Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Privacy on FB?

You get to use FB for free. The only way FB can make money is with's users. You are the product they their advertisers.
And as much as they make a noise about protecting their users privacy, the fact is that it is a goal directly in opposition to their need to make money by selling the same data to their advertisers.
So this news by way of GigaOm latest does not surprise me at all.

Facebook is learning that it may need to move more slowly and more thoughtfully as it pushes users to share more sensitive information. Just three days after introducing a new feature that allows users to share their mobile phone number and address with applications and third-party websites, Facebook said late last night that it is suspending the change as it works to clarify the permission process.

I don't think FB cares about users privacy, despite the noises it makes, almost every new feature they have rolled out has had concerns about privacy.
Big reason why I don't talk about personal or professional stuff on FB. And also why there are no family pictures on FB, despite the changes in my life.
I just don't trust FB.

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chandni said...

Hi Jay!!!! How r u?? long time...pleasantly surprised to see recent updates :)

What's up? how's life? what's the latest??

Sanjay said...

Hiya Chandni, pleasantly surprised to hear from you. I did not think any one read this place. Well it almost has been dead! Lol.
How are you?
Lot of changes in my life, so blogging is kinda on the back seat.

chandni said...

i want to hear about all those changes!!!! FB a good place to add???

Sanjay said...

Add away. I am Sanjay Shinde on FB, from Wilmington.