Monday, September 15, 2008

Rasa Sayang.. "To Feel Love"
This is likely one of the posts that means little to anyone outside of Wilmington, Delaware. So if any of you cared enough to read and comment, I thank you for that.

Rasa Sayang.. "To Feel Love" That is the literal translation of the words. This also is the name of the Malaysian Restaurant that we stumbled upon. Located at the independence mall in Wilmington which is not really like a classic mall, but just a shopping center with a parking lot in the middle, enclosed by shops on three sides.

The original intent that day was to pick up some Indian food at the Nirvana Restaurant there. It is a generic Indian restaurant, good for a decent meal once in a while. Although their Bengali fish curry is truly good!

So as I drove in to the mall,I noticed "Rasa Sayang" a new restaurant that had just opened recently. I have had Malaysian food before in New York and Connecticut, so I kind of missed it after moving to Delaware. My impression of our state is that it is a bit provincial, but as recent experiences have suggested, there are good restaurants and one just needs to look harder I guess.

So we walked in it was not crowded as a lot of people have not heard about it being new and all. I loved the decor of the place, lots of room too!

I had a wonderful pomegranate martini, and I would try this one again!

This is their cocktail menu.

Started off with familiar appetizers "Roti Canai" (a type of flatbread found in Malaysia. It is identical to the Singaporean roti prata and a close descendant of Kerala porotta.) and "Roti Tellur" somewhat similar to Roti Canai. They are both influenced by the migration of Indians from Southern India to Malaysia.
The best part of both those dishes was the excellent dipping sauce a curry with chicken and coconut in it, that is very identical to what mom makes.

The entree was "Mee Goreng" (made with thin yellow noodles fried with onion, fried tofu, chili, vegetables, tomatoes and egg ). This dish had shrimp in it, and was easily the best part of the meal. It was spicy, tasty and truly a delight for the senses.

The other entree was "Chicken Sizzlers" Malaysian style, that was not as good as I expected. I wish they had used more spices in this one. It was rather bland.

For dessert I had "Mango Pudding". Suffice to say I won't be trying this again! But I loved the restaurant and will surely visit again to try the many dishes on there that were not familiar. Also it helps that it is a mere 10 minute drive away.


Anonymous said...

I was there last week with my father, and we liked the food. We heard Rasa Sayang had waited for almost a year to open, but it all worthy it. The interior design is fabulous, colorful but still calm. We tend to go to the place combine food and Art together.
We also heard another restaurant in the same mall will be open (Chinese/Japanese), but they will keep "the filthy carpet and Super-Market looking", at least for now.

Sanjay said...

Hey Anon, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

I had no idea Rasa Sayang waited an year to open. I agree re the interior design, it was as you said colorful yet calm and the food was good.

:-) @ "the filthy carpet and Super-Market looking". I guess you are talking about the Japanese place there? I read in a local newspaper that they are trying to make the Independence mall a place for "gourmet eats". The Japanese place that we passed by also mentioned renovation. Sorry I cannot recall the name now. But looking forward to visiting that too.

Anonymous said...

Great! I will wait for your review and photos from that Japanese place (sorry, I forgot the name too.), and then decide should go or not. They will open early this week.
By the way, I just find out your Blogs today, very interesting, I like it a lot.

Sanjay said...

Anon, Thanks. The pressure is on! Just kidding. :)
Thank you for the kind words about the blog, glad you like it.

Lotus Reads said...

Rasa Sayang - what an absolutely delightful name! I would definitely want to eat there!!! I have been a fan of Malaysian food for eons but I can't think of a single restaurant specializing in this cuisine my side of town :(((

Ooooh, your pomegranate martini sure sounds good and so does the Blushing Orchid!

I have always loved the Malaysian rotis and chicken curry...for dessert I have never been able to resist the icecream (which they dress up with syrup and other sweet things). Did you see any such icecream on the Rasa Sayang dessert menu?

Sanjay, this has been fun to read...tks so much for sharing this with us!

Sanjay said...

Hey Lotus! How are you? Yes "Rasa Sayang" is a lovely name. Rasa as you know comes from Sanskrit.

Amen about the rotis and curry. Yes they did have ice creams, I forgot to take pics of the main menu. Perhaps I will try the ice creams the next time I am there.

I hope you find a good Malaysian place around your neck of the woods soon.

Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.

starry nights said...

the food looks so good, make me hungry and it is just before 8am.

Sanjay said...

Starry, thank you for your comment. I could not agree more! The pics make me hungry every time I stop by my blog! :-)

Bearfoot said...

My girl friend ordered Blushing Orchid; just want you to aware, it was a little different than any other Martini. I helped her to finish it.
We had Mango Chicken, very Tasty!

My girl friend always check new restaurant's bathroom, and if she doesn't like the bathroom, she tend to not go there very often. (Funny??). Good thing, Rasa Sayang also has beautiful bathrooms.

Sanjay, would you take some pictures from that new Japanese place when you are there? Ha-ha, more pressure...

Sanjay said...

Bearfoot, thank you for the comment. I will surely remember the blushing orchid for next time. I will surely try it. Ahh yes, one usually does not go wrong with mango chicken!
Interesting that about your gf and her thoughts about the restrooms at restaurants. Just curious how does this work?Assuming that there is no reservation does she check the restroom as soon as you get the table? :-). Just teasing!
I see that as a good thing to do, it usually says something about the hygiene of the place. I am glad that Rasa Sayang passed!
:-) @ pressure for the pics from the Japanese place. Will do my best!

donviti said...

you and I both know that your wife didn't let you have that Martini! My guess is it was another tables. They got up to go the bathroom and you snapped a quick pic~

Sanjay said...

lol@donviti.. man I do have a rep don't I? Thanks for stopping by!

ishita said...

Hi Sanjay...

I know one thing once I'm done posting this comment, I'll head str8 for lunch!

This post made me hungry!

I don't get to try out different cuisines often coz hubby dear's food tastes are quite traditional :)...though I love to experiment and try out new dishes (as in eat and not cook...I'm a terrible cook!)


Sanjay said...

:-) @ Ishita. Thanks for your comment. I know what you mean about traditional tastes in food. But I am glad that you get to go out and try new cuisines.
And I am a terrible cook too unless I follow the recipe, then I manage but only barely.

GeorgeA said...

Hi Sanjay, I found your review and decided to give a try, the place is beautiful! Very neat and fresh NEW. Wow!!
Wonton Soup is super, and Thai Pineapple Fried Rice is very interesting, served inside pineapple shell. My mom and I loved it.

Reading other comments, we curiously stopped by the Japanese place to peek. I am glad I didn't try there before you. It does look like "super-market" place (at least no comparison with Rasa Sayang). Not much customers on Friday night:-(

Sanjay said...

Georgea, I am glad you liked the place. Yes it is very clean and fresh as you say.

I will remember that you liked wonton soup and the pineapple fired rice. If you do go there again please do try the Tom Yam soup, it was good.

BTW I was there on Friday evening too! The Mrs. was craving Roti Canai and we went back.

Thank you for your comment and for telling me about the Japanese place, I still plan on going there, just not sure when.

Maggie said...

Just wanted to leap in and defend Utage, the Japanese restaurant that used to be in Independence Mall. Their decor may have been "tired" but the food was fantastic - best sushi in Northern Delaware. Too often with restaurants in this area the ambiance is more important than the food. We do plan on trying Rasa Sayang though (and I agree with the comment about the importance of clean bathrooms)! Thanks for this post.

Sanjay said...

Maggie, I sort of agree with your point about the food being more important than the decor.
I cannot recall where I read this but, apparently the food at the Japanese place was always thought to be good.
Your opinion surely makes me want to go there soon.
Thank you for the comment.

Keith.S said...

It has been a great buzz about Rasa Sayang Malaysian lately, and I haven't been back to Independence Mall since UTAGE left.(Just too depressing about UTAGE's leaving.) Sanjay, your blog about Rasa Sayang is very helpful, and so much fun to read those comments!I would definitely want to eat there soon.
I agree with Maggie about UTAGE, and I heard they are open somewhere else very soon. (Can't wait).

Sanjay said...

Keith, Thank you for your comment. I will surely go to Utage when they reopen. After reading what you and Maggie said it surely does sound like a place worth going to. I did check out their website. No new location yet.

Sunny S said...

I don't understand why people can't get over the fact: UTAGE is gone!!! Closed!!! Why can't accept the New Japanese restaurant like you accept Rasa Sayang??

Anonymous said...

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