Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer 2010..
It has been a hot one, as if that needed a restatement of sorts. El Nino aside, the upward warming trends over the long term continue. We had the hottest June in recorded history and the hottest first half of 2010 ever recorded and Arctic sea ice melted at a record pace. link (that is if you are in to science and facts).
But this one is not about the planet being cooked (do we have a Plan(et) B?
With heat indexes close to a 100, the temp at 7pm yesterday was around 95 and humidity high. I managed to jog (eke?) 3 miles out of my aging body.
And I looked like shit and felt a bit like it too for a bit. But I had my hydration going well so rebounded back quick. I am aching for cold weather, always loved cold weather. With each passing day get closer to fall and football! Yay!


Sai said...

Wow I am impressed! K and I want to bike but too scared to venture out in this heat!

Sanjay said...

I have seen a few folks on bikes out there. I suppose being hydrated is key.
Next week seems to be better weather wise.
Don't be too impressed.. last weekend, it was similarly hot and humid. I managed 3.5 and then had to request A to come pick me up. :-)

Anali said...

Great that you're getting your running in! It's cooled down a bit here in Massachusetts and has been in the 80's and drier. While we had some super hot and humid days, this has been a perfect summer overall. Finally! I don't want it to get cold again any time soon. : )

Sanjay said...

Thanks Anali, I did manage to get a run in yesterday too. Glad the weather is better. I don't mind the warm weather so long as it is not very humid.
I am ok with cold weather, just not snow and ice. :)

starry said...

I am impressed too.It is hot in california today but not very humid.How have you been doing?

Sanjay said...

Starry, I am ok thanks. How are you? Has your back healed completely?
Yes I heard CA has been warm too but not as much as us folks.
I think the planet is cooking slowly but surely.. And we don't have a planet B.
Take care.

Prometheus_Unbound said...

happened upon your blog after a very long time. How you been?

Missed your movie reviews. Used o make up my weekly DVD list after a peek at your blog.

Sanjay said...

I am ok thanks Prometheus. I am just unable to blog anymore. Life changes. :-/
I still catch up on movies but not able to blog about them as much.