Sunday, September 06, 2009

Running..Random Musings..

It has been a pain trying to do my usual runs in warm weather. But now that things are cooling off, I managed my usual 5 miler. Good to be back to running that distance again, and as the temps drop furhter, the longer I can run.

Idiocy Ascendant...

Like any other place, we in the US have our fair share of idiots and ignoramuses. Somehow the election of an African-American president seems to have driven them fucking batshit insane.

President Barack Obama is expected to welcome students back to school and suggest they stay in school and work hard and not to drop out of high school.
The reaction from the , has been anger and wild accusations that he’s planning to indoctrinate kids with socialist ideology.
Some even want to keep their kids out of school that day. link
And if you thought that was far out. Read this(By way of DarkSyde on DailyKos).
Evolution scares the heck out of them too... link
The shirts, which were designed to promote the band’s fall program, are light gray and feature an image of a monkey progressing through stages and eventually emerging as a man. Each figure holds a brass instrument.
And no I am not at all happy with the President with his lack of support/lukewarm support for the public option. Trying to compromise with people trying to destroy you is just a bad political move. If he drops the public option, I will likely not vote for him again, nor will I donate to his campaign when he is up for re-election.