your garden next summer or will you go with more of the same?

Sanjay said...

@nowhere girl, thanks! I will hopefully put a recipe up, it is just me following the recipe book. My culinary skills are limited at best.

Sanjay said...

Hey Lotus! How are you buddy? Thank you so much for your comment and for stopping by.
I agree that there is nothing like shopping for veggies in your own garden. Sorry that there is not much room in your backyard for a veg patch.
Yes those tomatoes and peppers look good thanks, and they taste even better! What they say about fresh veggies is so true! There is a new lot of tomatoes and today's tomato, onion, peanut salad should hopefully turn out well.
To answer your question about next year, the plan is to have more variety as there may be 4 times the space. But the backyard is not huge, just the way the space is set up.
Again thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great start to your week.

starry nights said...

True..nothing like picking the frut and veggies from your own garden.

sandhya said...

Yumm, your garden looks incredible. Something to be very proud of. Have you read The $64 Tomato? It's about one man's attempt to grow tomatoes without any pesticides :) I really enjoyed it!

deepsat said...

that looks wonderful. indeed it is such a great hobby! and you get to eat fresh vegetables from your own backyard!


Sanjay said...

@Starry, agreed. But this is small fry compared to the things in your garden. I loved the pics!

@Sandhya. Thank you! The garden is quite small and modest. Interesting that you should mention the $64 Tomato. I never thought of that book, till you mentioned it. I do recall it now. The guy is from PA right? I heard him interviewed on NPR, and it was so fascinating. I should get that book. Thank you for mentioning it!

@Deepsat. Thanks so much! Yes the veggies to taste goof!