Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Friday Word Of The Day "Gas"

There used to be a bit of a tradition here of doing something related (usually a poem) to the Friday blog word. This started with Mona's blog. So when I hit a phase where I could not blog, it sort of fell away. Not sure I can return to that again, but I will for this past Friday's word which was "Gas". I thought trying to do a poem around that word with it's scatalogical implications was too much for my meager poetry skills so I decided to do two different things. One is my alternative mode of getting to work which is not "Gas" based as in the prehistoric goo that runs our automobiles. Pic is of the train stop near my workplace.

And "Volatile" Is My Humble Nod To The Friday Word "Gas" as in something Gaseous.. Volatile. I will leave you my readers to interpret what I am talking about. :) Not that it might make any sense at all.


Would she always be so?
Free and volatile
A thing of beauty
Of an infinite expansion
That enveloped him
Too cosmic to comprehend
Yet leaving him begging for more

He would reach out
To touch her ethereal beauty
Asking for more than she could give
He could only gather
Bits and pieces
Just enough..
Just enough

To take one more hit ..
One more whiff of that
Which was so ephemeral
For an oblivion in her universe
Lighting him up yet again
In a fire that consumed him
Finally turning him to ashes
Scattering him to the
Howling winds of his desolation
Her name whispered across the great divide.


Lotus Reads said...

Wonderful to see a poem from you again's been a while!

And that's a gorgeous picture of your must have to take it real early...dawn was only just breaking when you shot it.

"Volatile" is beautiful but sad. It's almost like you were describing a drug (not that I would know, lol) but when I read it for the second time it seemed to me that you might be describing an elusive Love? Whatever it is, I just hope you continue to publish your poems on your blog...they're always so great to read!

Sanjay said...

Hey there my friend! How are you? Thank you for the kind words about the picture. Yes I do get to work early so and the sun was just coming up and it looked really pretty and I snapped a pic with the phone.

lol @ It's almost like you were describing a drug (not that I would know, lol).
Somethings are best left unsaid. :)
I would like to leave the interpretation to the reader. But yes there is a sadness to it and could be an elusive love or something else.

Thank you for stopping by and for your wonderful comment. I am glad you like to read the poems. I am never sure when or what I can come up with.
Take care. :)

deepsat said...

nice poem after a long time! many ways to look at gas actually!!


starry nights said...

love the picture of the train and the sunset, love the poem even more even though it is sad.I have to agree with lotus reads I think you are talking about a lost love.You write some awesome poems.