Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So this space has been kind of neglected for a while now.
Mostly due to the fact that work has been busy for a long while, with hardly any downtime. Which I guess is a good thing, given the state of affairs.
Another reason for not looking at this space was the lack of a decent mobile blogging app. I seem to have found one and so am giving this a try.
And no Facebook(FB) does not qualify as a tool for blogging.
FB has it's uses but I know quite a few people who only maintain a presence there, and would rather interact via phone or email.
Count me amongst one of those.
But I digress, this is a test post, not sure how that will go.
I may blog again if this mobile app works.
Writing this on the train to work.
Happy 2011 to anyone reading this.

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The Manimal said...

Let me know if this works! I have been looking for something similar. The only workaround right now is using GRPS on the mobile, but that can be a pain without a QWERTY keyboard.

Id it is said...

Good to see you back!
FB has certainly become a strong contender for the blogosphere...wonder which one is in it for the long run.