Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Return To Blogging..
Well kinda ..sorta..
I have been away a while. Probably lost what small audience I had. Why the lack of blogging? Mostly time, work has been crazy busy since end of Feb, blogs are mostly blocked at work, been on the go all the time, with little time to read or update blogs.
Having said that, I must say I have not been completely absent from blogs. I need my daily dose of political crack, so that has continued, mostly on the train on my commute. And that has about been the only reading I have done, other than the news kind.. and technical, work related, geeky stuff, which thrills me no end.. No it really does.. not to mention pays the bills, which in this economy I am pretty grateful for!
Am not sure what kind of blogging I will be able to do, maybe once a week? Or when it strikes my fancy, or I want to just vent? I find this place good for that. I am on Facebook too, but I find facebook too restrictive in the sense that, unlike this blog not anyone can read what I have to say unless they are my "Friend" Whatever that means!
Also too much background noise on there, and not very conducive to my more free wheeling spontaneous side.
So what do I have to say this Sunday?
Well been busy working, and every time I feel like taking a break take a peek at the other PC and came across the very important piece of news which at that moment CNN felt I should know.
Plus-sized TV shows find big audience

Ya I kid you not.. as if the audience for media is not fragmented enough. We now have this? Nothing against that, but CNN continues to be craptacular!
Talking about other things..
the internets I can't do without. Finally got FiOs in the neighborhood and moved to Verizon from Comcast, which always said they would get me good speed but never quite did. This ain't bad eh?

And in news that got this geek's interest...
Scientists Worry Machines May Outsmart Man
Well we do make it easy for machines, some of us are just too friggin dumb and we make it easier for machines to look smart ;-) .. an example below..

But on a more serious note, AI has been advancing my leaps and bounds these past few years, and I wondered if we are moving close to this point..
The idea of an “intelligence explosion” in which smart machines would design even more intelligent machines was proposed by the mathematician I. J. Good in 1965. Later, in lectures and science fiction novels, the computer scientist Vernor Vinge popularized the notion of a moment when humans will create smarter-than-human machines, causing such rapid change that the “human era will be ended.” He called this shift the Singularity.
The article talk about this in some detail, and I do think we will get to that point in the near future ( if we don't manage to destroy mother earth first).
Here is the interesting part..machines simulating empathy (god those empathy haters.. republicans..their heads must be exploding!).
Here is a link to the video..
As examples, the scientists pointed to a number of technologies as diverse as experimental medical systems that interact with patients to simulate empathy, and computer worms and viruses that defy extermination and could thus be said to have reached a “cockroach” stage of machine intelligence.
Empathy for a Sick Child, From a Machine

Well that is all from me for now.. time to get back to work. Maybe I will get time to check out some of my old haunts on the blogosphere?